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Tue, March 18Task/Location Coordinator Attendees

12:30 to 13:30

540 Cory Hall

Richard Lossing

Brock BearssM.Eng. EECS - UC Berkeley
Indrasen BhattacharyaApplied Science and Technology
Rene ClausAS&T
John HerrM. Eng. UC Berkeley
Li ZhuUC Berkeley
Adair GerkeEECS @ UC-B
Kiana AranUniversity of California, Berkeley
Henry BarrowUniversity of California, Berkeley (928) 607-4356
Turker BeyazogluUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1143
Kim ChanUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 809-8600
Tengfei Chang
Jay Collinsberkeley resident
Michael EgglestonUniversity of California, Berkeley (408) 634-4537
Hui FangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kathryn FinkUniversity of California, Berkeley
Harvey FirestoneUniversity of California, Berkeley 415 453 5018
Alejandro GrineUniversity of California, Berkeley
Sangyoon HanUniversity of California, Berkeley
Kosuke IwaiUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-8983
Divya KashyapUniversity of California, Berkeley (504) 352-3373
Vedavalli KrishnanUniversity of California, Berkeley
Marilyn KushnerUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 809-8629
Michael LorekUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-4571
Jalal Naghsh NilchiUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1143
Shao Ning PeiUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1023
Niels Quack
Phillip SandbornUniversity of California, Berkeley 410.599.0590
Tae Joon SeokUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-1023
Jun Ho SonUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 666-3352
Brad WheelerUniversity of California, Berkeley (660) 234-5196
Chen YangUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 642-8983
Kaiyuan YaoUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 612-8261
Erh-Chia YehUniversity of California, Berkeley (510) 666-3352
Zhibin YuUniversity of California, Berkeley (831) 521-5931


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