Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Michel Maharbiz

A Brief Look at Two Biologically-Inspired Scavenging Technologies

In this talk I will discuss recent developments in my group focusing on two very different bio-inspired energy harvesting microsystems. The first, in collaboration with CFD Corporation, is a miniaturized electrochemical system for harvesting energy from an insect's hemolymph via redox reactions with the sugar trehalose. The system is being designed to produce 100's of uW's in a compact footprint, suitable for powering instrumentation on a cyborg insect. A similar system is being studied for mammalian implants. The second topic will briefly discuss developments in the scavenging of power from evaporation and low pressure head flows, including our work on microscale boundary-layer turbines (so-called Tesla turbines), a topic which has applications beyond scavenging.