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TinyOS Code

You will definitely need the general TinyOS release available from the TinyOS Download Page. There are two types of releases listed here -- the "strenuously tested" release and the "snapshot" release. The snapshots are more recent, but less reliable. The latest major release is well tested but is less recent.

CotsBots Code

cotsbots.tar.gz current as of Febuary 23 2004

A g-ziped and tarred version of the CotsBots directory is included above which I will try to keep updated with the SourceForge version. To install this:
  • copy cotsbots.tar.gz to your tinyos-1.x/contrib directory
  • cd to that directory in cygwin (or linux)
  • gunzip cotsbots.tar.gz
  • tar -xvf cotsbots.tar
This should create a tinyos-1.x/contrib/cotsbots directory which will include the CotsBots code.

CVS Checkout

Another recommended way to download code and keep current with the latest CVS image is to check out the CVS directory from Sourceforge. Instructions for anonymous checkout are on the Sourceforge site. If you'd like to contribute code to TinyOS or CotsBots, check out the directions here. The CotsBots code is included in this tree and you can easily update things through using the "cvs update" command.