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Where to Buy

The most essential elements for a CotsBot are a Mica mote for the computation and communication, a mobility platform to provide the motors and wheels/treads, and a motorboard to interface between the two.

Mica Mote

The current generation of Mica Mote is Mica2.

Mobility Platform

The current standard platform is the Kyosho Mini-Z RC car, although the software is set up so that any platform can theoretically be used. If you place a large quantity order for either of these, discounts are available. The Mini-Z is available at many hobby shops as well.


The Motorboard is slightnly more complicated. Currently, this is not sold as a completed part although we are working on getting somebody to do this.
The parts listed in the Bill of Materials should all be available from Digikey and part numbers are listed.
Board Manufacture
We have had boards manufactured in prototype quantities from Advanced Materials (up to 60). Fill out a quote request on the website and upload the zipped Gerber files included. Turnaround is generally about a week.
If you are too lazy to assemble the boards yourself (like me), I've used Valley Tek, formerly Phonic Electronics, for low quantity, reasonably priced assembly jobs. They'll send the boards back to you ready to go.

Valley Tek
751 Charcot Ave
San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: 408-577-1218
Fax: 408-577-1299

I've also gotten good recommendations for Axiom SMT but they can be pricey.