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Private Abstracts for all BSAC Projects

Wednesday March 11, Directions & Trends Session

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Welcome (158.53 KB)
PDF FormatAli Javey, Introduction to the Session on Nanotechnology for Smart Matter, Energy, Photonics & Sensors (1.66 MB)
PDF FormatMiquel Salmeron, Manipulation of Matter at the Nanometer Scale: The Imaging Revolution (2.83 MB)
PDF FormatMark Hersam, Preparation and Characterization of Monodisperse Carbon Nanotube Materials and Devices (2.33 MB)
PDF FormatMing C. Wu, Nanoassembly and Nanofabrication (2.12 MB)
PDF FormatLiwei Lin, In-Situ Growth and Self-Assembly of Silicon Nanowires (3.28 MB)
PDF FormatZhong Lin Wang, Nanogenerators for Harvesting Sonic Wave and Biomechanical Energy (6.34 MB)

Thursday March 12, Research Review

PDF FormatMiNaSIP Meeting, UCB Research (2.58 MB)
PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Welcome and Intro to the Session (764.61 KB)
PDF FormatGabriele Vigevani, Thin Film Aluminum Nitride Technology for MEMS Inertial Sensors (1.67 MB)
PDF FormatWei-Chang Li, Quality Factor Enhancement of Micromechanical Resonators at Cryogenic Temperatures (1.72 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Kris Pister, Opportunities in Wireless Sensor Networks (1.03 MB)
PDF FormatNavdeep Dhillon, MEMS Microscale Heat Transfer Using Phase Change (520.94 KB)
PDF FormatKarl Skucha, Nanowires Integrated on CMOS IC for Molecular and Gas Sensing Applications (556.69 KB)
PDF FormatChieh Chang, Direct-Write Piezoelectric Nanogenerator (1.24 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Carlo Carraro, Epitaxial Graphene Layers on alpha-SiC (1.64 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Hyunhyub Ko, Programmable Matter (840.45 KB)
PDF FormatDaniel Cohen, Inkjet Interfaces for Controlling Biological Pattern Formation (405.82 KB)
PDF FormatSoonGweon Hong, Optical Antennas for Nanophotonics (2.11 MB)
PDF FormatJui-Ming (Ryan) Yang, Thermal Imaging of Single Living Cells (663.01 KB)
PDF FormatMing-Chun (Jason) Tien, Heterogeneous Integration of Microdisk Lasers Photonic Circuits using Optoelectronic Tweezers (910.4 KB)
PDF FormatHyunkyu Park, Piezoelectric Bimorph Deformable Mirror for Adaptive Optics (1.1 MB)
PDF FormatJohn Huggins, End Session (115.45 KB)

Thursday Awards Dinner

Dr. Kurt Petersen, Entrepreneurial Perspectives on MEMS


Friday March 13, Symposium on Opportunities for Microsensors in Energy

PDF FormatRichard M. White, Passive Proximity Sensors for Power Systems (228.96 KB)
PDF FormatAlbert P. Pisano, Introduction to the Symposium and Discussion of the Role of Harsh Environment wireless Sensors in Energy & Power. (1.85 MB)
PDF FormatChris Somerville, The Development of Cellulosic Biofuels (2.03 MB)
PDF FormatArun Majumdar, Smart Energy - Need for Sensors and Beyond (892.66 KB)
PDF FormatKristofer S.J. Pister, Wireless Sensor Networks in Energy (2.56 MB)
PDF FormatLiwei Lin, Micro Energy Sources and Session Summary (1.87 MB)


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