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BPN445: Lab-on-a-Chip with Integrated CMOS Detection for Complex Assays

Project ID BPN445
Start Date Fri 2008-Jan-25 17:54:06
Last Updated Fri 2008-Sep-05 17:57:17
Abstract The goal of this project is to develop a fully integrated lab-on-a-chip microdevice for performing complex immunological assays and to apply it to the sensitive detection of PAH-protein adducts produced by environmental exposure. The ultimate device will consist of a microfluidic cartridge with embedded sensors capable of performing a wide variety of assays. Specific steps that will be demonstrated include sample preparation, mixing with reagents, incubation, and multiple target detection. Although these capabilities will be demonstrated for the detection of PAH-protein adducts, the programmability of the device permits it to address a wide range of immuno and other assays. The detector relies on micron-sized magnetic labels attached to the target molecule by means of a highly specific antibody. Unlike conventional optical labels, magnetic labels can be detected directly with a CMOS chip. Separate projects focus on this detector chip and a technology for embedding it in a microfluidic processor. A further related project develops means to improve reaction times and binding specificity by manipulating the beads with electrical fields generated in the CMOS chip under electronic control. Each of the sub-projects is described in more detail in a separate abstract.
Status Continuing
Funding Source Federal
IAB Research Area Microfluidics
Researcher(s) Lisen Wang, Amy Wu, Paul Liu, Octavian Florescu
Advisor(s) Bernhard E. Boser
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