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Wireless, RF & Smart Dust

BPN858: Zero Insertion Force MEMS Socket for Microrobotics Assembly

Project ID BPN858
Start Date Mon 2017-Jan-30 08:45:54
Last Updated Tue 2017-Aug-15 09:03:31
Abstract To help resolve the control and power challenges present in developing micro robots, the research focus of this project is the design and development of a ZIF (zero insertion force) MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) socket. The ultimate goal is to achieve electrical connections between a 65nm single-chip mote and a multi-legged SOI micro robot. As proof of concept, the most recent socket prototype uses previous work on energy storage in springs to grip a MEMS motor chiplet. Both chiplets were fabricated using a two-mask SOI (silicon- on- insulator) process. The socket uses electrical probes to connect to pads on the motor chiplet, providing parallel electrical connection between the two chips. This design demonstrates mechanical connection, and the work also presents first results for the electrical contact resistances. Future work will allow MEMS structures to easily probe the pads of CMOS chips, strongly connecting the two technologies both electrically and mechanically (the connection is designed to withstand 1000s of gs of vibration). The ZIF socket will provide a smooth and simple approach to the integration of CMOS chips with MEMS structures.
Status Continuing
Funding Source Fellowship
IAB Research Area Wireless, RF & Smart Dust
Researcher(s) Hani Gomez, Daniel Contreras, Joseph Greenspun
Advisor(s) Kristofer S.J. Pister
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