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Prof. Bernhard E. Boser
(510) 643-8350
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Titles of Current Projects:
BPN882: An Ultra-Thin Molecular Imaging Skin for Intraoperative Cancer Detection Using Time-Resolved CMOS Sensors
BPN608: FM Gyroscope
BPN926: Wireless Implantable Fluorescence Imager for Microscopic Residual Tumor in Breast Cancer

Recently Ended Projects:
BPN910: Frequency Modulated MEMS Gyroscopes with Extremely Small Errors
BPN852: Frequency to Digital Converter for FM Gyroscopes
BPN685: Real-Time Intraoperative Fluorescence Imager for Microscopic Residual Tumor in Breast Cancer
BPN854: Wearable Ultrasound System for Chronic Neural Recording
BPN665: Frequency Modulated Laser Source for 3D Imaging
BPN722: 3D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor On a Chip Using Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT)
BPN649: Magnetic Particle Flow Cytometer
BPN753: Ratio-Metric Readout Technique for MEMS Gyroscopes with Force Feedback
BPN741: Programmable Gyroscope Test Platform
BPN678: MEMS-Electronic-Photonic Heterogeneous Integration (MEPHI)
BPN485: Ultrasonic Gesture Recognition on a Chip
BPN612: High-Throughput CMOS Detector for Magnetic Immunoassays
BPN555: Power Transfer Over a Capacitive Interface
BPN688: Micromechanical Resonator Gyroscopes
BPN475: A CMOS Magnetic Sensor Chip for Biomedical Assay
BPN604: Readout Circuits for AlN Resonant Sensors
BPN593: Design and Modeling of Liquid Bearing Electrostatic Micromotor
BPN563: LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) with MEMS
BPN421: Pipelined ADC Utilizing Passive Inter-stage Gain
BPN386: CMOS-Integrated Nanowire-Based Molecular and Gas Sensors
BEB17: Fully Integrated Immunosensor
BPN483: High Z Materials for Nuclear Detection
BPN445: Lab-on-a-Chip with Integrated CMOS Detection for Complex Assays
BPN407: Modular-Based Integration of CMOS Chip with Microfluidics for Immunosensing
BEB22: A Sub-mW Mode Matching Sigma-Delta Vibratory Gyroscope Readout Circuit
BEB19: Low-Power High-Performance Analog-to-Digital Converters
BEB18: MEMS Strain Gauges on Steel: Electronic Interfaces for Resonant Sensors
BEB16: Resonant Drive: Sense and High Voltage Electrostatic Drive Using Single MEMS Electrode
BEB21: Background calibration techniques for digitally assisted ADC
BEB7: Electronic Interface for Micromachined Gyroscope Sensors
BEB20: Phase Noise Considerations of a MEMS Oscillator
BEB13: Background Calibration for Low-Power High-Performance A/D Conversion
BEB6: Electrostatic Actuator Design for a Digital Output Gyroscope


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