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Table of all Projects

Current Active Projects (click on Project Name to view more details)

Row Primary Research Thrust Project Advisor Researcher Project Name Project Contact Active Feedback
1 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN840Liwei Lin Ilbey Karakurt W-Band Additive Vacuum Electronics New Project ilbeykarakurt@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
2 Microfluidics BPN846Liwei Lin Eric C. Sweet, Joshua Chen, Ilbey Karakurt 3D Printed Biomedical and Diagnostic Systems New Project
Active Feedback
3 Microfluidics BPN774Liwei Lin Eric Sweet, Ilbey Karakurt, Rudra Mehta, Ryan Jew 3D Printed Integrated Microfluidics: Circuitry, Finger-Powered Pumps and Mixers
Active Feedback
4 Micropower BPN742Liwei Lin Xining Zang, Minsong Wei 3D Carbon-Based Materials for Electrochemical Applications Feedback
5 Micropower BPN782Liwei Lin Caiwei Shen, Weihua Cai, Yingxi Xie Flexible Micro Supercapacitors shencw10@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
6 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN672Liwei Lin Emmeline Kao Solar Hydrogen Production by Photocatalytic Water Splitting kao@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
7 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN800Liwei Lin Hyun Sung Park Solution Processed Transparent Electronics hs23.park@gmail.comActive Feedback
8 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN799Liwei Lin Hyung-Seok Jang 3D Printed Microsensors hyungseok1024@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
9 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN772Liwei Lin Yumeng Liu, Yong Cui, Takeshi Hayasaka, Kaiming Hu, Xiaoqian Li Graphene for Room Temperature Gas Sensors yumengliu@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN743Liwei Lin Benjamin Eovino Highly Responsive pMUTs beovino@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
11 BioMEMS BPN685Bernhard E. Boser, Mekhail Anwar Efthymios P. Papageorgiou Real-Time Intraoperative Fluorescent Imager for Microscopic Residual Tumor in Breast Cancer
Active Feedback
12 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN608Bernhard E. Boser Burak Eminoglu FM Gyroscope eminoglu@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
13 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN458Ming C. Wu, Ali Javey Kevin Han, Sujay Desai, Matin Amani, Seth Fortuna Optical Antenna-Based nanoLED kyh@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
14 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN751Ming C. Wu Tae Joon Seok Large-scale Silicon Photonic MEMS Switch with Sub-Microsecond Response Time tjseok@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
15 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN721Ming C. Wu Phillip A.M. Sandborn Electronic-Photonic Heterogeneous Integration (EPHI) for High Resolution FMCW LIDAR sandborn@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN825Ming C. Wu Jean-Etienne Tremblay, Yung-Hsiang Lin Direct On-Chip Optical Synthesizer (DODOS)
Active Feedback
17 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN788Ming C. Wu Youmin Wang Optical Phased Array for LIDAR
Active Feedback
18 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN703Ming C. Wu Seth A. Fortuna, Kevin Han Directly Modulated High-Speed nanoLED Utilizing Optical Antenna Enhanced Light Emission fortuna@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
19 Microfluidics BPN552Ming C. Wu Jodi Loo Light-Actuated Digital Microfluidics (Optoelectrowetting) jodiloo@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
20 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN836Luke P. Lee Doyeon Bang Nanocrescent Antenna for Nanofocusing of Excitation Radiation and Concentrate Upconversion Emission New Project doyeonbang@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
21 BioMEMS BPN829Luke P. Lee Jong-Hwan Lee, Jun Ho Son Integrated Multiplexed Optical Microfluidic System (iMOMs) for Dengue Diagnosis jonghwanlee@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
22 Microfluidics BPN824Luke P. Lee SoonGweon Hong, Minsun Song Investigation of Dengue Infection’s Neurological Complications via a Comprehensive In Vitro Brain Model gweon1@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
23 BioMEMS BPN804Luke P. Lee Byungrae Cho, Jun Ho Son, Sang Hun Lee A Rapid, Integrated Molecular Diagnostic for Gram-Negative Pathogen Detection and Identification Based on Antibody-Based Capture and Photonic PCR
Active Feedback
24 Microfluidics BPN730Luke P. Lee Jun Ho Son, Sang Hun Lee, ByungRae Cho Microfluidic Blood Plasma Separation for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Active Feedback
25 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN809Luke P. Lee Minsun Song, SoonGweon Hong Photonic Cavity Bioreactor for High-throughput Screening of Microalgae sms1115@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
26 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN354Michael D. Cable Ning Chen, Salah Uddin The Nanoshift Concept: Innovation through Design, Development, Prototyping and Fabrication of MEMS, Microfluidics, Nano- and Clean Technologies reception@bsac.eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
27 Microfluidics BPN839Dorian Liepmann Karthik Prasad, Marc Chooljian Flow Control in Plastic Microfluidic Devices using Thermosensitive Gels New Project mschooljian@gmail.comActive Feedback
28 BioMEMS BPN847Dorian Liepmann Kiana Aran, Daniel Park A 3D Printed Microfluidic-Based Blood Filtration Device Examines the Effect of Blood Components in the Aging Process New Project k.aran@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
29 Microfluidics BPN711Dorian Liepmann Kiana Aran, Kathryn Fink Point-of-Care System for Quantitative Measurements of Blood Analytes Using Graphene-Based Sensors
Active Feedback
30 BioMEMS BPN729Dorian Liepmann Marc Chooljian Development of Microfluidic Devices with Embedded Microelectrodes using Electrodeposition and Hot Embossing mschooljian@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
31 Microfluidics BPN732Dorian Liepmann Kathryn Fink, Karthik Prasad The Role of Erythrocyte Size and Shape in Microchannel Fluid Dynamics
Active Feedback
32 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN817David A. Horsley, Rajeevan Amirtharajah Scott Block, Soner Sonmezoglu Ultra-Low Power AlN MEMS-CMOS Microphones and Accelerometers
Active Feedback
33 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN849David A. Horsley Yuri Kusano Large-Amplitude PZT PMUTs New Project ykusano@ucdavis.eduActive Feedback
34 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN628David A. Horsley Xiaoyue (Joy) Jiang, Qi Wang Novel Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Based on High-Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUTs)
Active Feedback
36 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN785David A. Horsley Qi Wang Scandium-doped AlN for MEMS
Active Feedback
37 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN599David A. Horsley Soner Sonmezoglu MEMS Electronic Compass: Three-Axis Magnetometer
Active Feedback
38 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN603David A. Horsley Parsa Taheri-Tehrani Micro Rate-Integrating Gyroscope
Active Feedback
40 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN834Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro Won Seok Chi Direct Formation of Pore-Controllable Mesoporous SnO2 for Gas Sensing Applications New Project lucas38c@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
41 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN843Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro Sinem Ortaboy Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensors Based on Wearable Carbon Textile New Project sinemortaboy@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
42 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN835Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro Steven R. DelaCruz, Chuan-Pei Lee, Ping Cheng Silicon Carbide Passivated Electrode for Thermionic Energy Conversion New Project
Active Feedback
45 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN827Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro Chuan-Pei Lee, Steven DelaCruz Metal Oxide-decorated Silicon Carbide Nanowires Electrode for The Applications on Electrochemical Energy Storage
Active Feedback
47 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN790Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro Wenjun Yan, Leslie Chan Low Power Microheater-Based Platform for Gas Sensing
Active Feedback
48 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN813Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro Ameya Rao Novel Hierarchical Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Conductometric Gas Sensing ameyarao@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
49 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN832Ali Javey Sujay B. Desai, Mark Hettick Gold-Mediated Exfoliation of Ultralarge Optoelectronically-Perfect Monolayers New Project
Active Feedback
50 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN818Ali Javey Wei Gao, Hnin Y.Y. Nyein, Li-Chia Tai, Ziba Shahpar Fully-Integrated Wearable Sensor Arrays for Multiplexed In Situ Perspiration Analysis
Active Feedback
52 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN822Ali Javey Matin Amani, Der-Hsien Lien Monolayer Semiconductor Optoelectronics
Active Feedback
54 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN777Ali Javey Kevin Chen, Sujay Desai Nonepitaxial Growth of Single Crystalline III-V Semiconductors onto Insulating Substrates
Active Feedback
55 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN747Ali Javey Kevin Chen Electronic Skin: Fully Printed Electronic Sensor Networks kqchen@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
56 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN704Ali Javey Mark Hettick, Hsin-Ping Wang Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Polycrystalline Indium Phosphide Thin Films on Metal mark.hettick@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
57 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN770Ali Javey Hossain M. Fahad, Thomas Rembert Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (CS-FET) hossain.fahad@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
58 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN828Clark T.-C. Nguyen Ruonan Liu Zero Quiescent Power Micromechanical Receiver
Active Feedback
60 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN540Clark T.-C. Nguyen Alper Ozgurluk Temperature-Stable Micromechanical Resonators and Filters
Active Feedback
61 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN814Clark T.-C. Nguyen Alper Ozgurluk, Yafei Li UHF Capacitive-Gap Transduced Resonators With High Cx/Co
Active Feedback
62 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN701Clark T.-C. Nguyen Jalal Naghsh Nilchi Bridged Micromechanical Filters jalal.naghsh.nilchi@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
63 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN744Kristofer S.J. Pister, Michel M. Maharbiz Joseph Greenspun, Osama Khan, Travis Massey, Brad Wheeler, Ryan Shih Self-Destructing Silicon
Active Feedback
64 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN803Kristofer S.J. Pister, Ali M. Niknejad Osama Khan, David Burnett, Filip Maksimovic, Brad Wheeler Single Chip Mote
Active Feedback
65 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN826Kristofer S. J. Pister Daniel S. Drew, Craig Schindler, Brian Kilberg Autonomous Flying Microrobots ddrew73@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
66 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN735Kristofer S. J. Pister Daniel Contreras, Hani Gomez Walking Silicon Microrobots dscontreras@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
67 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN802Richard M. White, Paul K. Wright Zhiwei Wu Electret-Enabled Energy Harvesters for Use Near Current-Carrying Conductors
Active Feedback
68 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN801Richard M. White, Paul K. Wright Zhiwei Wu Emergency Power-Line Energy Harvesters
Active Feedback
69 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN838Michel Maharbiz, Mekhail Anwar Stefanie Garcia Dosimetry Dust: An Implantable Dosimeter for Proton Beam Therapy Treatment of Ocular Melanomas New Project stefanievgarcia@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
70 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN848Michel Maharbiz, Bernhard Boser David Piech, Josh Kay Highly Integrated, Compact Wearable Ultrasound System for Chronic Biosensing New Project
Active Feedback
71 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN731Michel M. Maharbiz, Philip N. Sabes Timothy L. Hanson Flexible Electrodes and Insertion Machine for Stable, Minimally-Invasive Neural Recording tlh24@phy.ucsf.eduActive Feedback
