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Prof. Roya  Maboudian
(510) 643-7957
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Titles of Current Projects:
BPN876: Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Highly Tunable Class of Materials for Chemical Sensing with High Selectivity
BPN843: Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensors Based on Wearable Carbon Textile
BPN878: Scalable Synthesis of Core-Vest Nanoparticles Assisted by Surface Plasmons
BPN835: Silicon Carbide Passivated Electrode for Thermionic Energy Conversion
BPN875: Transfer-Free Synthesis of Graphene on Insulating Substrates

Recently Ended Projects:
BPN834: Direct Formation of Pore-Controllable Mesoporous SnO2 for Gas Sensing Applications
BPN813: Novel Hierarchical Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Conductometric Gas Sensing
BPN790: Low Power Microheater-Based Platform for Gas Sensing
BPN827: Metal Oxide-decorated Silicon Carbide Nanowires Electrode for The Applications on Electrochemical Energy Storage
BPN842: Conductometric Gas Sensing Behavior of WS2 Aerogel
BPN837: Metal Oxide-Coated Carbonized-Silicon Nanowires as High-Performance Micro-Supercapacitor
BPN786: NanoPlasmonics for Sensing and Energy
BPN762: Microheater-Based Platform for Low Power Combustible Gas Sensing
BPN819: Hybrid Porous Nanowire Arrays for High Energy Supercapacitor
BPN797: Synthesis and Friction Characteristics of Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
BPN833: Metal Oxide-decorated Silicon Carbide Nanowires Electrode for The Applications on Electrochemical Energy Storage
BPN783: Low-Power Conductometric Soot Sensor with Fast Self-Regeneration
BPN424: Silicon Carbide Nanomaterials for Harsh Environment Applications
BPN763: Surface Acoustic Wave-Based Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications
BPN582: HEaTS: Structurally Multifunctional Actuation and Readout Techniques for MEMS (SMART MEMS)
RM7/RTH: Dedicated SiC MEMS LPCVD Reactor for Access through the DARPA MEMS Exchange Program
RTH42: Nanowire-Coupled Resonators
RM5/RTH: Silicon carbide process development and characterization for harsh-environment sensors
RM8: Stiction in MEMS
RM6: Adhesion in MEMS


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