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Monday Sep 19 2005, Directions & Trends Session

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Introduction to the Session: Trends in Sensor Integration (777.59 KB)
PDF FormatRichard Muller, Sensing and Actuation at BSAC - Lessons From our History (1.64 MB)
PDF FormatLiwei Lin, Sensors for Manufacturability (5.64 MB)
PDF FormatDavid Horsley, Integrated Infrared and Magnetic Sensing Devices (4.31 MB)
PDF FormatKris Pister, Detectors Without Wires: An overview of selected BSAC projects (6.25 MB)
PDF FormatClark Nguyen, Fuel for an Integrated Micromechanical Circuit Revolution (9.53 MB)

Tuesday Sep 20 2005, Technical Presentations

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Introduction to the Session (1.01 MB)
PDF FormatShelly Gulati, DNA Transport in Microfluidic Devices (1003.13 KB)
PDF FormatDino DiCarlo, Microfluidic Cellular Manipulation: Single cell trapping arrays for quantitative cell biology (2.39 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Dorian Liepmann, Research Overview: Morning Posters (14.77 MB)
PDF FormatFabian Martinez, Optimized Ultra-Deep Reactive Ion Etching for the MEMS Rotary Engine Power System (1.91 MB)
PDF FormatSagi Mathai, SOI Microring Modulator for Optical CDMA (571.93 KB)
PDF FormatHyuck Choo, Simple Process to Fabricate High-Performance Torsional Microscanners and Their Applications (1.58 MB)
PDF FormatBill Allan, Strain Sensors for Wind Turbines (13.04 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Al Pisano, Research Overview: Afternoon Posters (11.58 MB)
PDF FormatChinwuba Ezekwe, Low-Power Interface Design for Micromachined Vibratory Gyroscopes (172.27 KB)
PDF FormatHei Kam, Lateral Mode NEMS Resonators Using Internal Electrostatic Transduction (463.9 KB)
PDF FormatQingquan Liu, MEMS RF Switch with Liquid Gallium Contacts (496.28 KB)
PDF FormatSteven Lanzisera, Location Estimation Using RF Time of Flight (593.5 KB)


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