72 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN823Michel M. Maharbiz, Kristofer S.J. Pister Travis L. Massey Automated System for Assembling a High-Density Microwire Neural Recording Array tlmassey@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
73 BioMEMS BPN573Michel M. Maharbiz, Kristofer S.J. Pister Travis L. Massey Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Array for Chronic Stimulation and Recording tlmassey@eecs.berkeley.eduActive Feedback
74 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN844Michel M. Maharbiz B. Arda Ozilgen Wireless Sub-Millimeter Temperature Sensor for Continuous Temperature Monitoring in Tissue New Project arda.ozilgen@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
75 BioMEMS BPN816Michel M. Maharbiz Bochao Lu Cytokine Fast Detection steven_lu@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
76 BioMEMS BPN771Michel M. Maharbiz Camilo A. Diaz-Botia Silicon Carbide ECoGs for Chronic Implants in Brain-Machine Interfaces cadiazb@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
77 BioMEMS BPN795Michel M. Maharbiz Stefanie V. Garcia An Implantable Micro-Sensor for Cancer Surveillance stefanievgarcia@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
78 BioMEMS BPN718Michel M. Maharbiz Tom J. Zajdel, Alyssa Y. Zhou Direct Electron-Mediated Control of Hybrid Multi-Cellular Robots
Active Feedback
79 BioMEMS BPN716Michel M. Maharbiz TBD Ultrasonic Wireless Implants for Neuro-Modulation maharbiz@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
80 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN808Michel M. Maharbiz Konlin Shen Acoustic Detection of Neural Activity
Active Feedback
81 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN765Michel M. Maharbiz Amy Liao Full-Field Strain Sensor for Hernia Mesh Repairs amy.liao@berkeley.eduActive Feedback
82 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN714Michel M. Maharbiz Amy Liao, Monica C. Lin Impedance Sensing Device to Monitor Pressure Ulcers
Active Feedback
83 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN780Michel M. Maharbiz Monica C. Lin Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Fracture Healing monica.lin@berkeley.eduActive Feedback

Recently Ended Projects

Row Primary Research Thrust Project Researcher Project Name
01/05/17 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN812 Martial Defoort Improving Micro-Oscillators Performance By Exploiting Nonlinearity
01/04/17 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN842 Wenjun Yan Conductometric Gas Sensing Behavior of WS2 Aerogel
01/04/17 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN837 Yuan Gao, Sinem Ortaboy, Chuan-Pei Lee Metal Oxide-Coated Carbonized-Silicon Nanowires as High-Performance Micro-Supercapacitor
09/27/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN694 Matin Amani Monolayer Semiconductor Devices
09/15/16 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN786 Arthur O. Montazeri NanoPlasmonics for Sensing and Energy
09/15/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN433 Ruonan Liu A Micromechanical Power Converter
09/15/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN466 Scott Block Air-Coupled Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
09/14/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN850 Li-Chia Tai, Wei Gao Wearable Sweat Rate Sensor
09/02/16 BioMEMS BPN831 Sang Hun Lee, Byungrae Cho, Jun Ho Son Sample-to-Answer Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics for Subtyping Pathogenic Bacteria
09/02/16 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN807 Jin-Ho Lee, Ju-Young Byun, Jun Ho Son, Sang Hun Lee Integrated Molecular Diagnostic System for Alzheimer’s Disease
08/26/16 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN821 Yuji Gao 3D Printed Smart Application with Embedded Electronics Sensors and Systems
08/25/16 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN665 Phillip Sandborn Frequency Modulated Laser Source for 3D Imaging
08/25/16 Microfluidics BPN845 Eric C. Sweet, Ilbey Karakurt, Rudra R. Mehta 3D Printed Finger-Powered Microfluidic Pump and Mixer
08/25/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN722 Joshua Kay, Joy Jiang 3D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor On a Chip Using Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT)
08/25/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN841 Hyung-Seok Jang Fast-Response Silver Passive Temperature Sensor via Electro-Hydrodynamic (EHD) Printing Method
08/24/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN762 Anna Harley-Trochimczyk Microheater-Based Platform for Low Power Combustible Gas Sensing
08/24/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN819 Sinem Ortaboy Hybrid Porous Nanowire Arrays for High Energy Supercapacitor
08/24/16 BioMEMS BPN756 Kiana Aran, Marc Chooljian MEMS Devices for Oral Delivery of Proteins and Peptides
08/23/16 Microfluidics BPN787 Casey C. Glick 3D-Printed Molds for Rapid Assembly of PDMS-based Microfluidic Devices
08/23/16 BioMEMS BPN745 Konlin Shen Wafer-Scale Intracellular Carbon Nanotube-Based Neural Probes
08/23/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN797 Hai Liu, JuKyung Choi, Gina Zaghi Synthesis and Friction Characteristics of Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
08/23/16 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN811 Doyeon Bang, SoonGweon Hong, Jin-Ho Lee High-Throughput Integrated Chiral Analysis Platform (hiCAP) for Active Drug Discovery
08/19/16 Microfluidics BPN796 Casey C. Glick, Eric C. Sweet, Kevin A. Korner, Yash Attal, Gregory Slatton, Ryan Jew, Josh Chen Low Reynolds Number Mixing using 3D Printed Microfluidics
08/19/16 Microfluidics BPN706 Casey C. Glick, Kevin Korner Single-Layer Microfluidic Gain Valves via Optofluidic Lithography
08/18/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN798 TBD Hyper Wideband-Enabled RF Messaging (HERMES)
08/18/16 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN820 Sangyoon Han, Tae Joon Seok Multicast Silicon Photonic MEMS Switches
08/12/16 BioMEMS BPN769 Maysam Chamanzar Acousto-Optic Modulation of Brain Activity: Novel Techniques for Optogenetic Stimulation and Imaging
07/18/16 BioMEMS BPN699 Maysamreza Chamanzar A Modular System for High-Density, Multi-Scale Electrophysiology
07/15/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN810 Naing Ye Aung, Michael C. Lorek Non-Intrusive Wireless Current Metering of Standard Power Cables Using Vector Magnetic Field Measurements
05/10/16 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN392 Troy Cados, Omid Mahdavipour Mobile Airborne Particulate Matter Monitor for Cellular Deployment
02/16/16 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN830 Doyeon Bang, SoonGweon Hong, Jin-Ho Lee High-throughput Integrated Chiral Analysis Platform (hiCAP) for Active Drug Discovery
02/01/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN738 Omid Mahdavipour Sensor Instrumentation to Improve Safety of U.S. Underground Coal Mines
02/01/16 Microfluidics BPN794 Sanghun Lee Bubble-Free Microfluidic PCR
02/01/16 Microfluidics BPN806 Liang Zhao Very Large Scale Single Cell Microprocessor for Rapid Gene Analyzer: A Game-Changer for Single Cell Biology and Medicine
02/01/16 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN767 Tristan Rocheleau, Thura Lin Naing MEMS-Based Tunable Channel-Selecting Super-Regenerative RF Transceivers
01/31/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN781 Soner Sonmezoglu, Parsa Taheri-Tehrani 3-Axis MEMS Gyroscope
01/27/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN746 Hiroki Ota, Kevin Chen Liquid Heterojunction Sensors
01/26/16 BioMEMS BPN649 Pramod Murali Magnetic Particle Flow Cytometer
01/26/16 BioMEMS BPN805 Soochan Chung, Jun Ho Son Rapid Detection of Drug-resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria on Chip
01/26/16 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN789 David C. Burnett Reconfigurable, Wearable Sensors to Enable Long-Duration Circadian Biomedical Studies
01/25/16 BioMEMS BPN571 Travis L. Massey Implantable Microengineered Neural Interfaces for Studying and Controlling Insects
01/25/16 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN676 Turker Beyazoglu, Tristan Rocheleau Q-Boosted Optomechanical Oscillators
01/07/16 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN736 Roseanne H. Warren Design and Fabrication of High Performance Supercapacitors
01/07/16 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN480 Alissa M. Fitzgerald AM Fitzgerald: MEMS Design, Prototyping, Modeling, Failure Prediction, and Foundry Transfer
01/04/16 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN684 Jason Su Integrated Microgyroscopes with Improved Scale-Factor and Bias Stability
09/19/15 Microfluidics BPN775 Kevin Korner, Casey Glick Integrated Microfluidic Circuitry via Optofluidic Lithography
08/27/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN697 Pit Pillatsch Natural Gas Pipeline Research
08/26/15 Microfluidics BPN778 Qiong Pan, Soongweon Hong Single-cell MicroRNA Quantification for Gene Regulation Heterogeneity Study
08/26/15 Microfluidics BPN773 Alireza Salmanzadeh Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Hepatocytes (hiPSC-HPs)-based Organs on Chip
08/26/15 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN609 Ryan Going, Tae Joon Seok Ultra-Sensitive Photodetectors on Silicon Photonics
08/26/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN783 Ameya Rao Low-Power Conductometric Soot Sensor with Fast Self-Regeneration
08/26/15 BioMEMS BPN757 Kiana Aran Biosensors Based on Biologically Responsive Polymers
08/26/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN435 Wei-Chang Li A Micromechanical Power Amplifier
08/26/15 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN776 Hiroki Ota, Kevin Chen Wearable Electronic Tape
08/26/15 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN791 Doyeon Bang Integrated Photobioreactor with Optical Excitation Membranes (iPOEMs) for Efficient Photosynthetic Light Harvesting
08/26/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN784 Kaiyuan Yao Aluminum Gallium Nitride 2DEG Sensors and Devices
08/26/15 Micropower BPN737 Vishnu Jayaprakash, Roseanne Warren, Casey Glick Graphene-Based Microliter-Scale Microbial Fuel Cells
08/26/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN683 Nicola Accettura OpenWSN: A Standards-Based Low-Power Wireless Development Environment
08/26/15 Microfluidics BPN679 Erh-Chia Yeh Portable Microfluidic Pumping System for Point-Of-Care Diagnostics
08/26/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN424 Lunet E. Luna Silicon Carbide Nanomaterials for Harsh Environment Applications
08/25/15 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN712 John Huggins, Hossain M. Fahad, Hiroshi Shiraki, David Burnett, Nicola Accettura Bridging Research-to-Commercialization Gaps In an Industry/University Ecosystem
08/25/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RMW29 Christopher Sherman Electric Power Sensing for Demand Response
08/25/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN709 Lingqi Wu Tunable & Switchable Micromechanical RF Filters
08/25/15 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN734 Divya N. Kashyap Package-Derived Influences on Micromechanical Resonator Stability
08/25/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN359 Thura Lin Naing, Tristan Rocheleau Micromechanical Disk Resonator-Based Oscillators
08/25/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN707 Henry G. Barrow Automated Passband Tuning of High-Order Microelectromechanical Filters
08/25/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN534 Henry G. Barrow Fully-Integrated Micromechanical Clock Oscillator
08/24/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN682 Robert A. Schneider Strong I/O Coupled High-Q Micromechanical Filters
08/24/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN574 Kisik Koh, Chen Yang On-Chip Micro-Inductor
08/24/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN655 Hadi Najar, Chen Yang Materials for High Quality-Factor Resonating Gyroscopes
08/21/15 Microfluidics BPN733 Shao Ning Pei, Tiffany Dai Optoelectronic Tweezers for Long-Term Single Cell Culture
08/20/15 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN727 Julian A. Diaz, Sang Hun Lee On-Chip Single Molecule miRNA Detection for Cancer Diagnosis
08/19/15 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN792 Mark Hettick, Maxwell Zheng Thin Film InP Photoelectrochemical Cells for Efficient, Low-Cost Solar Fuel Production
08/13/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN764 Spencer Ward, Ameen Hussain, Vahid Foroutan, Ratul Majumdar Untethered Stress-Engineered MEMS MicroFlyers
