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BPN898: A Wearable Sweat Sensing Patch for Dynamic Sweat Secretion Analysis

Project ID BPN898
Start Date Sun 2018-Jan-28 23:06:43
Last Updated Mon 2018-Jan-29 11:18:56
Abstract Wearable sweat sensing is a rapidly rising research driven by its promising potential in health, fitness and diagnostic applications. Despite the growing field, major challenges in relation to sweat metrics remain to be addressed. These challenges include sweat rate monitoring for its complex relation with sweat compositions and sweat sampling for sweat dynamics studies. In this work, we present a wearable sweat sensing patch that enhances real-time electrochemical sensing and sweat rate analysis via sweat sampling. The patch allows progressive sweat flow in the microfluidic channel, governed by the pressure induced by the secreted sweat, that enhances sweat sampling and electrochemical detection via a defined sweat collection chamber and a directed sweat route. The sensing patch is thoroughly characterized, and off- body and on-body simultaneous electrochemical detection and flow rate monitoring are demonstrated. The patch is enabled to autonomously perform sweat analysis by interfacing the sensing component with a printed circuit board that is capable of on-site signal conditioning, analysis and transmission.
Status New
Funding Source Foundation
IAB Research Area Physical Sensors & Devices
Researcher(s) Hnin Y. Nyein
Advisor(s) Ali Javey
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