Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Plenary 4: Rehan Kapadia


Due to their high mobility, the integration of compound semiconductors on Si has been actively studied over the past several years. This integration, however, presents significant challenges. The conventional method of addressing this problem consists of growth of multiple epilayers of materials to address the lattice mismatch between Si and the desired semiconductor, leading to highly complex fabrication techniques. Here we demonstrate high performance compound semiconductor on insulator (XOI) field effect transistors (FET) consisting of ultra-thin InAs nanoribbons (NR) on insulator that exhibit performance on par with the state of the art quantum well FETs. In addition, by varying the NR thickness, we elucidate the critical role of quantum confinement in carrier transport for the InAs XOI FETs, illustrating the strength of the XOI platform for both the study of fundamental materials properties and fabrication of high performance devices.