Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Prof. Kris Pister
Dr. Thomas Watteyne

Introduction to the Workshop

New standards and chips will enable the next generation of wireless sensor network capabilities. Standards such as IEEE802.15.4e achieve robust low-power wireless communication, while IETF 6LoWPAN enables seamless integration of these sensors into the Internet. Networking small and lightweight (1.6 g) inertial platforms together opens up new possibilities: monitoring the vibration of an oil pipe, tracking the movement of athletes, or controlling mini-helicopters, etc.

The goal of this BSAC workshop is to illustrate several built-in WSN applications implemented on the GINA platform and to train participants in the use of GINA for rapid initiation of their own sensor-rich wireless network developments. Audience will understand new standardization efforts in progress and implementation of these standards on their take-away reconfigurable GINA environment. A monitored web portal will be provided to encourage developer collaborations and feedback.

During the workshop, attendees will not only explore the capabilities of the GINA mote as a standalone wireless inertial platform (using pre-compiled firmware), but will also view advanced demos (an OpenWSN multi-hop IPv6-enabled network, and connection of different sensors through the expansion port). All of the firmware which will be presented is open-source, enabling further exploration on you own after the workshop.