Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Stefan Heuser, Senior Advisor, Siemens Corporate Research

Corporate Models for Research Collaboration & Outsourcing

An enlightened path to Innovation Research involves corporate collaboration with outside/university researchers who may not have the same predispositions or biases, that internal corporate cultures may unwittingly create. However, the idea of sharing of research funds or the implication that outside knowledge infusion is needed may be resisted by internal researchers. In order to encourage such collaborations, some leading corporations put research offices on the periphery of leading research Universities. The most enlightened may even “soften the blow” of research outsourcing with internal business unit incentives. Divisional or business unit research budgets are enhanced with corporate matching funds for business unit-defined and directed contracts with public or private research entities, in particular research universities. The resulting research projects benefit from infusion of fresh thinking while reducing the research costs and insuring some relevance to business unit commercial goals.