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Wireless, RF & Smart Dust

Wireless, RF & Smart Dust

Here you will find Projects dealing with:
  • Tuneable RF components: capacitors, inductors, transformers
  • RF microrelays
  • High frequency MEMS resonators: devices, structures, and processes

Current Active Projects:
BPN435: A Micromechanical Power Amplifier
BPN766: Active Q-Control for Improved Insertion Loss Micromechanical Filters
BPN735: Autonomous Microrobotic Systems
BPN701: Bridged Micromechanical Filters
RMW29: Electric Power Sensing for Demand Response
BPN707: High-Order Micromechanical Electronic Filters
BPN767: MEMS-Based Tunable Channel-Selecting Super-Regenerative RF Transceivers
BPN359: Micromechanical Disk Resonator-Based Oscillators
BPN392: Mobile Airborne Particulate Matter Monitor for Cellular Deployment
BPN574: On-Chip Micro-Inductor
BPN683: OpenWSN: A Standards-Based Low-Power Wireless Development Environment
BPN734: Package-Derived Influences on Micromechanical Resonator Stability
BPN676: Q-Boosted Optomechanical Oscillators
BPN713: Ring GINA: Highly Miniaturized Ring-Format Wearable Mote
BPN744: Self-Destructing Silicon
BPN596: Smart Fence and Other Wireless Sensing Applications for Critical Industrial Environments
BPN705: Standard CMOS-Based, Fully Integrated, Stick-On Electricity Meters for Building Sub-Metering
BPN682: Strong I/O Coupled High-Q Micromechanical Filters
BPN540: Temperature-Stable Micromechanical Resonators and Filters
BPN709: Tunable & Switchable Micromechanical RF Filters

 Indicates a MiNaSIP Project

Recently Ended Projects:
16-Channel IEEE802.15.4 Packet Sniffer
3nJ/bit 2.4GHz CMOS RF Transceiver
A Low-Power Receiver Employing RF Channel-Selection
A Micromechanical RF Channelizer
A Variable Inductor Array Using Lateral-Contact Microrelays
Algorithms for Position and Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride CMOS-Integrated Accelerometer (MiNaSIP)
AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride RF Filters
AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride Wideband RF Filters
AlN Piezo: Monolithic Acoustic RF MEMS Modules
AlN Piezo: Temperature-Compensated & High-Q Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators
AlN Piezo:Aluminum Nitride Piezo Thermoelastic Damping (MiNaSIP)
Aluminum Nitride-Based Actuators for Tunable Terahertz Electronics
As-Grown SiGe Thin Film with Low Stress and Low Strain Gradient
Capacitive-Gap Micromechanical Local Oscillator At GHz Frequencies
Chemical Sensing with Smart Dust
CMOS Imaging Receiver for Free-Space Optical Communication
Decentralized TSCH Scheduling for a Floating Wireless Sensor Network
Energy Monitoring for the Smart Building Using Low-Power Wireless Sensors
Fully-Integrated Cell Phone Reference Oscillator
Generation of Low Phase Noise mm-Waves
GHz Nano-Mechanical Resonators
HEaTS: AlN Narrowband RF Filters
HEaTS: Temperature-Compensated & High-Q Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators
HEaTS: Thermally Stable Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators for Harsh Environment Applications
High Frequency MEMS Resonator for Wireless Communication Applications
High Frequency Optoelectronic Oscillators (OEO)
High Linearity RF Photonic Links
High-Order UHF Micromechanical Filters
High-Performance MEMS Capacitors
High-Voltage MEMS Resonators
Incremental Network Programming
Integrated Nano Mechanically-Regulated Atomic Clock: 3.4 GHz Resonator
Integration of MEMS switches and RF passive components
Interfacing Smart Phones with Low Power Wireless Devices
Ivy - A Sensor Network Infrastructure for the College of Engineering
Lateral-Mode NEMS Resonators Using Internal Electrostatic Transduction
Levitated Micromechanical Resonators
Limits to Micromechanical Resonator Performance
Localization of Footsteps through Ground Vibrations
Location Estimation Using RF Time of Flight
Long-Term Stability in MEMS-Based Oscillators
Low Power All-Digital Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Network
Manufacturing Repeatability of the Frequency and Q of Capacitive Micromechanical Disk Resonators
MEMS Microswitch for High-Voltage Applications
MEMS Resonator Simulation with HiQLab
MEMS RF Switch with Liquid Gallium Contacts
Micromechanical Transmit Filter
MiNaSIP 2.B.1: Piezoelectric/Electrode/Ambient Interaction in Contour-Mode Resonators
Nano-Gap Piezoelectric Resonators for RF Mechanical Magnetic Field Generation
Nanoresonator Interface Electronics
Nanowire-Coupled Resonators
New Materials for MEMS Resonators
Novel SiGe Processes for Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Resonators
Off-the-Shelf Sensors for Wireless Smart Home Applications
OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Sensor Networks
Passive Wireless Transducers for a Distributed High Density Neural Interface
Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride Vibrating RF MEMS for Radio Front-End
Piezoelectric MEMS for Resonator Applications
Plastic 3-D W-band Antenna array
Plastic Energy Harvester
Post-process of GHz-range SiGe Resonators Over Standard RF CMOS Circuitry for Transceiver Applications
Post-processing heat treatment of thin film Aluminum Nitride
Protocol-Agnostic Compression in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (PACMAN)
QES: Design and Optimization of Passive Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensors
Resonant Drive: Sense and High Voltage Electrostatic Drive Using Single MEMS Electrode
RF Dielectric Fluid Immersed Silicon MEMS Tunable Capacitors
RF Dust for Human Gestural Interpretation
Self-Healing RF MEMS Switch
Sensors and Capability Modeling for Palm-Sized Flying Robots
Silicon carbide process development and characterization for harsh-environment sensors
Smart Flea
Steered Agile Laser Transmitter (SALT)
Subterranean Wireless Sensor Network
Synchronization and interaction of MEMS oscillators
The Internet of Things: IPv6 for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks
Thermally-induced residual stresses in MEMS sensors
Tunable Inductors and Transformers Utilizing Electro-Thermal Vibromotors
Ultra-Low Energy Circuits for Distributed Sensor Networks (Smart Dust)
Ultra-Low Power Radio for Sensor Networks
Video Over Wireless Sensor Networks: From Camera to Smartphone
Wireless Physician Tracking
Wireless Sensor Network Scalability and Deployment in Industrial Automation
Workshop: Hands-On Intro to Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networking



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