Fall 2010 IAB
September 15 to 17

MEMS Industry Group-BSAC Joint Thrust Session
"MEMS Commercialization: Launching the Next Innovation-Based Businesses"

These sessions will explore multiple MEMS/NEMS inspiration-to-commercialization paths including successes and lessons learned from multiple models of research-to-commercialization: in-house corporate R&D; research outsource and syndication; organized industry pull; open collaborative research environments; roles of startups and mergers/acquisitions; and government programs.

Presentations, discussion, and a panel from top industry leaders and pioneers as well as academia and government will point the way to nurturing of disruptive technologies to and beyond the point of launch? How to get profitably from lab to fab (through the valley of death)?

Because technology-leveraged industries may not emerge from business contractions without major disruptions to their technologies, products, and/or customers, this is the perfect time and opportunity for MIG and BSAC to work together to facilitate this discussion.

The significance of these topics has been reinforced by the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President. In September 2009, President Obama released his national innovation strategy, which is designed to promote sustainable growth and the creation of quality jobs. Two key parts of this strategy are to increase support for both the fundamental research at our nation's universities and the effective commercialization of promising technologies.
The extended audience of 100-150 industry and university researchers, technology and business managers, government program offices, and members of the entire MEMS supply chain from materials to equipment to devices to fabrication creates an unusual opportunity for discovery and perspective sharing.

A mixing reception will follow the workshop.