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Prof. Michel M. Maharbiz
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Titles of Current Projects:
BPN894: Acoustically-Driven, Electrically-Controlled Microswimmer
BPN795: An Implantable Microsensor for Cancer Surveillance
BPN871: An Ultrasonic Implantable for Continuous In Vivo Monitoring of Tissue Oxygenation
BPN922: Analog Optical Voltage Sensor
BPN890: Hydrogel Actuated Neural Probe
BPN924: Multimodality Platform for Neurogenesis and Neural Signal Recording After Stroke
BPN848: Wireless Neural Sensors: Robust Ultrasonic Backscatter Communication in the Brain

Recently Ended Projects:
BPN844: Wireless Sub-Millimeter Temperature Sensor for Continuous Temperature Monitoring in Tissue
BPN874: Charge Pumping with Finger Capacitance for Body Energy Harvesting
BPN943: Silicon Carbide Thin Films for Chronically Implanted Microelectronics
BPN716: Ultrasonic Wireless Implants for Neuro-Modulation
BPN816: Cytokine Fast Detection
BPN853: Tethered Bacteria-Based Biosensing
BPN889: Fabrication and Self-Assembly of Microstructured Scaffolds for Living Material
BPN780: Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Fracture Healing
BPN718: Direct Electron-Mediated Control of Hybrid Multi-Cellular Robots
BPN573: Fabrication and Microassembly of a High-Density Carbon Fiber Neural Recording Array
BPN744: Self-Destructing Silicon
BPN900: Wireless neural sensors: Robust ultrasonic backscatter communication in the brain
BPN765: Full-Field Strain Sensor for Hernia Mesh Repairs
BPN714: Impedance Sensing Device to Monitor Pressure Ulcers
BPN838: Dosimetry Dust: An Implantable Dosimeter for Proton Beam Therapy Treatment of Ocular Melanomas
BPN854: Wearable Ultrasound System for Chronic Neural Recording
BPN771: Silicon Carbide ECoGs for Chronic Implants in Brain-Machine Interfaces
BPN823: Automated System for Assembling a High-Density Microwire Neural Recording Array
BPN731: Flexible Electrodes and Insertion Machine for Stable, Minimally-Invasive Neural Recording
BPN808: Acoustic Detection of Neural Activity
BPN745: Wafer-Scale Intracellular Carbon Nanotube-Based Neural Probes
BPN769: Acousto-Optic Modulation of Brain Activity: Novel Techniques for Optogenetic Stimulation and Imaging
BPN699: A Modular System for High-Density, Multi-Scale Electrophysiology
BPN571: Implantable Microengineered Neural Interfaces for Studying and Controlling Insects
BPN518: Synthetic Turing Patterns
BPN726: Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Hybrid Experiments in Neuroscience
BPN717: Proof of Concept: Self-Assembly of a Multi-Cellular Synthetic-Biological Hybrid
BPN690: Manipulating Cellular Behavior and Wound Healing via Local Electric Field Stimulation
BPN584: Design, Fabrication and Testing of a High Density, Large Area µECoG Array
BPN724: Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Arrays for Chronic Stimulation and Recording in Insects
BPN519: Harvesting Energy from Evaporation
BPN520: Miniaturized, Implantable Power Generator
BPN664: Blocks in Cells' Clothing: Mechanical Design of Tissues
BPN636: Extremely Elastic Strain Gauges via Nanotube Percolation Poisson Capacitors
BPN484: Effects of Cell Contact in Differentiation of Adult Neural Progenitor Cells
BPN496: Chemomechanical Nanomachine for Artificial Biomolecular Signal Transduction and Drug Delivery
BPN626: Glucose Energy Harvester for Self-Powering of Remote Distributed Bioanalytical Microsystems
BPN545: Brain Machine Interfaces for Insect Flight Control
BPN451: A Cyborg Beetle: Insect Flight Control by a Neural Stimulator
BPN610: Measuring Contractile Force in Engineered Muscle via Percolation Strain Gauges
BPN553: Interactive Materials for Biofabrication
BPN521: Passive Wireless Transducers for a Distributed High Density Neural Interface
BPN500: Inkjet Interfaces for Controlling Biological Pattern Formation
BPN450: A Microsystem for Sensing and Patterning Oxidative Microgradients During Cell Culture
BPN478: Synthetic Microbial Pattern Formation Modulated by a Chemical Micro-interface
BPN452: Patterned Delivery and Expression of Gene Constructs into Zebrafish Embryos using Microfabricated Interfaces


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