Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

Plenary 4: Robert Schneider

Capacitive-Piezoelectric Micromechanical Filters [BPN682]

This project will use the high-Q design techniques of traditional capacitive resonators to demonstrate novel low impedance (10-1000 Ohm) and high-Q (Q>10,000) resonators at VHF and UHF frequencies, that are mechanically coupled, to realize 2nd and 3rd order channel-select filters with fractional bandwidths of 0.1-1%, insertion losses of less than 2-dB and that can handle high out-of- band and in- band power. These filters will be implemented using capacitive-piezo AlN technology, to achieve higher Q's than those achievable using traditional AlN technology with contacting electrodes, while maintaining reasonably low impedance in a small form factor.