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NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices

NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices

Here you will find Projects dealing with:
  • Development of nanostructure fabrication technology
  • Nanomagnetics, Microphotonics
  • CMOS Integrated Nanowires/Nanotubes (CMOS-Inn)

Current Active Projects:
BPN784: Aluminum Gallium Nitride 2DEG Sensors and Devices New Project
BPN736: Atomic Layer Deposition Ruthenium Oxide Supercapacitors
BPN790: Low Power Microheater-Based Sensing Platform for Breath Analysis New Project
BPN762: Microheater-Based Platform for Low Power Combustible Gas Sensing
BPN694: Monolayer Semiconductor Devices
BPN786: NanoPlasmonics for Sensing and Energy New Project
BPN777: Nonepitaxial Growth of Single Crystalline III-V Semiconductors onto Insulating Substrates New Project
BPN727: On-Chip Single Molecule miRNA Detection for Cancer Diagnosis
BPN458: Optical Antenna-Based nanoLED
BPN672: Solar Hydrogen Production by Photocatalytic Water Splitting
BPN792: Thin Film InP Photoelectrochemical Cells for Efficient, Low-Cost Solar Fuel Production New Project
BPN704: Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Polycrystalline Indium Phosphide Thin Films on Metal
BPN776: Wearable Electronic Tape

Recently Ended Projects:
Aluminum Plasmonic Nanoantennas for Label-free Protein Detection
Beyond Solubility Limit Monolayer Doping in InAs via Laser Annealing
Carbon Nanotube Films for Energy Storage Applications
Carbon Nanotube Films for Energy Storage Applications
Chemomechanical Nanomachine for Artificial Biomolecular Signal Transduction and Drug Delivery
Compound Semiconductor on Insulator (XOI) FETs
Conformal Ultra-shallow Junction Formation for 3-D Structured InP Nanopillar Solar Cell
Controlled Nanoscale Doping of Semiconductors via Molecular Monolayers
Development of Functional Nanowire Devices
Direct Bonding of Ultra-Thin InAs on SiO2 for High Performance Transistors
Direct Growth of High Quality III-V Semiconductors on Metal Foils for Low-Cost, High-Efficiency PVs
Direct Synthesis of High Density Mono-Dispersed Gold Nano Particle and Biomedical Applications
Extremely Elastic Strain Gauges via Nanotube Percolation Poisson Capacitors
Facile Synthesis of Nanostructures for Renewable Energy and Gas Sensing Applications
Formation of Optical Nanostructures Using Diblock Copolymers
Gigahertz Operation of Flexible Transistors Using InAs Nanomaterial Arrays
Graphene Synthesis
Graphene Synthesis
High Performance Flexible Integrated Circuits Using Carbon Nanotube Networks
Highly Efficient and Stable Photocathode for Solar Hydrogen Production
Highly Sensitive Electronic Whiskers Based on Patterned Carbon Nanotube and Silver Nanoparticle Composite Films
Hybrid Core-Multishell Nanowire Forests for Electrical Connector Applications
Hybrid Integration of III-V on Si/SiN Photonics Platform
Integrated Microfactory for Nanostructure Synthesis
Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Network Active Matrix Circuitry for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
Laser-Based Synthesis of Nanostructures
Low Energy Electronics
Magnetic Particle Imaging of Superparmagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Materials Development for Nanopillar Array Photovoltaics
Measuring Contractile Force in Engineered Muscle via Percolation Strain Gauges
MEMS Poly/Nano: Compact, Organic RRAM for Transparent and Flexible Electronic Application
MEMS Poly/Nano: Nano-Particulate Composite Materials for Energy and Sensing Applications
Micro CVD for Nanostructure Synthesis
Micro/Nano Fluidic Interconnector
Multi-Gas Detecting Chemical Sensor Platform
Multifunctional Electronic Skin
Nanogap Plasmonic Mirror Structure for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy
Nanomaterial-Based Artificial Skin Sensor
Nanopatch Lasers
NiO-Based LED Fabrication
On-Chip single molecule miRNA detection for cancer diagnosis
p-InP nanopillars for highly efficient water splitting
Parallel Assembly of Nanowires using Lateral Optoelectronic Tweezers (LOET)
Patterned Contact Printing with Monolayer for Aligned Nanowire Arrays
Programmable Matter
Programmable Matter
QES: High-Resolution Direct Patterning of Nanoparticles and Polymers by a Template-Based Microfluidic Process
QES: Fast, High-Throughput Micro, Nanoparticle Printing with Tunable Resolution & Size
QES: Microfluidic Reactors for Controlled Synthesis of Monodisperse Nanoparticles
QES: Nano-Composite Capacitor for High Performance Energy Storage
Selective Chemical Detection with Full Atom-Thick Material Platform
Semiconducting Nanopillars for Photodiodes
Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Nanopillar Arrays by Template-Assisted Vapor-Liquid-Solid Process
Spatially Controlled Growth of III-V Semiconductors Toward Low-Cost and High-Efficiency PVs
Strain Engineering of Epitaxially Transferred, Ultrathin Layers of III-V Semiconductor on Insulator
Structured Substrates for Enhancing the Water-Splitting Efficiency of Earth Abundant Materials
Sub-5 nm-wide Junction Formation by Monolayer Doping
Synthetic Turing Patterns
TiO2 Nanoswords for Clean Energy Applications
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Anti-Reflective Templates for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Solar-to-Fuel Conversion
Toward Silk-based Biomedical Devices
Ultra-low Voltage Field Ionization of Gases in Vacuum and Atmospheric Pressure Based on Semiconductor Nanotips
Ultra-Short Channel 1D-2D Compound Semiconductor on Insulator (XOI) FETs
Ultra-Thin Body, Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide XOI FETs
Ultra-Thin Body, Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide XOI FETs
Wafer-scale Heterogeneous Assembly of Highly Ordered Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays by Contact Printing



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