Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Bert Bruggeman, CEO, Silicon Valley Technology Corp. (SVTC)

MEMS Commercialization - Bridging the Chasm from Ideation to Production

The ever-increasing costs of semiconductor research and development (R&D), now coupled with slower revenue growth, will not only drive the further expansion of the fabless model, but will also cause new ever-lasting changes in the industry. The so-called R&D funding gap is forcing the emergence of new business and collaboration models, while the continual scaling of CMOS is becoming the work of a few select, very sizeable IDMs and fabs.

The role of the technology development fab is to be the bridge between the lab and fab in bringing novel silicon technologies and products to market in the nanotechnology era. The development fab model provides a cost-competitive process development infrastructure in a manufacturing-like fab environment, enabling the accelerated commercialization of proof of concepts into real, manufacturing-ready technology solutions.