06/09/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN768 Michael C. Lorek Plug-Through Energy Monitor for Wall Outlet Electrical Devices
06/09/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN705 Michael C. Lorek Standard CMOS-Based, Fully Integrated, Stick-On Electricity Meters for Building Sub-Metering
03/02/15 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN518 Justin Hsia Synthetic Turing Patterns
03/02/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN713 Joseph Greenspun, David Burnett Ring GINA: Highly Miniaturized Ring-Format Wearable Mote
02/06/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN505 Richard Xu Deployment of Wireless Stick-On Circuit Breaker PEM AC Sensors for the Smart Grid
02/06/15 Micropower BPN654 Richard Xu Electret-Based Voltage Sensing and Energy Harvesting from Energized Conductors
02/05/15 Micropower BPN562 Son Duy Nguyen, Richard Xu, Chris Sherman AC Energy Scavenging for Smart Grid Sensing
02/04/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN596 Fabien J. Chraim Smart Fence and Other Wireless Sensing Applications for Critical Industrial Environments
02/04/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN763 Shuo Chen Surface Acoustic Wave-Based Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications
02/04/15 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN606 Alina Kozinda, Caiwei Shen Carbon Nanotube Films for Energy Storage Applications
02/03/15 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN651 Alejandro J. Grine, Turker Beyazoglu, Tristan Rocheleau Low Power, Low Noise Cavity Optomechanical Oscillators
02/03/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN753 Burak Eminoglu, Igor Izyumin, Yu-Ching Yeh Ratio-Metric Readout Technique for MEMS Gyroscopes with Force Feedback
02/03/15 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN766 Thura Lin Naing, Tristan Rocheleau Active Q-Control for Improved Insertion Loss Micromechanical Filters
02/03/15 Microfluidics BPN723 SoonGweon Hong, Sang Hun Lee Organ-on-a-Chip for Personalized Medicine Development
02/03/15 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN687 Kaiyuan Yao Robust Optical Flame Detection in Harsh Environments
02/02/15 Micropower BPN648 Michael C. Lorek Fully-Integrated, Low Input Voltage, Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications
02/02/15 BioMEMS BPN715 Chen Yang Stimuli Responsive Capsules for Drug Delivery and Diagnostic Applications
02/02/15 Microfluidics BPN621 Kathryn Fink, Karthik Prasad Microfluidic Separation of Blood
02/02/15 BioMEMS BPN622 Peter Soler Design of an Ex Vivo Prototype of a Bioartificial Kidney
08/15/14 Microfluidics BPN702 Kosuke Iwai, Ryan D. Sochol A Continuous-Flow Microdroplets Lysis System
08/15/14 Microfluidics BPN586 Kosuke Iwai, Ryan D. Sochol Integrated Finger-Powered Microfluidic Pumps for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
08/15/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN708 Yumeng Liu Direct-Write Graphene Channel Field Effect with Self-Aligned Top Gate
08/15/14 BioMEMS BPN438 Ryan D. Sochol Microengineered Technologies for Controlling Cellular Functions
08/15/14 BioMEMS BPN473 Ryan D. Sochol Next-Generation Microfluidic Components, Circuits and Systems
08/14/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN752 Yongjing Lin, Corsin Battaglia, Joel W. Ager Highly Efficient and Stable Photocathode for Solar Hydrogen Production
08/14/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN748 Zhibin Yu Highly Sensitive Electronic Whiskers Based on Patterned Carbon Nanotube and Silver Nanoparticle Composite Films
08/14/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN726 Brian Pepin Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Hybrid Experiments in Neuroscience
08/13/14 BioMEMS BPN675 Chen Yang Implantable Micro Drug Delivery System
08/13/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN741 Oleg I. Izyumin Programmable Gyroscope Test Platform
08/13/14 BioMEMS BPN717 Tom J. Zajdel Proof of Concept: Self-Assembly of a Multi-Cellular Synthetic-Biological Hybrid
08/13/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN698 Kevin Chen Multifunctional Electronic Skin
08/13/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN755 Corsin Battaglia, Xingtian Yin, Steven Chuang, Thomas Rembert, Hiroshi Shiraki Carrier-Selective Oxide Contacts for Silicon Electronics
08/13/14 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN678 Niels Quack, Behnam Behroozpour, Sangyoon Han, Phillip Sandborn MEMS-Electronic-Photonic Heterogeneous Integration (MEPHI)
08/05/14 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN434 Mehmet Akgul A Micromechanical RF Channelizer
02/27/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN448 Eric Talamantez Integrity Assessment of Underground Power Distribution Cables
02/20/14 Microfluidics BPN695 Rachel Pepper Hydrodynamics of Marine Larval Locomotion
02/17/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN750 Hiroshi Shiraki Multi-Gas Detecting Chemical Sensor Platform
02/06/14 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN671 Anthony M. Yeh Tunable Silicon Photonics for Microsecond Wavelength Selective Switching
02/06/14 Microfluidics BPN725 Chi-Cheng Fu, Qiong Pan, Brian N. Kim One-Step Electrokinetic Nucleic Acid Preconcentrator for PCR-Based Point-of-Care Diagnosis
02/06/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN625 Maxwell S. Zheng, Zhibin Yu, Rehan Kapadia Direct Growth of High Quality III-V Semiconductors on Metal Foils for Low-Cost, High-Efficiency PVs
02/05/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN653 Younggeun Park Biologically-Inspired, Self-Activated Building Envelope Regulation System (SABERS)
02/05/14 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN710 Sangyoon Han Reconfigurable Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits
02/05/14 BioMEMS BPN690 Daniel J. Cohen Manipulating Cellular Behavior and Wound Healing via Local Electric Field Stimulation
02/03/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN634 Zhibin Yu Low Voltage and Fast Response Actuators
02/03/14 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN595 Mischa Megens Fast Optical Phased Array for 10MHz Beamforming
02/03/14 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN498 Karen E. Grutter, Alejandro Grine, Niels Quack, Tristan Rocheleau, Turker Beyazoglu Integrated Silica Optomechanical Oscillators
02/03/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN517 Kevin Limkrailassiri Facile Synthesis of Nanostructures for Renewable Energy and Gas Sensing Applications
02/03/14 Microfluidics BPN645 Pauline J. Chang Highly-Parallel Magnetically-Actuated Microvalves
02/01/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN686 Daisuke Kiriya, Maxwell Zheng, Rehan Kapadia, Zhibin Yu Spatially Controlled Growth of III-V Semiconductors Toward Low-Cost and High-Efficiency PVs
01/29/14 BioMEMS BPN584 Peter Ledochowitsch, Raphael Tiefenauer Design, Fabrication and Testing of a High Density, Large Area µECoG Array
01/28/14 Microfluidics BPN719 Gordon D. Hoople Single Cell Micro-Chambers for Circulating Tumor Cell Detection
01/28/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN720 Joanne C. Lo Selective Chemical Detection with Full Atom-Thick Material Platform
01/28/14 Micropower BPN394 Jim C. Cheng QES: Micro LHP Chip Cooling System
01/28/14 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN413 Matthew W. Chan HEaTS: Bonding of SiC MEMS Sensors for Harsh Environments
01/28/14 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN658 Anju Toor QES: Nano-Composite Capacitor for High Performance Energy Storage
01/28/14 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN693 Jie Zou, Chih-Ming Lin HEaTS: Thermally Stable Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators for Harsh Environment Applications
01/28/14 Micropower BPN544 Matilda Yun-Ju Lai HEaTS: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Harsh Environments
01/28/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN614 Wei-Cheng Lien HEaTS: 4H-SiC FET Technology for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
01/28/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN616 Kirti R. Mansukhani HEaTS: SiC Harsh Environment Pressure Sensors
01/28/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN638 Ayden Maralani HEaTS: SiC Devices and ICs for Harsh Environment Sensing
01/28/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN644 Nuo Zhang HEaTS: SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
01/28/14 Micropower BPN660 Lilla M. Smith QES: Micro LHP Chip Cooling System - Evaporator Design and Testing
01/28/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN661 David A. Rolfe HEaTS: SiC Thin-Film Flame Ionization Sensor
01/28/14 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN663 Shiqian Shao HEaTS: SiC Diodes and Rectifiers for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
01/28/14 Micropower BPN670 Hongyun So QES: Micro LHP Cooler - Coherent Porous Silicon Wick for High Heat Flux and Capillary Pumping
12/20/13 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN642 Mischa Megens 10 MHz Optical Phased Array Metrology and Control
12/13/13 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN485 Richard J. Przybyla, Hao-Yen Tang Ultrasonic Gesture Recognition on a Chip
10/30/13 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN499 Fabian T. Goericke HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Inertial Sensors for Harsh Environments
09/09/13 Microfluidics BPN728 Fei Liu, Sang Hun Lee, Jun Ho Son, Erh-Chia (Charlie) Yeh Paper-Based Integrated Diagnostic Chip for Nucleic Acid Detection of HIV from Blood
09/09/13 Microfluidics BPN611 Richard H. Henrikson, Frank B. Myers, Liyi Xu, Ivan K. Dimov Integrated Amplification and Readout for Multiplexed Biomarker Detection in a Rapid, Simple and Inexpensive Microfluidic System
09/09/13 Microfluidics BPN543 Richard H. Henrikson, John R. Waldeisen Modular Biomolecular Signal Amplification for Colorimetric Point-of-Care Diagnostics
08/16/13 Microfluidics BPN668 Debkishore Mitra Microfluidic Chemo-Sensitivity Assay Platform (µCAP) for Personalized Breast Cancer Therapy and Research
08/16/13 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN659 Chuan Wang, Kuniharu Takei, Toshitake Takahashi High Performance Flexible Integrated Circuits Using Carbon Nanotube Networks
08/16/13 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN629 Toshitake Takahashi, Kuniharu Takei, Chuan Wang Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Network Active Matrix Circuitry for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
08/16/13 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN469 Steven Chuang, Kuniharu Takei Ultra-Short Channel 1D-2D Compound Semiconductor on Insulator (XOI) FETs
08/16/13 Micropower BPN662 Gordon D. Hoople QES: Micro LHP Cooler - An In-Situ Hermetic Seal for High Heat Flux Microfluidic Devices
08/16/13 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN441 Chih-Ming Lin HEaTS: Temperature-Compensated & High-Q Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators
08/16/13 Microfluidics BPN627 Frank B. Myers Stencil Patterning Method Improves Uniformity of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Colonies
08/16/13 BioMEMS BPN512 Frank B. Myers Electrophysiological Cell Sorting
08/12/13 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN700 Nazanin Hoghooghi Generation of Low Phase Noise mm-Waves
08/12/13 Micropower BPN564 Sarah Wodin-Schwartz HEaTS: Harsh Environment MEMS for Downhole Geothermal Monitoring
08/12/13 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN490 E. Yegan Erdem QES: Microfluidic Reactors for Controlled Synthesis of Monodisperse Nanoparticles
08/12/13 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN656 Gerardo Jaramillo Airborne Particulate Monitoring Using a Micromechanical Electrometer
08/12/13 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN696 Kevin Weekly, Brittany Judoprasetijo Energy Monitoring for the Smart Building Using Low-Power Wireless Sensors
07/30/13 Micropower BPN519 Vedavalli G. Krishnan, Amrit Kashyap Harvesting Energy from Evaporation
02/20/13 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN630 Tristan O. Rocheleau, Thura Lin Naing Capacitive-Gap Micromechanical Local Oscillator At GHz Frequencies
02/06/13 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN692 Chi-cheng Fu, Inhee Choi, SoonGweon Hong DNA Sequencing by Graphene Nanopores with Integrated Plasmonic Nanoantennas
02/02/13 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN539 Gerardo Jaramillo, Andre Guedes Micromechanically-Enhanced Magnetoresistive Sensors
01/31/13 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN689 Sangyoon Han Hybrid Integration of III-V on Si/SiN Photonics Platform
01/31/13 BioMEMS BPN680 Vivek Rao, Benjamin Ross Solar Optics-based Active Panels (SOAP) for Photocatalytic Greywater Treatment: Design and Kinetics
