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Energy Efficient Buildings

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Proposal contribution to:
US Federal FY2010 Energy Efficient Building Systems Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative

BSAC Contribution Theme: Pervasive, Networked, Distributed, Environmental solutions for energy-efficient building retrofits as well as new construction.

These contributions relate to in-room actuated measurement/monitoring/management systems that are economically and domestically manufacturable utilizing nano and micro structures batch-fabricated on a macro scale.

Energy-managed rooms constitute intensive atmospheric-power-thermal ecosystems requiring a host of interrelated communicating sensors, actuators, and micropower generation and storage solutions for monitoring and management of room and occupant thermal and environmental conditions.

Our vision of conformally fabricated sensor/actuator materials will require pervasive embedded communicating environmental sensors, micropower energy scavenging and storage sources, and radios with computational and locational capabilities to condition sensor and actuator signals and to communicate not only measurands but local (within the room) and global (within the building) coordinates.

Prospective Contributions

  • Active functionalized sensory fabric with nano-structured reel-reel macrofabrication (A. Javey)
  • Embedded environmental temperature, humidity, Light, atmospheric sensors & actuators

    • Atmospheric (O2, CO2, C0) sensors (A. Pisano) (A.Javey)
    • Temperature, light, humidity (M.Wu) (A.Javey)(R.White)

  • Integrated energy scavenging and storage

    • Nanopillar based solar cells (A. Javey)
    • Induction scavenging (R.White)
    • Energy generation (L. Lin)
    • Nano supercapacitor storage (L.Lin)

  • Communications, calculations, and ranging

    • Integrated WSN radio and network (K.Pister)
    • Network and sensor processor (K. Pister)
    • Sensor interface / control (K. Pister)
    • LIDAR (M.Wu)

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