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Wednesday March 7, Miniconference Session

PDF FormatProf. Michel M. Maharbiz, The Disappearing Biosensor: Microdevices in the Age of Pervasive Biomonitoring (2.42 MB)
PDF FormatDr. AmirAli H. Talasaz (Sr. Director of Scientific Research, Illumina), Point-of-Care Platforms: Integrated Sample-to-Answer Bioanalyzers for Urgent Medical Care (945.5 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Srinath Hosur (Texas Instruments), Wireless Body Area Networks and the IEEE 802.15.6 BAN Standard (1.09 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Brian Otis (U.Washington), Miniaturized Chip Design for Wireless Biosensing (6.7 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Ali Niknejad, Wireless Healthcare Disposable Radios (749.32 KB)
PDF FormatProf. Vivek Subramanian, Printed Materials, Devices and Systems for Biosensing (1.65 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Luke P. Lee, Integrated Molecular Diagnostics (iMDs) for Global Healthcare (2.99 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Shuvo Roy (UCSF), From Fab to Bedside: A Pathway for Rapid Translation of Sensor Technology to Quantify Medicine (3.05 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Elad Alon, Body Interface Electronics Powered by Bio-Fuel Cells (1.1 MB)

Thursday March 8, Research Review

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PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Open Session & Announcement (1.07 MB)
PDF FormatThura Lin Naing, 3-GHz CVD Diamond Ring Resonator with Q > 40,000 (729.34 KB)
PDF FormatFabien Chraim, Smart Fence (897.1 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Ayden Maralani, Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Devices and ICs for Harsh Environment Sensing (552.76 KB)
PDF FormatMo Li, Three axis Lorentz Force Magnetic Sensor (860.12 KB)
PDF FormatJiyoung Chang, Direct-write Multi-functional Nanofibers via Near-field Electrospinning (941 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Ivan Dimov, Integrated Amplification and Readout for Multiplexed Biomarker Detection (1.73 MB)
PDF FormatMaxwell Zheng, Direct Growth of High Quality III-V Semiconductors on Metal Foils for Low-cost, High-efficiency PVs (935.56 KB)
PDF FormatMichael Eggleston, Optical Antenna Based nanoLED (1.24 MB)
PDF FormatGerardo Jaramillo, Airborne Particulate Monitoring Using a Micromechanical Electrometer (1.5 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Gabriel Lavella, Building Self-Assembled Nanomachines based on Biased Brownian Ratcheting Relevance to Sensing, Molecular Signal Transduction, Diagnostics and Drug Delivery (1.17 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Chenming Calvin Hu, The FINFET transistor: Why and How? (860.04 KB)


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