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Project Overview

The CotsBots are inexpensive and modular mobile robots built entirely from commercial off-the-shelf components. These robots provide a convenient platform on which to investigate algorithms, cooperation, and distributed sensing in large (> 50) robot networks. Each robot is small (13cm x 6.5cm base) and costs under $200. Each is equipped with on-board processing, radio communication, and a base platform for mobility. Software is written using TinyOS, an open-source, event-driven operating system for large-scale distributed sensor networks. TinyOS also provides a modular software environment where implementation details may be abstracted away from the robot application developer. It is hoped that others can leverage some of the ideas presented here to develop their own distributed robot systems.

Recent Updates

  • October 2006: We're starting a project to simulate the CotsBots in Player/Stage.  Stay tuned.
  • February 2005: We have a new motorboard that is currently being tested. This board should solve some of the issues we've been seeing with Crossbow's latest programming boards.
  • January 2004: This website is finally up!