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Silicon Germanium RF MEMS on CMOS
Tsu-Jae King, P.I
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Program Goals:
This project aims to develop a low-temperature (< 450oC) fabrication technology for poly-SiGe GHz-range nanomechanical resonators, with the goal of modular co-fabrication of these signal processing elements on completed, standard CMOS wafers. In order to achieve this goal, the process conditions for high mechanical quality factor (Q), as well as control over residual stress and stress gradient, must be established. The resonator design is selected to be a lateral bulk acoustic resonator, in order to minimize anchor losses. The lateral excitation of GHz-range poly-SiGe nanoresonators by electrostatic forces requires electrode gaps in the range of 25-50 nm. These gaps are too small to fabricate by lithography and etching, making it necessary to use oxidation or sidewall deposition techniques. Finally, it is desirable to develop a standard process module for the interconnections between the upper CMOS metallization layer and the first poly-SiGe layer.
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