100 Notable People in the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry consists of products, processes, and technology. These are covered in almost every issue of MD&DI. But it also consists of people, without whom none of the amazing advances in medical science and technology would be possible.

In this issue, MD&DI honors some of the people who make these advances possible and who ensure that those devices can treat patients safely and effectively. If we tried to list everyone who has made a significant contribution to medical technology, we would have to publish an issue larger than a phone book. So we’re highlighting 100 of them on the following pages.

It wasn’t easy coming up with a representative list. We started with nominations from readers, Editorial Advisory Board members, and staff. We took those who made particularly notable contributions to the industry and made sure that we had as diverse a group as possible. On the list you’ll find a sampling of inventors, executives, consultants, engineers, academics, and regulators. Some of them you’ll know from previous coverage in MD&DI or accolades elsewhere. Others you might be hearing of for the first time.

Albert P. Pisano, PhD
FANUC Chair, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
UC Berkeley

Founder of six start-up companies in drug delivery, sensorized catheters, and MEMS…holds several patents…fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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