Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Plenary 7: Richard Su

A Process-Portable Ultra-Small Radio Built with Standard Cells and Synthesis Tools

This work demonstrates a fully integrated frequency shift keying (FSK) 915MHz ISM band transceiver built with standard cells and synthesis tools in .18Ám CMOS without any off-chip components. Building a transceiver with standard cells dictates that an inverter-based ring oscillator, rather than an LC oscillator, will be used for LO generation. This approach reduces the effort required when re-designing the transceiver in a different process. Additionally, an inverter-based ring oscillator takes up much less area compared to an LC oscillator. A transmitter prototype occupies 500Ám x 600Ám of area, and consumes 15mW at -3dBm output; a receiver prototype occupies only 500Ám x 350Ám of area, has a sensitivity of -76dBm at 10kbps data rate, and consumes 6mW.