01/31/13 Micropower BPN520 Travis L. Massey Miniaturized, Implantable Power Generator
01/31/13 Microfluidics BPN669 John R. Waldeisen, Debkishore Mitra, Erh-Chia Yeh Universal Blood Sample Preparation
01/30/13 Microfluidics BPN495 Timothy P. Brackbill QES: Continuous Flow Cell Lysometer
01/30/13 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN388 Ankur Mehta Micro Autonomous Air Vehicles
01/30/13 Microfluidics BPN620 Sho Takatori, Kathryn Fink Surface Topology Optimization for Directing Fluid Flow
01/30/13 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN681 Torleif Andre Tollefsen, Matthew Chan HEaTS: High Temperature Bonding Technology for SiC Devices - Au-Sn SLID
01/29/13 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN460 Tae Joon Seok Optical Antenna for Ultra-High Efficiency Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
01/25/13 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN533 Kuniharu Takei, Toshitake Takahashi, Chuan Wang Nanomaterial-Based Artificial Skin Sensor
01/25/13 BioMEMS BPN666 Mozziyar Etemadi Dynamic Fetal Airway Occlusion for Treatment of Congenital Pulmonary Hypoplasia
01/23/13 BioMEMS BPN538 Christopher E. Korman, Mischa Megens Lipid Membrane Biosensors
09/09/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN691 Wei-Yin (Wein) Chien, Chi-cheng Fu, Inhee Choi, Sang Hun Lee Nanoplasmonic Imaging of Specific Biochemical Data in Living Cells
08/17/12 BioMEMS BPN612 Simone Gambini High-Throughput CMOS Detector for Magnetic Immunoassays
08/17/12 Micropower BPN555 Mitchell H. Kline, Igor I. Izyumin Power Transfer Over a Capacitive Interface
08/17/12 Microfluidics BPN674 Ivan K. Dimov, Younggeun Park Integrated Microfluidic Array Plate (iMAP) for Cellular and Molecular Analysis
08/17/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN510 John M. Wyrwas High Linearity RF Photonic Links
08/16/12 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN570 Armon Mahajerin Large Area Semi-Permeable Encapsulation Membranes Using Carbon Nanotube Composites
08/16/12 BioMEMS BPN664 Daniel J. Cohen Blocks in Cells' Clothing: Mechanical Design of Tissues
08/16/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN636 Daniel J. Cohen Extremely Elastic Strain Gauges via Nanotube Percolation Poisson Capacitors
08/16/12 BioMEMS BPN484 Sisi Chen Effects of Cell Contact in Differentiation of Adult Neural Progenitor Cells
08/16/12 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN317 Jiyoung Chang, Michael Dommer Direct-Write Piezoelectric PVDF Nanogenerator via Near-Field Electrospinning
08/16/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN594 Sun Choi QES: Fast, High-Throughput Micro, Nanoparticle Printing with Tunable Resolution & Size
08/16/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN496 Gabriel J. Lavella Chemomechanical Nanomachine for Artificial Biomolecular Signal Transduction and Drug Delivery
08/16/12 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN624 Branko Kerkez, Fabien J. Chraim The Internet of Things: IPv6 for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks
08/16/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN554 Heather C. Chiamori TiO2 Nanoswords for Clean Energy Applications
08/16/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN457 Amit Lakhani Nanopatch Lasers
08/16/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN673 SoonGweon Hong Gold Virus Nanoparticle for Molecular Imaging
08/16/12 BioMEMS BPN475 Karl Skucha A CMOS Magnetic Sensor Chip for Biomedical Assay
08/15/12 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN542 Robert Schneider New Materials for MEMS Resonators
08/15/12 BioMEMS BPN403 Adrienne T. Higa Functional and Organized Cellular Substrates
08/15/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN667 Hui Fang, Kuniharu Takei Optical Absorption Study of 2-Dimensional III-Vs
08/14/12 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN369 Ernest Ting-Ta Yen HEaTS: AlN Narrowband RF Filters
08/14/12 Package, Process & Microassembly LWL20 Bao Quoc Ta, Quoc-Huy Nguyen, Heather Chiamori CMOS-Compatible Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes for Sensor Applications
08/14/12 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN477 Thomas Watteyne OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Sensor Networks
08/14/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN567 Rehan R. Kapadia, Kuniharu Takei, Hui Fang, Steven Chuang Compound Semiconductor on Insulator (XOI) FETs
08/14/12 Microfluidics BPN650 Chi-cheng Fu, Sahba Talebi Fard, Kyuwan Lee, SoonGweon Hong Nanopores Generated by Photothermal Plasmic Antennas for Patterable In Situ Transfection in Tissue-scale
08/13/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN598 Brendan W. Turner, Frank B. Myers Toward Silk-based Biomedical Devices
08/13/12 Physical Sensors & Devices APP96 Debbie Senesky HEaTS Sensors for Extreme Harsh Environments
08/12/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN487 Michael T. Demko QES: High-Resolution Direct Patterning of Nanoparticles and Polymers by a Template-Based Microfluidic Process
08/09/12 Microfluidics BPN633 John R. Waldeisen, Debkishore Mitra Numerical Simulation of Degas-driven Flow in Microfluidic Devices
08/09/12 Microfluidics BPN632 John R. Waldeisen, Debkishore Mitra, Jessie Tung, Seung-min Park Advanced Lateral Flow Assay (ALFA) to Monitor Tuberculosis Patient Response
02/24/12 BioMEMS BPN643 Eun Jung Kim Characterization of Growth and Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells on Precisely Defined Surface Microtopographies
02/08/12 Micropower BPN626 Uyen P. Do Glucose Energy Harvester for Self-Powering of Remote Distributed Bioanalytical Microsystems
02/07/12 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN641 Junghyo Nah InAs XOI Gas Sensor
02/06/12 Microfluidics BPN637 Erh-Chia Yeh Novel Molecular Diagnostics Based on RNAi for HIV Detection
02/06/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN640 Min Hyung Lee p-InP nanopillars for highly efficient water splitting
02/06/12 Micropower BPN639 Son Duy Nguyen, Igor Paprotny Fabrication of Nonlinear Wideband MEMS Energy Harvester with Vertical Sidewall Electrets
02/06/12 Micropower BPN646 Igor Paprotny International Research Collaboration: BSAC and IMST at Vestfold University College
02/06/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN580 Seung-min Park, Soongweon Hong Nanovolcano Array For Biomolecular Analysis
02/06/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN600 Benjamin M. Ross Nanogap Junction Control of Gold Optical Antennas via Electroless Deposition
02/06/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN635 Maxwell Zheng Structured Substrates for Enhancing the Water-Splitting Efficiency of Earth Abundant Materials
02/06/12 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN613 Turker Beyazoglu, Henry Barrow High-Order UHF Micromechanical Filters
02/06/12 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN537 Brian Yoxall, Mei-Lin Chan Liquid Bearing Micromotors
02/06/12 BioMEMS BPN545 Amol Jadhav Brain Machine Interfaces for Insect Flight Control
02/06/12 BioMEMS BPN451 Hirotaka Sato, Travis L. Massey A Cyborg Beetle: Insect Flight Control by a Neural Stimulator
02/05/12 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN607 Brian Pepin Long-Term Stability in MEMS-Based Oscillators
02/04/12 Micropower BPN396 Navdeep S. Dhillon QES: microLHP Chip Cooling System - Columnated Wick and Device Design
02/03/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN647 Hui Fang, Steven Chuang, Kuniharu Takei Ultra-Thin Body, Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide XOI FETs
02/01/12 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN474 Qin Zhou Micro CVD for Nanostructure Synthesis
02/01/12 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN481 Gabriele Vigevani HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Technology for Inertial Sensors
02/01/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN547 SoonGweon Hong, Eric P. Lee, Brendan W. Turner Eagle-Beak Nanoantenna as Dual Electric Field and Thermal Gradient Generator for Single Molecule SERS
02/01/12 Microfluidics BPN589 Qiong Pan, SoonGweon Hong Microfluidic High-Throughput Single-Cell Analysis
02/01/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN493 Anthony M. Yeh, Karen E. Grutter Ultra-Low-Loss Hollow-Core Waveguides for Integrated Photonic Delay
01/31/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN578 Myung-Ki Kim III-V / Silicon Photonic Integration
01/30/12 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN631 Niels Quack, Jeffrey Chou MEMS Lens Scanner
01/26/12 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN582 Kamran Shavezipur, Jamie Young HEaTS: Structurally Multifunctional Actuation and Readout Techniques for MEMS (SMART MEMS)
01/18/12 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN605 David G. Bonner Thin Film MEMS Pressure Sensor for Detection of Pressure Fluctuations in a Rat Brain due to Blast Injury
01/18/12 Microfluidics BPN529 Debkishore Mitra, Tiffany Chen Sepsis Diagnostics Using iMDs
08/30/11 Microfluidics BPN619 Young Geun Park Digital Microfluidics Based Label-free Technique for Selective and Sensitive Detection and Identification of Biological Molecules; Plasmonic Droplet
08/30/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN513 Young Geun Park Direct Synthesis of High Density Mono-Dispersed Gold Nano Particle and Biomedical Applications
08/19/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN470 Richard Y. Su Low Power All-Digital Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Network
08/19/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN549 Richard Winslow Laser-Based Synthesis of Nanostructures
08/19/11 Microfluidics BPN615 Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh Integrated Microfluidic CMOS (imCMOS) for Quantitative Cell Biology
08/19/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN465 Kee Cho, Onur Ergen, Rehan Kapadia Conformal Ultra-shallow Junction Formation for 3-D Structured InP Nanopillar Solar Cell
08/19/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN579 Cary Pint Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Anti-Reflective Templates for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Solar-to-Fuel Conversion
08/19/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN358 Li-Wen Hung Micromechanical Transmit Filter
08/19/11 Microfluidics BPN591 Justin Valley A Unified Platform for Optoelectrowetting and Optoelectronic Tweezers
08/19/11 Microfluidics BPN333 Hsan-yin (Tony) Hsu Study of Single Cell Heterogeneity and Progeny with Phototransistor-based Optoelectronic Tweezers
08/19/11 Microfluidics BPN334 Arash Jamshidi Light-actuated Electrokinetics for Biomolecular Analysis
08/19/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN507 Jackie Jinyong Oh, Avinash Nayak Ultra-low Voltage Field Ionization of Gases in Vacuum and Atmospheric Pressure Based on Semiconductor Nanotips
08/18/11 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN569 Jae Young Lee Beta-Amyloid-Induced Membrane Perturbation and Cation Dyshomeostasis in Neurons and Relation to Alzheimer's Disease
08/18/11 BioMEMS BPN326 Maral Gharib Development of a Microstimulator Implant for Neuromuscular Disease
08/18/11 Microfluidics BPN486 Tyson N. Kim Enhancing Shear-Mediated Arteriogenesis in Cerebral Vessels
08/18/11 Micropower BPN393 Christopher W. Hogue QES: µC-LHP Chip Cooling System - Evaporative Heat Transfer Wick and Fractal Transport Network
08/18/11 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN362 Yingqi Jiang MEMS Supercapacitor
08/18/11 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN604 Igor I. Izyumin Readout Circuits for AlN Resonant Sensors
08/18/11 BioMEMS BPN602 Pauline J. Chang Ion Channel Sensors Based on Mesoporous Silica Films
08/18/11 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN593 Zhaoyi Kang Design and Modeling of Liquid Bearing Electrostatic Micromotor
08/18/11 Microfluidics BPN617 Chi-cheng Fu, Erh-Chia Yeh Optofluidic Controls and Multi-Photon Real-Time Imaging of Cell Reprogramming
08/18/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN504 Patrick Goodwill, Laura Croft, Justin Konkle, Kuan Lu, Arbi Tamrazian, Bo Zheng Magnetic Particle Imaging of Superparmagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
08/18/11 Micropower BPN444 Ya-Mei Chen HEaTS: A MEMS Piezoelectric Supercritical Carbon-Dioxide Valve
08/18/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN461 Ha sul Kim Low Energy Electronics
08/18/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN577 Hui Fang, Steven Chuang, Kuniharu Takei, and Ali Javey Ultra-Thin Body, Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide XOI FETs
08/18/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN528 Maxwell Zheng, Kuniharu Takei, Steven Chuang Graphene Synthesis
