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Tue, October 01Task/Location Coordinator Attendees

12:30 to 13:30

540 Cory Hall, DOP Center Conf. Room

Richard Lossing

Hanif MahboobiBio Eng
Nandish A. M.UC Berkeley
Robert LinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Mehmet AkgulGoogle
Kursad ArazUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 647-4353
Henry Galahad BarrowOracle (928) 607-4356
Behnam BehroozpourUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-6239
Levent BekerUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 693-8029
Turker BeyazogluUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1143
Kevin ChenUniversity of California, Berkeley (541) 510-6335
Steven ChuangLam Research Corporation
William ConnacherUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-9752
Burak EminogluUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 281-2643
Kathryn FinkUniversity of California, Berkeley
Alejandro GrineSandia
Karen Grutter
SoonGweon HongUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 666-3352
Kosuke Iwai (510) 642-8983
Joy (Xiaoyue) JiangUniversity of California, Berkeley
Daisuke KiriyaUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-1450
Peter LobaccaroUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-1450
Richard LossingUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-9827
Yipeng LuQualcomm Technologies, Inc. (530) 601-0983
Paul LumUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 666-3356
Pramod MuraliBosch Sensortec (510) 355-4643
Jalal Naghsh NilchiUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1143
Son Duy NguyenUC Berkeley
Alper OzgurlukUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-9825
Jacobo ParedesTecnun Universidad de Navarra 34 943 219 877
Shao Ning PeiBerkeley Lights, Inc.
Arun PingaliUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 643-5495
Niels QuackEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) 41 21 69 37383
Tae Joon SeokUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1023
Ani SiyahianUniversity of California, Berkeley (510)643-1099
Joshua Paul van KleefBSAC
Chen YangAnalog Devices, Inc. (781) 937-2425
Zhibin YuFlorida State University (850) 410-6345


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