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Physical Sensors & Devices

Physical Sensors & Devices

Here you will find Projects dealing with:
  • Silicon MEMS actuators: comb, electro-thermal, and plastic deformation
  • Precision electronic sensing and measurements of capacitive, frequency, and coulombic MEMS variables
  • Structures and architectures for gyroscopes, accelerometers, micro strain gauges for direct application to rigid structures e.g., steel, and levitated MEMS

Current Active Projects:
BPN781: 3-Axis MEMS Gyroscope New Project
BPN435: A Micromechanical Power Amplifier
BPN433: A Micromechanical Power Converter
BPN466: Air-Coupled Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers
BPN770: Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (CS-FET)
BPN505: Deployment of Wireless Stick-On Circuit Breaker PEM AC Sensors for the Smart Grid
BPN747: Electronic Skin: Fully Printed Electronic Sensor Networks
BPN731: Flexible Electrodes and Insertion Machine for Stable, Minimally-Invasive Neural Recording
BPN608: FM Gyroscope
BPN765: Full-Field Strain Sensor for Hernia Mesh Repairs
BPN534: Fully-Integrated Micromechanical Clock Oscillator
BPN772: Graphene for Flexible and Tunable Room Temperature Gas Sensors
BPN743: Highly Responsive Curved pMUTs
BPN714: Impedance Sensing Device to Monitor Pressure Ulcers
BPN780: Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Fracture Healing New Project
BPN684: Integrated Microgyroscopes with Improved Scale-Factor and Bias Stability
BPN746: Liquid Heterojunction Sensors
BPN655: Materials for High Quality-Factor Resonating Gyroscopes
BPN599: MEMS Electronic Compass: Three-Axis Magnetometer
BPN603: Micro Rate-Integrating Gyroscope
BPN722: Miniature Ultrasonic Imaging System for Portable Personal Health Care and Biometric Identification
BPN697: Natural Gas Pipeline Research
BPN716: Neural Dust: An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution for Chronic BrainMachine Interfaces
BPN628: Novel Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Based on High-Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUTs)
BPN574: On-Chip Micro-Inductor
BPN768: Plug-Through Energy Monitor for Wall Outlet Electrical Devices
BPN779: Rate Integrating Gyroscope (RIG) New Project
BPN753: Ratio-Metric Readout Technique for MEMS Gyroscopes with Force Feedback
BPN687: Robust Optical Flame Detection in Harsh Environments
BPN738: Sensor Instrumentation to Improve Safety of U.S. Underground Coal Mines
BPN424: Silicon Carbide Technology for Harsh Environment Sensing and Energy Applications
BPN705: Standard CMOS-Based, Fully Integrated, Stick-On Electricity Meters for Building Sub-Metering
BPN763: Surface Acoustic Wave-Based Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications
BPN540: Temperature-Stable Micromechanical Resonators and Filters
BPN764: Untethered Stress-Engineered MEMS MicroFlyers

