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BPN803: Single Chip Mote

Project ID BPN803
Start Date Mon 2015-Aug-24 17:24:41
Last Updated Tue 2020-Sep-08 17:54:09
Abstract The single chip micro mote 3C (SCM-3C) was designed to be a wireless sensor node on a chip capable of joining a network as a bare die with a standards compliant BLE and 802.15.4 mesh communication radio while fully self-contained and functional with no external components. SCM-3Cs deep level of integration allows users to connect a battery, program using the touchless optical programmer and be ready to connect to the network. In the span of one year, SCM-3C has been used to demonstrate a variety of feats once thought not possible for crystal- free radios or similar off-the-shelf components. Advancements in communications as a crystal- free radio include SCM-3C joining an 802.15.4 mesh network running OpenWSN, transmitting BLE beacon packets to a cell phone, and RF temperature compensation via both initial calibration and calibration-free in-use algorithms. As a sensor, SCM-3C was shown to localize itself in 3D space with ~1 cm accuracy and measure temperatures from 0 to 100C with <2 C accuracy. When interfacing with external sensors and devices SCM-3C provides ease of use due to the 16 GPIOs and ADC on-chip. This has allowed SCM-3C to interface with a variety of devices for demos such as: wireless gas sensing, operation from a 5x5mm2 printed LiPo battery, operation from inductively coupled wireless power transmission, solar powered wireless temperature sensor and a fully autonomous solar powered wireless inchworm motor and micro-gripper. These demos are only the beginning of the full potential of this novel system-on-chip. The next goals are: improving the range of the optical receiver, designing a 60 GHz radio for on-chip antenna integration, high bandwidth and low power transmission, printing batteries directly on SCM-3C, and designing SCM-3C PCBs for Asian giant hornet tracking and smart bandages.
Status Continuing
Funding Source Industry Sponsored Research
IAB Research Area Wireless, RF & Smart Dust
Researcher(s) Alex Moreno, Austin Patel, Anju Toor, Lydia Lee, Andrew Fearing
Advisor(s) Kristofer S.J. Pister, Ali M. Niknejad
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