08/18/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN581 Onur Ergen, Daniel J. Ruebusch, Hui Fang Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Nanopillar Arrays by Template-Assisted Vapor-Liquid-Solid Process
08/17/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN597 Neel K. Shah, Mozziyar Etemadi, Rishi Kant QES: Design and Optimization of Passive Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensors
08/17/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN583 Min Hyung Lee Development of Functional Nanowire Devices
08/17/11 Microfluidics BPN618 Erh-Chia Yeh, Chi-Cheng Fu Reprogramming Cells on a Chip
08/16/11 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN590 Nuo Zhang QES: MEMS Polymer Infrared Sensor Array
08/16/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN610 Daniel J. Cohen Measuring Contractile Force in Engineered Muscle via Percolation Strain Gauges
08/16/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN462 Xiaobo Zhang, Bryan Schubert Programmable Matter
08/16/11 BioMEMS BPN568 John R. Waldeisen A Real-time PCR Antibiogram for Drug-resistant Septicemia
08/16/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN531 Toshitake Takahashi, Kuniharu Takei Gigahertz Operation of Flexible Transistors Using InAs Nanomaterial Arrays
08/05/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN572 Andrew Tinka, Kevin Weekly, Thomas Watteyne Decentralized TSCH Scheduling for a Floating Wireless Sensor Network
02/04/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN576 Alex Sun, James Peng, Edmund Ye, Thomas Watteyne Off-the-Shelf Sensors for Wireless Smart Home Applications
02/03/11 Microfluidics BPN587 Chi-cheng Fu, Erh-Chia Yeh Nuclear Reprogramming by Microslits Confined Cytoplasm Fusion
02/03/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN588 Morten Madsen, Kuniharu Takei, Hui Fang Direct Bonding of Ultra-Thin InAs on SiO2 for High Performance Transistors
02/03/11 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN536 Eric Lee, SoonGweon Hong, Brendan Turner Absorptive h-PDMS Plasmonic Nanopillars: A Replicable Substrate for Generating High SERS Signals by Chemical Concentration
02/03/11 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN601 Hui Fang, Morten Madsen, Kuniharu Takei, Ha Sul Kim Strain Engineering of Epitaxially Transferred, Ultrathin Layers of III-V Semiconductor on Insulator
02/03/11 Microfluidics BPN585 Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh, Erh-Chia Yeh, Chi-cheng Fu High Efficiency Transfection of Cell Reprogramming Factors Using µF-TFT Electroporation Array
02/02/11 Micropower BPN364 Ryan Xie MEMS Power: Flame Ionization
02/02/11 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN472 Erwin K. Lau Nanoplasmonic Light Emitting Devices for Ultra-Fast Modulation
02/02/11 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN563 Erwin K. Lau LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) with MEMS
02/02/11 Microfluidics BPN553 Daniel J. Cohen Interactive Materials for Biofabrication
02/01/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN541 Brian Pepin High-Voltage MEMS Resonators
02/01/11 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN508 Brendan W. Turner Carbon Nanotubes as Scaffolding for Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
02/01/11 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN523 Benjamin M. Ross, Liz Y. Wu Bio-Inspired Manipulation of Nanoplasmonic Architectures via Active Polymers
02/01/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN592 Dr. Anita Flynn, Dr. Thomas Watteyne, Leo Keselman Workshop: Hands-On Intro to Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networking
01/26/11 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN427 Koo Hyun Nam, Jiyoung Chang Hermetic Bonding for Optical Feed-through
01/26/11 BioMEMS BPN557 Jiyoung Chang MEMS-Based Biological Platform for Cell-to-Cell Interaction Characterization
01/19/11 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN560 Fabien Chraim, Thomas Watteyne Video Over Wireless Sensor Networks: From Camera to Smartphone
01/13/11 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN410 Matthew Wasilik Endeavor AT Aluminum Nitride Deposition Process Characterization
01/03/11 BioMEMS BPN442 Sun Choi MEMS Poly/Nano: Multifunctional Nanowire Sensor for Physiological pH and Oxygen Sensing
08/14/10 Microfluidics BPN374 Justin Valley Optoelectronic Tweezers (OET), Dielectrophoresis (DEP), Embryo
08/13/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN366 Benjamin Cheng SiC TAPS: Pressure Sensor Design and Optimization
08/12/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN397 Jeffrey B. Chou, K. Yu Electrothermally-Actuated Free-Space Board-To-Board Optical Interconnect With Zero Power Hold
08/12/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN421 Yida Duan Pipelined ADC Utilizing Passive Inter-stage Gain
08/12/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN535 Nuo Zhang MEMS Poly/Nano: Nano-Particulate Composite Materials for Energy and Sensing Applications
08/12/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN418 Clinton G. Warren MEMS Poly/Nano: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
08/12/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN511 Yolanda Y. Zhang, Eric P. Lee Selective Delivery of anti-Akt siRNA via Frequency-Tuned Nanoparticles for the Study of Angiogenesis
08/12/10 BioMEMS BPN319 Hansang Cho, Charlie Yeh Quantitative Study on Cancer Research: Aptasensor for Cancer Diagnostics
08/11/10 Micropower BPN404 Erika Parra Biomass Powered Energy Harvester
08/11/10 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN315 Brian D. Sosnowchik Rapid Synthesis of Nanostructures via Induction Heating
08/11/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN357 Matthew J. Thompson Parametrically-Amplified MEMS Magnetometer
08/11/10 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN402 Chen Yang, Bin Zhang, Ryan Sochol MiNaSIP 2.C.2: Zero-Stress MEMS Packaging
08/11/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN548 Asif Riaz, Young-Geun Park, Eric P. Lee, SoonGweon Hong, Yeonho Choi Selective Amplification of Raman Scatterings using Optical Nano-Antennas
08/11/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN527 Daniel J. Ruebusch, Rehan R. Kapadia, Zhiyong Fan, Xiaobo Zhang Materials Development for Nanopillar Array Photovoltaics
08/11/10 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN491 David R. Myers SiC TAPS: Ion Beam Deposited SiC for MEMS Encapsulation
08/11/10 BioMEMS BPN328 Eunice Somin Lee Remote Nanoplasmonic Switch for Localized Gene Silencing
08/10/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN521 Peter Ledochowitsch Passive Wireless Transducers for a Distributed High Density Neural Interface
08/10/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN437 Jesse Richmond A Low-Power Receiver Employing RF Channel-Selection
08/10/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN532 Hui Fang, Kuniharu Takei, Johnny Ho Sub-5 nm-wide Junction Formation by Monolayer Doping
08/10/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN551 Joanne C. Lo Large, Ordered 3D Nanocup Arrays for Plasmonic Applications
08/09/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN526 Rehan R. Kapadia, Zhiyong Fan, Daniel Ruebusch Semiconducting Nanopillars for Photodiodes
08/09/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN525 Rehan Kapadia Hybrid Core-Multishell Nanowire Forests for Electrical Connector Applications
08/09/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN419 Brian Yoxall Board-to-Board Optical Interconnect: Lens Alignment System Incorporating Ultrasonic Stepper Motors
08/09/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN559 Nahir Sarmicanic, Thomas Watteyne Interfacing Smart Phones with Low Power Wireless Devices
08/09/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN524 Samuel B. Zats Wireless Sensor Network Scalability and Deployment in Industrial Automation
08/09/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN479 Travis Massey Protocol-Agnostic Compression in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (PACMAN)
08/09/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN558 Boyang Zhang, Thomas Watteyne 16-Channel IEEE802.15.4 Packet Sniffer
08/04/10 Micropower BPN420 Sarah Wodin-Schwartz MEMS Power: Silicon Carbide In-Cylinder Sensor Testing
08/04/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN556 Xiaobo Zhang, Kuniharu Takei NiO-Based LED Fabrication
08/03/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN514 John R. Waldeisen, Benjamin M. Ross The Disassembly of a Core-Satellite Nanoassembled Substrate for Colorimetric Biomolecular Detection
07/29/10 BioMEMS BPN320 Jim C. Cheng MEMS Poly/Nano: Biomimetic, Polymeric Transistor-based Biosensor Technology
07/27/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN482 Bakhshinder Nijjar, Varun Boriah Micro-Digital Particle Image Velocimetry Using LED Illumination
07/27/10 Micropower BPN439 Chris McCoy MEMS Power: Fuel Flexible Engine Design for Optimal Combustion
07/26/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN561 Anita Flynn Sensors and Capability Modeling for Palm-Sized Flying Robots
04/02/10 Microfluidics BPN345 David N. Breslauer Biomimetic Microfluidic Silk Gland
02/04/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN386 Karl Skucha CMOS-Integrated Nanowire-Based Molecular and Gas Sensors
02/04/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN379 Yeonho Choi PRET-based Molecular Imaging on Integrated Optofluidic Nanoplasmonic Platform
02/04/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN380 Yeonho Choi Plasmon Resonance Energy Transfer (PRET)-based Nanospectroscopic Metal Ion Detection
02/04/10 BioMEMS BPN428 Jui-Ming (Ryan) Yang Thermal Imaging of Single Living Cells
02/04/10 BioMEMS BEB17 Octavian Florescu Fully Integrated Immunosensor
02/04/10 Microfluidics BPN488 Cullen R Buie, Erika Parra Dielectrophoretic Manipulation of Bacteria for Energy and Biological Applications
02/03/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN522 Joanne C. Lo Formation of Optical Nanostructures Using Diblock Copolymers
02/03/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN503 Nuo Zhang MEMS Poly/Nano: Compact, Organic RRAM for Transparent and Flexible Electronic Application
02/03/10 BioMEMS BPN500 Daniel Cohen Inkjet Interfaces for Controlling Biological Pattern Formation
02/03/10 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN361 Jiyoung Chang MiNaSIP 2.C.1: MEMS Packaging Beyond Glass Frit
02/03/10 BioMEMS BPN450 Jaehyun Park A Microsystem for Sensing and Patterning Oxidative Microgradients During Cell Culture
02/03/10 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN356 Veljko Milanovic MEMS Microfabrication and Research Services at the Adriatic Research Institute
02/03/10 Micropower APP97 Jonathan Rheaume MEMS Power: Solid State Electrochemical Sensors for Gas Analysis
02/02/10 BioMEMS BPN395 Won Chul Lee MEMS Poly/Nano: Micro Flow Lysometer for Single-cell Analysis
02/02/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN516 Liz Y. Wu, Benjamin M. Ross Sensing Biomolecules through Crescent-Shaped Nanoholes
02/02/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN515 Eric P. Lee, YoungGeun Park, Yeonho Choi, SoonGweon Hong Nanoplasmonic Antenna on Hexagonal Mirror Array for SERS
02/02/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN483 Mitchell H. Kline, Igor I. Izyumin High Z Materials for Nuclear Detection
01/30/10 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN447 SoonGweon Hong, Yeonho Choi BioMolecular Plasmonics of 'Nanocrown'
01/29/10 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN432 Bongsang Kim Micromechanical Resonant Displacement Gain Stages
01/29/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN546 Thura Lin Naing Fully-Integrated Cell Phone Reference Oscillator
01/29/10 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN351 Gerardo Jaramillo MEMS-Based Magnetic Probe Microscopy
01/29/10 BioMEMS DAH5 Mei-Lin Chan Bioassay Based on Magnetic Recording Technology
01/28/10 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN431 Ilya Gurin Levitated Micromechanical Resonators
01/25/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN464 Toshitake Takahashi, Kuniharu Takei, Zhiyong Fan, Johnny C. Ho, Alexandra L. Ford Wafer-scale Heterogeneous Assembly of Highly Ordered Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays by Contact Printing
01/25/10 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN501 Toshitake Takahashi, Kuniharu Takei, Johnny C. Ho, Zhiyong Fan Patterned Contact Printing with Monolayer for Aligned Nanowire Arrays
08/20/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging DAH3 Hyunkyu Park Single-Crystal PMN Bimorph Deformable Mirrors
08/19/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN367 Gabriele Vigevani AlN Piezo:Aluminum Nitride Piezo Thermoelastic Damping (MiNaSIP)