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Recently Ended Projects:
10 MHz Optical Phased Array Metrology and Control
A MEMS Optical Modulator and Filter
A Sub-mW Mode Matching Sigma-Delta Vibratory Gyroscope Readout Circuit with a 0.004 deg/sec/rtHz Noise Floor over a 50Hz Band
Airborne Particulate Monitoring Using a Micromechanical Electrometer
Aluminum Nitride Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Sensor
Background Calibration for Low-Power High-Performance A/D Conversion
Background calibration techniques for digitally assisted ADC
Bi-directional Electrothermal Electromagnetic Actuators and Relays
Biologically-Inspired, Self-Activated Building Envelope Regulation System (SABERS)
Biomimetic Infrared sensor based on the nanogap junction array
Carrier selective oxide contacts for silicon electronics
Carrier-Selective Oxide Contacts for Silicon Electronics
CMOS-Integrated Nanowire-Based Molecular and Gas Sensors
Design and Modeling of Liquid Bearing Electrostatic Micromotor
Design of a Smart Universal Game Board
Design, Fabrication and Testing of a High Density, Large Area µECoG Array
Direct-Write Graphene Channel Field Effect with Self-Aligned Top Gate
Dynamic Fetal Airway Occlusion for Treatment of Congenital Pulmonary Hypoplasia
Electronic Interface for Micromachined Gyroscope Sensors
Electrostatic Actuator Design for a Digital Output Gyroscope
Floating Electro Mechanical Systems (FLEMS)
HEaTS Sensors for Extreme Harsh Environments
HEaTS: 4H-SiC FET Technology for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Inertial Sensors for Harsh Environments
HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Technology for Inertial Sensors
HEaTS: SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: SiC Devices and ICs for Harsh Environment Sensing
HEaTS: SiC Diodes and Rectifiers for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: SiC Harsh Environment Pressure Sensors
HEaTS: SiC Thin-Film Flame Ionization Sensor
HEaTS: Structurally Multifunctional Actuation and Readout Techniques for MEMS (SMART MEMS)
HEaTS: Thermally Stable Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators for Harsh Environment Applications
High Z Materials for Nuclear Detection
InAs XOI Gas Sensor
Inkjet Interfaces for Controlling Biological Pattern Formation
Integrity Assessment of Underground Power Distribution Cables
International Research Collaboration: BSAC and IMST at Vestfold University College
LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) with MEMS
Limits to Micromechanical Resonator Performance
Liquid Bearing Micromotors
Low Voltage and Fast Response Actuators
Low-Power High-Performance Analog-to-Digital Converters
MEMS Biopolymer: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
MEMS Integrable Temperature Sensor
MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and Fabrication
MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and FEM
MEMS Poly/Nano: Biomimetic, Polymeric Transistor-based Biosensor Technology
MEMS Poly/Nano: Compact, Organic RRAM for Transparent and Flexible Electronic Application
MEMS Poly/Nano: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
MEMS REPS: Assembly of a MEMS Compressed Air Expander Unit
MEMS Sensor for Hard Disk Glide Test
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel - Miniaturization of Transduction Circuits
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Elastic Encapsulation
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Resonant Sensor Design and Fabrication
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Selective Strain Isolation
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Test Fixture Design
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Testing Localized Silicon-Steel Bonds
MEMS Strain Gauges on Steel: Electronic Interfaces for Resonant Sensors
MEMS-Based Magnetic Probe Microscopy
Micro Autonomous Air Vehicles
Micro, Tunable, Check Valves for Surgical Applications
Microfabricated Torsional Actuator by Self-Aligned Plastic Deformation
Micromachined Electrodes for Capacitive Sensors
Micromechanical Resonant Displacement Gain Stages
Micromechanical Resonator Gyroscopes
Micromechanically-Enhanced Magnetoresistive Sensors
Multidirectional Force and Torque Sensor for Insect Flight Research
Multifunctional Electronic Skin
Nanostructure-Based Nanoactuator
Non-dispersive IR gas detection with a MEMS scanning mirror and Linear Variable Filter
Off-the-Shelf Distributed Robots (COTS-BOTS)
Parametrically-Amplified MEMS Magnetometer
Phase Noise Considerations of a MEMS Oscillator
Pipelined ADC Utilizing Passive Inter-stage Gain
Programmable Gyroscope Test Platform
QES: MEMS Polymer Infrared Sensor Array
Readout Circuits for AlN Resonant Sensors
Scanning Probe Methods for the Characterization of Nanomechanical Resonators
Selective Chemical Detection with Full Atom-Thick Material Platform
SiC Flame Ionization Sensor
SiC TAPS: Capacitive Sensors Design and Fabrication
SiC TAPS: Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Encapsulation
SiC TAPS: Pressure Sensor Design and Optimization
SiC TAPS: Strain Gauge System Design
SiC TAPS:Pressure Sensor Design for Harsh Environments
Silicon carbide process development and characterization for harsh-environment sensors
Strain Sensors for Wind Turbines
TFT Modeling for Single Transistor Sensors
Thermally-induced residual stresses in MEMS sensors
Thin Film MEMS Pressure Sensor for Detection of Pressure Fluctuations in a Rat Brain due to Blast Injury
Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Hybrid Experiments in Neuroscience
Tribology Test Chip for Contacting NEMS design
Ultra High Shock Resistant Sensors
Ultra-smooth conducting parallel plates with nanoscale separation for single molecule sensing and investigation of Casimir force
Ultrasonic Gesture Recognition on a Chip



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