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Tue, October 30Task/Location Coordinator Attendees

12:00 to 13:00

540 Cory Hall, DOP Center Conf. Room

Richard Lossing

Patrick BennettAST
Sung-Jin ChoiEECS
Behnam BehroozpourUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-6239
Kim ChanUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 809-8600
ChiaMeng ChenIndustrial Technology Research Institute ITRI
Kevin ChenUniversity of California, Berkeley (541) 510-6335
Fabien ChraimUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 859-3445
Fei FengChinese Academy of Sciences 86 21 6251 1070
Kathryn FinkUniversity of California, Berkeley
Harvey FirestoneUniversity of California, Berkeley 415 453 5018
Casey GlickUniversity of California, Berkeley (530) 519-4497
Karen Grutter
Nazanin HoghooghiEECS
Igor IzyuminUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 859-4262
Daisuke KiriyaUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-1450
Vedavalli Gomatam KrishnanUniversity of California, Berkeley
Yumeng LiuUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-8983
Peter LobaccaroUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-1450
Michael LorekUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-4571
Ankur MehtaMassachusetts Institute of Technology 617 253 6532
Pramod MuraliUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 355-4643
Jalal Naghsh NilchiUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1143
Robert J. NowakDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) (703) 696-2282 
Brian PepinGoogle
Niels Quack
Tae Joon SeokUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1023
Jun Ho SonUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 666-3352
Kuniharu TakeiOsaka Prefecture University
John Waldeisen
Yi-Lun WangUniversity of California, Berkeley
Richard (Qiliang) XuUniversity of California, Berkeley
Yu-Ching YehUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 697-2855
Zhibin YuFlorida State University (850) 410-6345


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