08/18/09 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN382 Peter C. Yang 2D Individually-Addressable Nanowire Arrays
08/12/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN506 Samuel Zats, Steven Lanzisera Wireless Physician Tracking
08/12/09 Microfluidics BPN494 Daniel Cohen Micro, Tunable, Check Valves for Surgical Applications
08/12/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN321 Logeeswaran Veerayah Jayaraman Realization of 3D Isotropic Negative-Index-Material (NIM) using Microfabrication Technology
08/12/09 Micropower BPN440 John Reville MEMS Power: Fuel Flexible Engine Heat and Energy Characterization
08/11/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN471 Benjamin Ross, Jason Silver Nanogap Plasmonic Mirror Structure for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy
08/11/09 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN463 Johnny C. Ho Controlled Nanoscale Doping of Semiconductors via Molecular Monolayers
08/11/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN422 Christopher E. Korman Nanophotonic Supported Lipid Bilayers
08/11/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust LWL25 Mike Fuh Plastic 3-D W-band Antenna array
08/11/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN405 Yang Lin Manufacturing Repeatability of the Frequency and Q of Capacitive Micromechanical Disk Resonators
08/11/09 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN399 Steven Neale Parallel Assembly of Nanowires using Lateral Optoelectronic Tweezers (LOET)
08/11/09 BioMEMS BPN509 Adrian M.E. Sprenger Plasmonic Transfection With Single Cell Resolution
08/11/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN489 Cubukcu Ertugrul Aluminum Plasmonic Nanoantennas for Label-free Protein Detection
08/11/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN423 Ming-Chun (Jason) Tien, Kyoungsik Yu Heterogeneous integration of microdisk laser on a silicon platform using lateral-field OET assembly
08/11/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP28 Steven Lanzisera Location Estimation Using RF Time of Flight
08/11/09 Micropower BPN497 Michael S Sheppy MEMS Power: Design and Characterization of a MEMS Piezoelectric Bi-Chevron Actuator
08/11/09 BioMEMS BPN478 Taesung Kim Synthetic Microbial Pattern Formation Modulated by a Chemical Micro-interface
08/11/09 Microfluidics BPN452 Tushar Bansal Patterned Delivery and Expression of Gene Constructs into Zebrafish Embryos using Microfabricated Interfaces
08/10/09 NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices BPN492 Eric Lee, SoonGweon Hong Integrated Microfactory for Nanostructure Synthesis
08/07/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN436 Ilya Gurin Limits to Micromechanical Resonator Performance
08/06/09 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN429 Liz Y. Wu, SoonGweon Hong Plasmonic Nanocrescent Array for Ultrasensitive Biomoleculer Detection
07/22/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN459 John Wyrwas, Erwin K. Lau High Frequency Optoelectronic Oscillators (OEO)
02/04/09 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN414 Zachary Lee Disposable Microsyringe for Single Dose Vaccine Delivery
02/04/09 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN329 Armon Mahajerin, Woon-Kyung (Kevin) Choi Micro Magnetic Shielded Packaging
02/03/09 BioMEMS BPN476 John R. Waldeisen, Benjamin M. Ross Integrated Plasmonic Optical Trapping (iPOT)
02/03/09 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN467 Stefon Shelton, Hongsoo Choi Aluminum Nitride Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Sensor
02/03/09 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN330 Jui-Ming (Ryan) Yang Non-magnetic Micro Heater
02/03/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN385 Marcelo B. Pisani MiNaSIP 2.B.1: Piezoelectric/Electrode/Ambient Interaction in Contour-Mode Resonators
02/03/09 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN446 Jan H. Kuypers AlN Piezo: Monolithic Acoustic RF MEMS Modules
02/03/09 Microfluidics BPN343 Thomas H. Cauley III MEMS Biopolymer: Surface Electrophoresis with Functionalized Bilayer Lipid Membranes for Sample Preparation
01/30/09 Microfluidics BPN445 Lisen Wang, Amy Wu, Paul Liu, Octavian Florescu Lab-on-a-Chip with Integrated CMOS Detection for Complex Assays
01/30/09 BioMEMS BPN407 Amy Wu, Lisen Wang Modular-Based Integration of CMOS Chip with Microfluidics for Immunosensing
01/28/09 Microfluidics MCW2 Aaron T. Ohta Direct Image-Actuated Optoelectronic Tweezers
01/28/09 BioMEMS BPN417 Sisi Chen Spatially Targeted Microfluidic Stimulation for Quantitative Gap Junction Analysis
01/27/09 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN372 David Myers SiC TAPS: Strain Gauge System Design
09/03/08 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN352 SangHoon Lee Micro/Nano Fluidic Interconnector
08/14/08 BioMEMS BPN430 Liz Y. Wu,Yeonho Choi In-vivo Cellular Mapping of Biological Activity by Quantized Plasmon Quenching Dips Nanospectroscopy
08/13/08 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN415 Travis Massey Localization of Footsteps through Ground Vibrations
08/13/08 BioMEMS BPN355 J. Tanner Nevill Microfluidic Cell Analysis Platform: On Chip Cell Culture and Electrochemical Lysis
08/13/08 BioMEMS BPN340 J. Tanner Nevill, Daniele Malleo Single cell differential impedance spectroscopy analysis using high density hydrodynamic cell trapping arrays
08/12/08 BioMEMS BPN449 Benjamin Ross Plasmon Engineering the Nanocrescent
08/12/08 Physical Sensors & Devices APP78 Babak Jamshidi SiC TAPS: Capacitive Sensors Design and Fabrication
08/12/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN337 Hyuck Choo, Rishi Kant, David Garmire Fast, MEMS-Based Phase-Shifting Interferometer
08/11/08 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN443 Aaron M. Katzenmeyer Ultra-smooth conducting parallel plates with nanoscale separation for single molecule sensing and investigation of Casimir force
08/11/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN375 Erwin K. Lau
08/04/08 CAD KSJP27/JD Corie L. Cobb MEMS Design Synthesis and Optimization
07/31/08 BioMEMS BPN350 Benjamin Ku A Ferrofluid Immunoassay Based on Magnetic Field-Induced Birefringence
07/31/08 Microfluidics BPN301 Avinash Kane Passive Microfluidic Mixers for Protein Folding Studies
07/30/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN308 SangHoon Lee, Chieh Chang Plastically Self-Aligned Micromirrors
07/30/08 Micropower BPN426 Armon Mahajerin Flat Micro Heat Pipes for Cooling Applications
07/30/08 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN307 Yingqi Jiang CMOS Integrated Nanowires/Nanotubes (CMOS-Inn)
07/30/08 Microfluidics BPN398 Hsan-Yin (Tony) Hsu,Yir-Shyuan Liz Wu Single Cell Electroporation Array with OET/PDMS Integration
07/30/08 Microfluidics BPN406 Jeffrey D. Winterton Microfluidic reactor for production of semiconductor nanocrystals
07/30/08 Micropower APP92 Sang-Won Park MEMS Fuel Flow Control Valve with a Magneto-Static Linear Actuator
07/30/08 BioMEMS BPN363 Supone Manakasettharn MEMS Biopolymer: RF-Interrogated Biosensor MIB:Hydrogel Formulation
07/30/08 BioMEMS APP81 Inkyu Park MEMS Biopolymer: Silicon Nanowire-Based Biochemical Sensors
07/30/08 Microfluidics BPN391 Nicola M. Fung MEMS Power: Thermo-Fluidic Nanoparticle Reactor
07/30/08 Micropower BPN453 Andrew Cardes MEMS Power: Fuel Flexible Engine for Portable Power Generation
07/30/08 Micropower APP90 Eri Takahashi MEMS Electro-magnetic Valve-Process Development
07/30/08 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN425 Mona Jarrahi Aluminum Nitride-Based Actuators for Tunable Terahertz Electronics
07/30/08 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN368 Yun-Ju (Matilda) Lai AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride Wideband RF Filters
07/30/08 Package, Process & Microassembly APP79 Emil J. Geiger MEMS Biopolymer: Micro Plastic Injection Molded Fluidic Chip with Thermally Actuated Hydrogel Valves
02/15/08 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN373 Andrew Cardes AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride CMOS-Integrated Accelerometer (MiNaSIP)
02/07/08 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN416 Jan Kuypers AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride RF Filters
01/29/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN332 Chenlu Hou Monolithic micromirror array for single-chip MEMS-based dense wavelength division multiplexed (DWDM) crossconnect
01/29/08 Physical Sensors & Devices DL13 Mansoor Nasir Multidirectional Force and Torque Sensor for Insect Flight Research
01/29/08 Microfluidics BPN401 Peter F.White Microjets for Single Cell Injections
01/29/08 Microfluidics BPN400 Nathan Emley PZT-Actuated Flexure-Mode Membranes for Nanoscale Droplet Generation
01/29/08 BioMEMS BPN408 Wesley Chang Microscale Surgical Repair of Nerves
01/29/08 CAD KSJP30/JD David Garmire, Hyuck Choo Electrometrology with MEMS
01/29/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging LWL26 Lei Luo Nano Photodetectors
01/29/08 Microfluidics BPN344 Sharon Hsu Microfluidic Platform for Quantitative Microcirculation Studies in Sickle Cell Disease
01/29/08 Microfluidics BPN384 Adrian Lau Single-cell Analysis via Raman Spectroscopy
01/29/08 BioMEMS BPN312 Christy Trinkle High Precision Kinematic Assembly of Soft-State Biofluidic ASICs
01/28/08 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB22 Chinwuba D. Ezekwe A Sub-mW Mode Matching Sigma-Delta Vibratory Gyroscope Readout Circuit with a 0.004 deg/sec/rtHz Noise Floor over a 50Hz Band
01/28/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging DAH2 Jack L. Skinner A MEMS Optical Modulator and Filter
01/28/08 Physical Sensors & Devices KSJP4 Sarah Bergbreiter Microrobots
01/28/08 Package, Process & Microassembly RM7/RTH Christopher S. Roper Dedicated SiC MEMS LPCVD Reactor for Access through the DARPA MEMS Exchange Program
01/28/08 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN303 Michael T. Mueller MEMS Biopolymer: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
01/28/08 BioMEMS APP93 Sebastien Payen MEMS Biopolymer: RF-Interrogated Biosensor (MIB): Sensor Design
01/25/08 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN370 Ya-Mei Chen MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and FEM
01/25/08 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN365 Chris McCoy MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and Fabrication
01/23/08 Microfluidics BPN409 Liz Wu Long-term Cytotoxic Drug Assay via Single-Cell Microfluidic Array
01/23/08 Package, Process & Microassembly APP80 Julian Lippmann Micro Plastic Injection Molding: Microneedle Molding
01/23/08 Microfluidics BPN323 Julian Lippmann MEMS Biopolymer: Bubble Time-of-Flight Flow Sensor
01/23/08 Microfluidics BPN412 Dukhyun Choi Signal Amplifications of SERS by Microfluidic CD-based Preconcentration Methods
01/22/08 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN349 Ming-Chun (Jason) Tien MEMS Tunable Micro-optical Resonator
01/08/08 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN411 Donovan Lee Tribology Test Chip for Contacting NEMS design
08/28/07 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN387 Zachary Lee Modeling of Temperature Effects on Piezoresistor Sensitivity
08/16/07 Package, Process & Microassembly BSAC5 Matthew Wasilik VUV Lamp Assembly for Wafer Scale Surface Modification
08/15/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN376 Hyuk-Kee Sung, Erwin K. Lau High frequency optoelectronic oscillator (OEO) by optical injection locking
08/14/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN390 George Chao-chih Hsu Fluid microlens for MEMS
08/14/07 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN389 Matt Chan SiC TAPS: Characterization of Silicon Carbide Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Films
08/14/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust NT19 Fabian Strong MEMS Microswitch for High-Voltage Applications
08/14/07 BioMEMS NT12 Daniel McCormick Minimally Invasive MEMS Based Optical Coherence Tomography for in-vivo Imaging
08/14/07 Physical Sensors & Devices APP56/OO Bayram Orazov Thermally-induced residual stresses in MEMS sensors
08/14/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RTH45 Peter Chen, Donovan Lee Synchronization and interaction of MEMS oscillators
08/13/07 Microfluidics BPN360 Liz Wu Biomimetic Microfluidic Assembly of Spheroids and Dynamic Perfusion for Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
08/07/07 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN306 Debbie G. Jones SiC TAPS: Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Encapsulation
07/30/07 Package, Process & Microassembly RTH42 Noel Arellano Nanowire-Coupled Resonators
07/29/07 Microfluidics DL5 Shelly Gulati DNA Transport in Microfluidic Systems
