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RMW29: Electric Power Sensing for Demand Response

Project ID RMW29
Start Date Thu 2003-Jul-31 15:23:13
Last Updated Thu 2015-Feb-05 14:29:23
Abstract The overarching goal of this UCB project is to identify and develop technology to enable more-effective use of electric power. This phase has primarily focused on the development of small, inexpensive, low-power proximity-based sensors for voltage and current monitoring for better granularity of monitoring at multiple levels of the power grid (distribution, customer, and individual appliances). The term 'demand response' (DR) refers to the ability of electricity users to respond automatically to time- and location-dependent electric energy price and supply contingency information in order to tailor their electric energy usage.
Status Continuing
Funding Source State
IAB Research Area Wireless, RF & Smart Dust
Researcher(s) Christopher Sherman
Advisor(s) Richard M. White, Paul K. Wright
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