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Prof. Kristofer S.J. Pister
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Titles of Current Projects:
BPN826: Autonomous Flying Microrobots
BPN951: Berkeley Low-cost Interplanetary Solar Sail (BLISS) New Project
BPN915: Control of Microrobots with Reinforcement Learning
BPN902: Jumping Microrobots for Low-cost Asteroid Prospecting
BPN857: Miniature Autonomous Rockets
BPN930: Robust MEMS Gripper
BPN959: Self-Righting for Micro Robots New Project
BPN803: Single Chip Mote
BPN873: Small Autonomous Robot Actuator (SARA)
BPN956: Time-of-Flight Hardware for the Solar Probe ANalyzer for Ions (SPAN-Ion) New Project
BPN735: Walking Silicon Microrobots
BPN948: Wireless Tactile Stimulation with MEMS Inchworm Motors

Recently Ended Projects:
BPN858: Zero Insertion Force MEMS Socket for Microrobotics Assembly
BPN903: Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks
BPN916: Mesh-Networked Micro-Air-Vehicle Systems
BPN950: Self-Righting for Micro Robots
BPN899: Design of a MEMS Swimming Robot
BPN573: Fabrication and Microassembly of a High-Density Carbon Fiber Neural Recording Array
BPN744: Self-Destructing Silicon
BPN823: Automated System for Assembling a High-Density Microwire Neural Recording Array
BPN810: Non-Intrusive Wireless Current Metering of Standard Power Cables Using Vector Magnetic Field Measurements
BPN789: Reconfigurable, Wearable Sensors to Enable Long-Duration Circadian Biomedical Studies
BPN683: OpenWSN: A Standards-Based Low-Power Wireless Development Environment
BPN712: Bridging Research-to-Commercialization Gaps In an Industry/University Ecosystem
BPN768: Plug-Through Energy Monitor for Wall Outlet Electrical Devices
BPN705: Standard CMOS-Based, Fully Integrated, Stick-On Electricity Meters for Building Sub-Metering
BPN713: Ring GINA: Highly Miniaturized Ring-Format Wearable Mote
BPN596: Smart Fence and Other Wireless Sensing Applications for Critical Industrial Environments
BPN648: Fully-Integrated, Low Input Voltage, Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications
BPN724: Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Arrays for Chronic Stimulation and Recording in Insects
BPN696: Energy Monitoring for the Smart Building Using Low-Power Wireless Sensors
BPN388: Micro Autonomous Air Vehicles
BPN624: The Internet of Things: IPv6 for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks
BPN477: OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Sensor Networks
BPN470: Low Power All-Digital Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Network
BPN572: Decentralized TSCH Scheduling for a Floating Wireless Sensor Network
BPN576: Off-the-Shelf Sensors for Wireless Smart Home Applications
BPN592: Workshop: Hands-On Intro to Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networking
BPN560: Video Over Wireless Sensor Networks: From Camera to Smartphone
BPN559: Interfacing Smart Phones with Low Power Wireless Devices
BPN524: Wireless Sensor Network Scalability and Deployment in Industrial Automation
BPN479: Protocol-Agnostic Compression in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (PACMAN)
BPN558: 16-Channel IEEE802.15.4 Packet Sniffer
BPN561: Sensors and Capability Modeling for Palm-Sized Flying Robots
BPN506: Wireless Physician Tracking
KSJP28: Location Estimation Using RF Time of Flight
BPN415: Localization of Footsteps through Ground Vibrations
KSJP27/JD: MEMS Design Synthesis and Optimization
KSJP30/JD: Electrometrology with MEMS
KSJP4: Microrobots
BPN339: Solid Propellant Micro-Thruster
BPN347: Smart Flea
KSJP31: 3nJ/bit 2.4GHz CMOS RF Transceiver
BPN348: Subterranean Wireless Sensor Network
KSJP33: Silicon on Insulator Microassembly
KSJP32: Incremental Network Programming
KSJP33a: Tools for Microassembly
KSJP20: CMOS Imaging Receiver for Free-Space Optical Communication
KSJP29/JD: Floating Electro Mechanical Systems (FLEMS)
KSJP15: Sugar
KSJP23: Steered Agile Laser Transmitter (SALT)
KSJP12: Off-the-Shelf Distributed Robots (COTS-BOTS)
KSJP24: Ivy - A Sensor Network Infrastructure for the College of Engineering
KSJP25: Ultra-Low Power Radio for Sensor Networks
KSJP21: Algorithms for Position and Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
KSJP26: RF Dust for Human Gestural Interpretation
KSJP10: Ultra-Low Energy Circuits for Distributed Sensor Networks (Smart Dust)


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