07/28/07 Package, Process & Microassembly LWL24 Brian D. Sosnowchik, Ko-Min Liao Rapid Bonding of MEMS Strain Gauge to Steel
07/27/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM36 Blake Lin Selectively Addressed MEMS Digital-Mirror Arrays for Adaptive Optics
07/26/07 Package, Process & Microassembly RM5/RTH Jingchun Zhang, Carlo Carraro Silicon carbide process development and characterization for harsh-environment sensors
07/25/07 Micropower BPN339 Erika Parra Solid Propellant Micro-Thruster
07/25/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN347 Subramaniam Venkatraman Smart Flea
07/25/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP31 Benjamin Cook 3nJ/bit 2.4GHz CMOS RF Transceiver
07/25/07 BioMEMS BPN378 Mimi Zhang High-Density Spheroid Arrays for 3-D Liver Cell Culture and Secretion Analysis
07/24/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW9 Sagi Mathai, Joanna Lai, Xin Sun Tunable SOI Microring Optical Modulator
07/24/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW4 Jin Yao MEMS-Actuated Tunable Optical Microtoroidal Resonators
07/24/07 Physical Sensors & Devices APP83 Anand Jog, David Myers MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel - Miniaturization of Transduction Circuits
02/20/07 Microfluidics BPN381 Hansang Cho SERS Signal Amplification by Optofluidic Photothermal Sample Preconcentration
02/20/07 BioMEMS LPL31 Poorya Sabounchi Soft-state Biomicrofluidic Pulse Generator for Single Cell Analysis
02/02/07 Microfluidics BPN377 Yolanda Zhang, Hansang Cho Quantitative Cell Adhesion Study for High Throughput Cancer Cells Screening using a Centrifugal Microfluidic CD Platform
02/02/07 BioMEMS LWL16 Sha Li On-Chip DNA Transformation by Local Heat Shock and Cell Cryopreservation
02/02/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW8 Ki-Hun Jeong, Jingyi Chen, Jongbaeg Kim MEMS Endoscopic Lens-Based Optical Coherence Tomography
02/02/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN353 Tommy Fujii, Dan McCormick Integration of MEMS switches and RF passive components
01/29/07 Micropower BPN341 YiinKuen Fuh Plastic Energy Harvester
01/29/07 Microfluidics RMW28 Justin Black Portable Monitor for Airborne Particles
01/26/07 Package, Process & Microassembly APP77 Robert G. Azevedo MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Elastic Encapsulation
01/26/07 Microfluidics BPN325 Peter White Microfluidic Device for Measuring Endothelial Permeability
01/26/07 BioMEMS BPN313 Yolanda Zhang Biologic Application Specific Integrated Circuits (BASICs) for the Selective Amplification of Cancer Cells and Harvesting Cancer Biomarkers
01/25/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN336 David Leuenberger, Jin Yao Tunable microdisk filters for DWDM optical network applications
01/25/07 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW7 Chao-Hsi Josh Chi Single-Chip MEMS-Based Optical Crossconnect
01/25/07 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN371 Navdeep Dhillon SiC TAPS:Pressure Sensor Design for Harsh Environments
01/24/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RTH29 Hei Kam Lateral-Mode NEMS Resonators Using Internal Electrostatic Transduction
01/24/07 Package, Process & Microassembly RTH35 Carrie Low Novel SiGe Processes for Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Resonators
01/24/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust APP58 Carolyn White Nano-Gap Piezoelectric Resonators for RF Mechanical Magnetic Field Generation
01/24/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust APP66 Andrew S. Cardes, Philip J. Stephanou Piezoelectric MEMS for Resonator Applications
01/24/07 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN346 Ya-Mei Chen TFT Modeling for Single Transistor Sensors
01/24/07 Micropower APP95 Josh Heppner ARCTIC: A Rotary Compressor Thermally Insulated microCooler
01/23/07 Physical Sensors & Devices NT25 Qingquan Liu VLSI MEMS Switch
01/23/07 Physical Sensors & Devices DAH4 Bill Allan Strain Sensors for Wind Turbines
01/23/07 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN348 Ryan Xie, David Doolin, Valerie Zimmer, Michelle Ma Subterranean Wireless Sensor Network
08/25/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS BPN342 Liz Yir-shyuan Wu Cell trapping array for cell-cell communication research
08/02/06 CAD RTH46/JD David Bindel, Emmanuel Quevy, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Wei He MEMS Resonator Simulation
08/02/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS RTH/JDK3 Frank J. Zendejas Diatom-Inspired Microfluidic Generation of Tunable Emulsions for Macroporous Silica
08/02/06 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust NT18 Qingquan Liu MEMS RF Switch with Liquid Gallium Contacts
08/02/06 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN318 Marie-Ange Eyoum, David Garmire SiGe Processing for the Fabrication of a Floating Electromechanical System (FLEMS) Gyroscope
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS BPN322 David N. Breslauer, J. Tanner Nevill Microfluidic Multiplexed Cytokine Secretion Assay
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL37 Gang L. Liu, Joseph C. Doll Nanoplasmonic Genomics/Proteomics Chip
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS BPN302 Jaeyoun Kim, Gang L. Liu, Yu Lu Unconventional nanoplasmonic structures for photothermal applications
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL23 J. Tanner Nevill, Dino Di Carlo, Daniele Malleo, Jeonggi Seo, and Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti Nanogap Junction Capacitors For Biomolecular Detection
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL42 Gang L. Liu and Jaeyoun Kim Multifunctional Nano-Crescent Probes for Molecular Imaging of Intracellular Signaling Pathway
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL5 Dino Di Carlo Microfluidic Cellular Manipulation - Single cell trapping arrays for quantitiative cell biology
08/01/06 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB19 Dimitrios Katsis Low-Power High-Performance Analog-to-Digital Converters
08/01/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS BPN327 Kathleen Fischer Plastic Microsyringe
07/31/06 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN309 SangHoon LEE SAM for MEMS Packaging/Fuel Cell Applications
07/30/06 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM33 Hyuck Choo MEMS Microlenses and Lenslets: Their Application to Shack-Hartmann Sensors
07/30/06 Package, Process & Microassembly KSJP33 Subramaniam Venkatraman Silicon on Insulator Microassembly
07/30/06 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging APP89 Benjamin Cheng, Mike Huang Monolithic Piezoelectrically-Actuated MEMS Tunable VCSEL
07/30/06 Micropower APP98 Christopher Hogue Thermal Analysis and Design of ARCTIC Cryo Cooler
07/30/06 Micropower APP45 Brenda Haendler MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Engine Fluid Management System
07/30/06 Micropower APP67/CFP Bennett Sprague Ignition at the Microscale for Miniaturized Internal Combustion Engines
07/30/06 Micropower CFP1 Andrew Cardes, Bennett Sprague, Sang-won Park, Chris McCoy, David C. Walther Liquid Fueled MEMS Enabled 1.5cc Rotary Engine Power System (REPS)
06/28/06 Package, Process & Microassembly RM8 Brian Bush Stiction in MEMS
02/14/06 Package, Process & Microassembly BPN331 TeHsi Lee Plastically Self-Alligned Micromirrors
02/07/06 Physical Sensors & Devices APP55 I-yang Chen MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Selective Strain Isolation
02/07/06 Physical Sensors & Devices BPN314 Jeonggi Seo Biomimetic Infrared sensor based on the nanogap junction array
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL38 Ionescu-Zanetti, Jeonggi Seo Electrophysiology Using a High-Density Microfluidic Array
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL39 Beomseok Kim, Jeoggi Seo Integrated Microfluidic SERS Devices
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL35 Philip Lee Microfluidic Cell Culture Array
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL41 Adrian Y. Lau, Paul J. Hung Raised Lateral Patch Clamp Array
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL32 Jeonggi Seo Disposable Multi Patch Clamps Using Planar Fludic Channels
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS MCW1 Pei-Yu (Eric) Chiou Optoelectronic Tweezers for Cell and Microparticle Manipulation
02/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS BPN335 Jeffrey Brian Chou Interactive OET
02/06/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS NT21 Beelee Chua Corona MEMS for Wide Study Area Air Particulate Monitoring
01/25/06 Micropower APP43 David Walther MEMS Rotary Engine Power System (MEMS REPS)
01/09/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS RTH/JDK2 William J. Holtz Biomimetic Nanofabrication of Silica Structures Based on Diatoms
01/07/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP98/LPL Trey Cauley Insulative Dielectrophoresis (iDEP) Preconcentration and Ultrasonic Lysis of Bacterial Endospores in a Zeonor Substrate
01/07/06 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging BPN300 Hyuck Choo A Simple Process to Fabricate High-Performance Torsional Microscanners and Their Applications
01/07/06 Micropower APP46 Fabian C. Martinez MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Engine Fabrication
01/07/06 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BPN305 David Park Post-processing heat treatment of thin film Aluminum Nitride
01/07/06 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust APP62 Gianluca Piazza Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride Vibrating RF MEMS for Radio Front-End
01/06/06 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL34 Michelle Khine, Adrian Lau, Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti Single-Cell Electroporation Microchip
09/08/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP32 Jaein Jeong Incremental Network Programming
09/08/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL40 Junyu Mai, Poorya Sabounchi Digitized Microfluidic Device for Single Cell Analysis
09/07/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL36 J. Tanner Nevill Behavior of water and ice in nanocavities
09/01/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM37 Kuo-J Huang Design of Controls for MEMS Adaptive Optics
09/01/05 Package, Process & Microassembly RTH40 Marie-Ange Eyoum Effects of Boron Concentration on Si1-xGex Properties for Integrated MEMS Technology
08/31/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust NT24 Dan McCormick, Ming Li High-Performance MEMS Capacitors
08/31/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RTH39 Emmanuel Quevy Post-process of GHz-range SiGe Resonators Over Standard RF CMOS Circuitry for Transceiver Applications
08/31/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RTH44 Rishi Kant Self-Healing RF MEMS Switch
08/31/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM38 Chao-chih Hsu MEMS Integrable Temperature Sensor
08/31/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW5 Jui-che Ted Tsai High Fill-Factor Two-Axis Analog Micromirror Array
08/31/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW6 Jui-che Ted Tsai 1xN^2 MEMS-Based Wavelength-Selective Switch
08/31/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging MCW3 Ming Chang M Lee MEMS-Actuated Tunable Optical Microdisk Resonators
08/31/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL11 Boris Stoeber Microflow Control using Thermally Responsive Triblock Copolymers
08/31/05 Package, Process & Microassembly KSJP33a Subramaniam Venkatraman Tools for Microassembly
08/31/05 Package, Process & Microassembly LWL18 Ongi Englander Integration of NEMS and MEMS by Localized Growth of Nanowires
08/30/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS BPN310 Beomseok Kim, Jeonggi Seo Integrated Microfluidic SERS Devices
08/30/05 Package, Process & Microassembly LWL29 Daoheng Sun, Dane Christensen Nano-Getters for MEMS Applications
08/26/05 Micropower LWL17 Kien-Bang Lam Micromachined Photosynthetic Fuel Cells
08/26/05 Micropower APP72 Jose D. Rosario-Rosario MEMS REPS: Assembly of a MEMS Compressed Air Expander Unit
08/26/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL33 Mike Mueller, Michelle Khine, Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, Niraj Patel Time Division Multiplexed Microfluidic Lateral Patch Clamp Array
08/26/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP84 Natalya Etina Microfluidic System for Cryogenically Storing and Reviving Biological Cells
08/26/05 Physical Sensors & Devices LWL28 Lufeng Che Bi-directional Electrothermal Electromagnetic Actuators and Relays
08/26/05 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB18 Kenneth Wojciechowski MEMS Strain Gauges on Steel: Electronic Interfaces for Resonant Sensors
