Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Ali Javey

Towards Roll-2-Roll Compatible Nanopillar Photovoltaics

Solar energy presents a viable candidate for fossil fuel replacement. In this regard, developing technologies for $1/W installed PV system is needed. The choice of materials and cell architecture, the cost and abundance of the raw materials, the component manufacturing costs, the cell design and framework, the capital cost, and the installation costs are all important contributing factors to the final cost. Although there is considerable current focus on the absorber materials and the required deposition processes, the rest of the cell, including transparent conductors, texturing, optical coatings, etc., and reliability are equally important. All of these are fundamentally materials related problems and progress requires an interdisciplinary approach drawing on materials science, chemistry, applied physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, however, significant challenges exist in developing efficient and low cost systems. I will discuss our recent work on addressing some of these challenges.