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Monday March 6 2006, Directions & Trends Session

PDF FormatAl Pisano, Fundamentals Across BSAC Disciplines / RF MEMS (5.19 MB)
PDF FormatDennis Polla, DARPA Investments in MEMS/NEMS Fundamentals (and Future Topics of Interest) (68.1 KB)
PDF FormatJean-Christophe Eloy, Market Drivers For MEMS (415.01 KB)
PDF FormatLiwei Lin, Directions in NEMS Materials & Interfaces (4.76 MB)
PDF FormatLuke Lee, Fundamentals for Microfluidics (9.1 MB)

Tuesday March 7 2006, Technical Presentations

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Welcome and Introduction to the Session (612.2 KB)
PDF FormatTakeshi Kawano, CMOS Integration & Local Functionalization of Nanowires & CNT (1.67 MB)
PDF FormatJack Skinner, A MEMS Optical Modulator and Filter (1.18 MB)
PDF FormatMing Wu / David A. Horsley, Research Overview Morning Posters (6.23 MB)
PDF FormatBenjamin Cheng, Monolithic Piezoelectrically-Actuated MEMS Tunable VCSEL (538.5 KB)
PDF FormatPoorya Sabounchi, Soft-state Biomicrofluidic Pulse Generator for Single Cell Analysis (1017.66 KB)
PDF FormatBill Flounders, Microlab Update (125.91 KB)
PDF FormatMansoor Nasir, Force and Torque Sensor for Insect Flight Research (916 KB)
PDF FormatRobert Azevedo, Strain Gauge for Extreme Harsh Environments (1.08 MB)
PDF FormatTsuyoshi Koyama, MEMS Resonator Simulation with Berkeley's Hi-Q Lab (2.11 MB)
PDF FormatAl Pisano / Kris Pister, Research Overview Afternoon Posters (5.77 MB)
PDF FormatAaron Ohta, Incoherent Direct Image-Actuated Optoelectronic Tweezers (309.2 KB)
PDF FormatDan McCormick, MEMS Mirror-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging Probe (2.43 MB)
PDF FormatKi-Hun Jeong, MEMS Endoscopic Lens-Based Optical Coherence Tomography (2.99 MB)
PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Announcements and Close Session (13.4 KB)

Wednesday March 8 2006, Wireless Sensor Networks Workshop

PDF FormatKris Pister, Overview (620.71 KB)
PDF FormatProf. Paul Wright, Energy Scavenging (3.25 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Phil Levis, TinyOS (859.7 KB)
PDF FormatStewart Tansley, Microsoft Research (399.54 KB)
PDF FormatMark Noworolski, Streetline Networks (1.37 MB)
PDF FormatJoe Polastre, Moteiv (2.33 MB)
PDF FormatAmy Wang, Mela Networks (543.48 KB)
PDF FormatSensys Networks (289.26 KB)
PDF FormatBen Cook, Ultra-Low Energy RF Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks (112.52 KB)
PDF FormatNate Pletcher, Low Power Communication Circuits for WSN (897.04 KB)
PDF FormatSteven Lanzisera, Indoor Radio Geolocation (RTLS) in Wireless Sensor Networks (151.68 KB)


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