08/24/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging LPL21 Ki-Hun Jeong, Jaeyoun Kim Biomimetic Microfabricated Compound Eyes
02/07/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP63 Jennifer S. Wade Sickle-Cell Anemia Event Detection Sensor
02/03/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP86 Jesse Herrick Microfluid Integrated Nano-Scale Biological Cell Probes
02/03/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP20 Chinwuba D. Ezekwe CMOS Imaging Receiver for Free-Space Optical Communication
02/03/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust BEB16 Baris Cagdaser Resonant Drive: Sense and High Voltage Electrostatic Drive Using Single MEMS Electrode
02/03/05 Physical Sensors & Devices KSJP29/JD Jason Vaughn Clark Floating Electro Mechanical Systems (FLEMS)
02/03/05 Physical Sensors & Devices JFB1 Alvaro San Paulo, Xuchun Liu Scanning Probe Methods for the Characterization of Nanomechanical Resonators
02/03/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust APP36 Brian Bircumshaw GHz Nano-Mechanical Resonators
02/03/05 Micropower APP44 Matthew Senesky MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Integrated Generator
02/02/05 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL10 Raja Sivamani, Boris Stoeber Clinical Testing of MEMS-Syringes
02/01/05 Micropower APP94 Jonathan Rheaume Mechanical Analysis of SiC for Use as a High Temperature, Pressurized Micro Reactor
02/01/05 CAD RTH/JD1 David Bindel MEMS Resonator Simulation with HiQLab
02/01/05 Micropower APP47 Josh Heppner MEMS REPS: MEMS Fuel Vapor Delivery by Flow Rectification
02/01/05 CAD KSJP15 David Bindel, Jason V. Clark, Corie Cobb, David Garmire, Raffi Kamalian, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Shyam Lakshmin, Jiawang Nie, Ying Zhang Sugar
01/20/05 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP23 Matthew Last Steered Agile Laser Transmitter (SALT)
01/20/05 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging DAH1 J Provine Non-dispersive IR gas detection with a MEMS scanning mirror and Linear Variable Filter
01/20/05 Package, Process & Microassembly BSAC4 Ning Chen DRIE Process Optimization for Very Smooth Sidewall Etch
01/20/05 Package, Process & Microassembly BSAC3 Matthew Wasilik, Ning Chen Centura Deep Silicon and Oxide Etch Characterization
01/20/05 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB21 Anshi Liang Background calibration techniques for digitally assisted ADC
01/20/05 Micropower APP82 Thomas H. Cauley III Feasibility Study of a MEMS Viscous Rotary Engine Power System (VREPS)
01/20/05 Micropower APP48 Debbie G. Jones MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Soft Magnetic Pole Integration
09/10/04 Micropower APP51/RM Muthu B.J. Wijesundara, Jingchun Zhang, Carlo Carraro, Bob Ashurst Silicon Carbide–Coated Microcomponents for the Rotary Engine–Based Power System
09/10/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP41 Eric Hobbs Capillary Action Accumulation Device
09/10/04 MICROROBOTICS KSJP12 Sarah Bergbreiter Off-the-Shelf Distributed Robots (COTS-BOTS)
09/10/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP42 Jeremy Frank Low-Power, Low-Leakage Microvalve
09/08/04 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM35 Rishi Kant MEMS barcode reader
09/07/04 Micropower APP87 Jonathan Rheaume Thermal Management of Next Generation Rotary Engine Power System
08/30/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL28 Paul Hung Microfluidic-Based Two-Dimensional Protein Chip
08/30/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP24 Jaein Jeong Ivy - A Sensor Network Infrastructure for the College of Engineering
08/26/04 Physical Sensors & Devices APP91 Ki Bang Lee Ultra High Shock Resistant Sensors
08/26/04 Micropower APP88 Thomas H. Cauley III Experimentally Verified Simple Analytical Models of the Viscous Rotary Engine Power System (VREPS)
08/26/04 Micropower APP85 Jose Rosario-Rosario A High Pressure Micro-Combustion Chamber for a Viscous Rotary Engine Power System
08/26/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust APP61 James M. Porter Jr. Integrated Nano Mechanically-Regulated Atomic Clock: 3.4 GHz Resonator
08/23/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP25 Alyosha Molnar Ultra-Low Power Radio for Sensor Networks
08/19/04 Package, Process & Microassembly LWL14 Andrew Cao Selective Induction Heating for MEMS Packaging
08/18/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP21 Lance Doherty Algorithms for Position and Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL18 Gang L. Liu Nanopillar Substrate for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL20 Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti A new pressure tranduction mechanism using elastomer micromolding
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL11 Nikolas Chronis Integrated Polymer Actuators in Microfluidic Systems
08/18/04 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging LPL27 Paul Hung, Gang Logan Liu Biomimetic Imager as Omnidirectional Sensor (BIOS)
08/18/04 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging LPL25 Ki-Hun Jeong Tunable Microdoublet Lens Array
08/18/04 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging NT20 J Provine Integration of PLC with MEMS for Telecommunications
08/18/04 Physical Sensors & Devices NT23 Zhihong Li Ni Electroplated Vertical Comb-Drive Actuator
08/18/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust NT13 Daniel T. McCormick, Zhihong Li RF Dielectric Fluid Immersed Silicon MEMS Tunable Capacitors
08/18/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust NT11 Wen-Pin Shih, Zhihong Li Tunable Inductors and Transformers Utilizing Electro-Thermal Vibromotors
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL15/APP Stefan Zimmermann, Jeremy Frank A planar micropump utilizing thermopneumatic actuation and in-plane flap valves
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL14 David Mun Simulation of Laser Heating in Microchannels Utilizing CFDRC
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL/LWL1 Stefan Zimmermann, Boris Stoeber, Doerte Fienbork Microneedle-based minimally invasive continuous glucose monitor
08/18/04 Physical Sensors & Devices LWL21 Jongbaeg Kim Microfabricated Torsional Actuator by Self-Aligned Plastic Deformation
08/18/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LWL10 Kwok-Siong Teh An Integrated Polypyrrole/Carbon Nanotube (PPy/MWNT) Nanocomposite Glucose Sensor
08/18/04 Package, Process & Microassembly BSAC1 Matthew Wasilik, Ning Chen FTIR In Situ Depth Measurement System for DRIE
08/18/04 Package, Process & Microassembly RM6 Robert Ashurst, Elizabeth E. Parker Adhesion in MEMS
08/18/04 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB7 Vladimir Petkov Electronic Interface for Micromachined Gyroscope Sensors
08/18/04 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB20 Manu Seth Phase Noise Considerations of a MEMS Oscillator
02/12/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL29 Philip J. Lee Nanoprobes for Monitoring Sub-cellular Response to Localized Surface Interactions
02/12/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL22 Yang-Kyu Choi Electronic Properties of DNA for Bioelectronics
02/12/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL13 Sunghoon Kwon Vertically-Integrated Micro Confocal Imaging Array (VIµ-CIA)
02/10/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL12 Troy Lionberger, Boris Stoeber Fluid Dynamics in Nanoscale Environments
02/10/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RTH41 Peter (Jeng-Wen) Chen Nanoresonator Interface Electronics
02/10/04 Package, Process & Microassembly RTH31 Karen L. Scott Electrical Interconnect of Components Transferred by Fluidic Microassembly Using Capillary Forces
02/09/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP65 Seung-Jae Moon Nanoscale RF Probing of Cells
02/09/04 Physical Sensors & Devices APP53 Julian Lippmann MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Resonant Sensor Design and Fabrication
02/09/04 Package, Process & Microassembly RTH32 Frank Zendejas Fluidic Microassembly for Microfluidic Applications
02/06/04 Physical Sensors & Devices RTH30 Noel Arellano Micromachined Electrodes for Capacitive Sensors
02/06/04 Package, Process & Microassembly BSAC2 Ning Chen, Mathew Wasilik Reversible Bonding Process Development
02/06/04 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging NT22 Fabian Strong Optical Switch Using 2-D Photonic Crystal Waveguides
01/27/04 MICROROBOTICS NT17 Xuchun Liu, Ming Li, Avinash Kane Design of a Smart Universal Game Board
01/27/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust NT14 Ye Wang, Zhihong Li A Variable Inductor Array Using Lateral-Contact Microrelays
01/25/04 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB13 Boris Murmann Background Calibration for Low-Power High-Performance A/D Conversion
01/25/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RMW27 Justin Black, Thomas E. Oberheim Chemical Sensing with Smart Dust
01/24/04 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging LWL23 Ki Bang Lee Vertically Supported Microactuators
01/24/04 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LWL7 Yu-Chuan Su, Lei Luo Water-Powered Microfluidic Devices for Diagnostic and Drug Delivery Systems
01/24/04 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust LWL13 Ki Bang Lee High Frequency MEMS Resonator for Wireless Communication Applications
01/24/04 Micropower LWL12 Ki Bang Lee, Firas Sammoura Disposable Microbatteries and Microvehicles for MEMS
01/24/04 Physical Sensors & Devices LWL22 Maggie Chau Nanostructure-Based Nanoactuator
01/24/04 Package, Process & Microassembly LWL19 Kwok-Siong Teh Nickel Nanocomposite Film for MEMS Applications
01/21/04 Physical Sensors & Devices BEB6 Joseph Seeger Electrostatic Actuator Design for a Digital Output Gyroscope
09/05/03 Package, Process & Microassembly RMW26 Jonathan D. Foster Fabrication of a High Aspect Ratio Piezoelectric Microactuator
08/27/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL30 Philip Lee, Rob Lin 3D Alignment of Collagen Fibrils in Microchannels
08/22/03 Package, Process & Microassembly JSS1/RTH Jack Peng Fluidic assembly of RF receiver with glass-substrate inductors & antenna
08/22/03 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust RTH/TJK2 Blake C.-Y. Lin As-Grown SiGe Thin Film with Low Stress and Low Strain Gradient
08/22/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL10 Jeonggi Seo Disposable Integrated Optical MEMS and Microfluidic Channels for High Resolution Biochip Array
08/20/03 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP26 Benjamin Cook RF Dust for Human Gestural Interpretation
08/20/03 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM34 Daniel Good Feedback Control and Electronics for Deformable Mirrors
08/20/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS RTH/JDK1 William J. Holtz, Khoa Nguyen A Microfabricated Electrochemical Oxygen Generator for High-Density Cell Culture Arrays
08/15/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS RMW25 Justin Black Microsphere Capture and Perfusion in Microchannels Using Flexural Plate Wave Structures
08/14/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS DL16 David Mun Simulation of Micro-Fluidic Laser Heating Utilizing CFDRC
08/11/03 Physical Sensors & Devices APP52 Robert G. Azevedo MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Test Fixture Design
08/01/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS LPL26 Ho-Kwan Kang Floating planar nanogap capacitor for biosensor application
07/31/03 NanoPlasmonics, Microphotonics & Imaging RSM29 Michael A. Helmbrecht Micromirror Arrays for Adaptive Optics
07/31/03 Physical Sensors & Devices LWL4 Jongbaeg Kim MEMS Sensor for Hard Disk Glide Test
07/30/03 Physical Sensors & Devices APP54 Theodore Prescop MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Testing Localized Silicon-Steel Bonds
07/30/03 Package, Process & Microassembly APP38 Helen Holder Microconnector
07/30/03 BIOMEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS APP68 Jonathan Fischer Plastic Injection Molded Microneedles
07/30/03 Micropower APP59 Chen-li Sun MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Dynamic Fuel Evaporator System
07/30/03 Micropower APP60 Jack Yu MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / 2.4 mm Engine Demonstration Unit
07/30/03 Micropower APP50 Kelvin Fu MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / 1 mm Engine Design and Fabrication
07/30/03 Micropower APP49 Aaron Knobloch MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / 2.4 mm Rotary Engine with Integrated Generator
07/30/03 Wireless, RF & Smart Dust KSJP10 Brett Warneke, Brian Leibowitz, Mike Scott Ultra-Low Energy Circuits for Distributed Sensor Networks (Smart Dust)


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