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Private Abstracts for all BSAC Projects

Wednesday September 15, Thrust Session:
MEMS Industry Group-BSAC Joint Thrust Session: MEMS Commercialization: Launching the Next Innovation-Based Businesses

[video - 41.46 MB]  PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Executive Director, BSAC: Open the Session; Syndicated Research (614.88 KB)
[video - 58.2 MB]  PDF FormatKaren Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group: Bridging the Gap from Lab to Fab (1.34 MB)
[video - 67.39 MB]  PDF FormatStefan Heuser, Senior Advisor, Siemens Corporate Research: Corporate Models for Research Collaboration & Outsourcing (362.05 KB)
[video - 118.95 MB]  PDF FormatJoseph Seeger, Director, MEMS Development, InvenSense: MEMS Startup Success Story: Fabless Design Boutique to Industry Leader (2.23 MB)
PDF FormatBert Bruggeman, CEO, Silicon Valley Technology Corp. (SVTC): MEMS Commercialization - Bridging the Chasm from Ideation to Production (1.35 MB)
[video - 111.25 MB]  PDF FormatTammi Smorynski, Director, Intel Capital: (823.93 KB)

Thursday September 16, Research Review

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[video - 16.41 MB]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins, BSAC Executive Director: Welcome, Open the Session (671.93 KB)
[video - 38.81 MB]   PDF FormatChristopher W. Hogue: A Self-Nucleating Evaporator Surface: A Novel Approach to Stabilized, Low-Superheat Microscale Boiling (1.43 MB)
[video - 36.86 MB]   PDF FormatGabriele Vigevani: Aluminum Nitride Tuning Fork for Inertial Sensing (1.17 MB)
[video - 37.97 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Mei-Lin Chan: Liquid Bearing Electrostatic Micromotors (1.05 MB)
[video - 40.76 MB]   PDF FormatRehan Kapadia: XOI FETs (684.79 KB)
[video - 34.55 MB]   PDF FormatWei-Chang Li: PolySilicon-Filled Carbon Nanotube Grass Structural Material (1.73 MB)
[video - 33.17 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Kuniharu Takei: Low-Power, High-Performance Electronics and Sensors on Bendable Substrates (1.88 MB)
[video - 29.38 MB]   PDF FormatMitchell Kline: Power Transfer Over a Capacitive Interface (904.3 KB)
[video - 29.45 MB]   PDF FormatVedavalli Krishnan: A Tesla Microturbine for Power Generation from Low Pressure Heads at Low Flows (717.31 KB)
[video - 46.92 MB]   PDF FormatQin Zhou: Micro CVD for Nanostructure Synthesis (1.23 MB)
[video - 90.48 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Jan M. Rabaey, Donald O. Pedersen Distinguished Professor, EECS/BWRC: The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud: Ultra Low-Power System Design (3.14 MB)
[video - 28.06 MB]   PDF FormatShao Ning Pei: Light-Actuated Digital Microfluidics (1016.12 KB)
[video - 28.81 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Patrick Goodwill: Macroscale Imaging of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanostructures Using Magnetic Particle Imaging (839.41 KB)
[video - 42.57 MB]   PDF FormatPeter Ledochowitsch: A High-Density Large-Area Micro-Electrocorticography (ĀµECOG) Array (2.11 MB)


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