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Getting Started


There are a couple important setup items to have before you begin programming the CotsBots.

Tools Setup

First and foremost, you should already have TinyOS installed and working properly. If you don't have this done, go to the TinyOS Download Page and follow the instructions to download TinyOS. I highly recommend going through the first couple TinyOS Tutorial Lessons to make sure you get the general hang of programming motes.

If this first step is done, you should have the appropriate level of tools (avr-gcc 3.2 or higher, java, etc). You can then update your installation through the TinyOS Page on Sourceforge or download the zip file located in Download and follow the instructions there.

Next, you need to make sure that your environment is set up properly -- specifically your Java Classpath. Because the software is located in the contrib directory, you should add the following path to your classpath -- {INSTALL_DRIVE}/tinyos-1.x/contrib/cotsbots/tools; where {INSTALL_DRIVE} is where the tinyos-1.x directory is located.

Hardware Setup

If you have an assembled CotsBot as described in the Hardware Tutorial, your hardware should be good to go. The next lesson will describe how to test and calibrate your hardware setup.

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