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Wednesday September 16, Thrust Session:
Finding Commercialization READY and RELEVANT Research Projects.

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Welcome and Introduction to the Session (458.24 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Gilbert Hawkins, Keynote: The Application of Instabilities in Microfluidic Jets to Digital Offset Printing - A Success Story for MEMS Research Adoption (1.84 MB)
PDF FormatProf. David Horsley, MEMS Technology for Advanced Magnetic Sensors (576.85 KB)
PDF FormatProf. Luke Lee, Low Cost Health Care Solutions (3.31 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Liwei Lin, Low Cost mm-Wave System (1.08 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Philip Stephanou, Piezoelectric MEMS Resonator Technology at Harmonic Devices, Inc.: Readiness and Relevance (627.94 KB)
PDF FormatOctavian Florescu, Silicon Biodevices (593.34 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Daniel McCormick, MEMS-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Probe (628.63 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Eri Takahashi, Electromagnetic Energy Scavenging Research (& Midcourse Corrections) (204.59 KB)

Thursday September 17, Research Review

[video - 11.62 MB]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Welcome & Intro to the Session (191.77 KB)
[video - 33.96 MB]   PDF FormatDr. John Vig President, IEEE, IEEE: Advancing Technology For The Benefit Of Humanity (591.91 KB)
[video - 30.81 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Zhiyong Fan, Nanopillar-based Solar Cell (916.52 KB)
[video - 21.76 MB]   PDF FormatJim Cheng, Biosensing with Integrated Polymeric Surface Microfluidics and Thin Film Transistors (348.79 KB)
[video - 37.71 MB]   PDF FormatLi-Wen Hung, Silicide-Induced Air Gaps for MEMS Structures (1.07 MB)
[video - 32.41 MB]   PDF FormatMehmet Akgul, Capacitively Transduced Micromechanical Resonators With Simultaneous Low Impedance and High Q (2.63 MB)
[video - 30.84 MB]   PDF FormatChih-Ming Lin, Near-Zero Temperature Coefficient of Frequency for AlN Lamb Wave Resonators. (680.46 KB)
[video - 60.92 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Albert P. Pisano, Fuel-Flexible Microengines for Portable Power (1.79 MB)
[video - 40.38 MB]   PDF FormatStefon Shelton, CMOS-Compatible AlN Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (323.77 KB)
[video - 22.1 MB]   PDF FormatRichie Przybyla, Post-CMOS Compatible Aluminum Nitride Accelerometer (1.98 MB)
[video - 39.92 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Thomas Watteyne, Reliable Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks with IEEE802.15.4e/TSCH (625.23 KB)
[video - 34.51 MB]   PDF FormatGabriel Lavella, Chemomechanical Nanomachine for Artificial Biomolecular Signal Transduction and Drug Delivery (1.46 MB)
[video - 34.66 MB]   PDF FormatJustin Valley, Optoelectronic Tweezers for Quantitative Assessment & Sorting Based On Embryo Morphology and Health (811.68 KB)
[video - 29.63 MB]   PDF FormatChen Yang, Drop-Shock Dynamic Simulation of Package/MEMS System (834.33 KB)
[video - 37.17 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Igor Paprotny, Mobile Airborne Particulate Matter Monitor for Cellular Deployment (860.37 KB)
PDF FormatJohn Huggins, END SESSION (89.85 KB)


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