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Spring 2013 IAB & Research Review
March 6-8, UC Berkeley, CA

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Wednesday March 6 - Workshop: The TRILLION Sensor Universe: Manufacturing Challenges

[video - 14.17 MB]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins: BSAC Welcome and Announcements (2.3 MB)
[video - 106.1 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Albert P. Pisano: Introduction to the Workshop: Overview, Challenges, Opportunities, and Enablers (680.83 KB)
[video - 148.12 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Kaigham (Ken) Gabriel, Corp VP Motorola Mobility: New Manufacturing Paradigm: Seamless Scaling from Rapid Prototyping to Volume Production (173.16 KB)
[video - 164.59 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Janusz Bryzek, VP Fairchild Semiconductor: TSensors: Roadmap to Accelerated Abundance (1.45 MB)
[video - 130.46 MB]   PDF FormatDr. John Stephen Smith, Founder/CTO Alien Technology Alien: Trillion Sensor Contribution: RFID Tags and Related Ultra Low Cost Manufacturing via Microfluidic Self Assembly . (1.4 MB)
[video - 127.66 MB]   PDF FormatMarkus Lutz, Co-Founder and VP SiTime: High Volume, Cost Sensitive MEMS-enabled Electronic Timing and Frequency References. (2.14 MB)
[video - 136.52 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Mark Zdeblick, Co-Founder and CTO Proteus Digital Health, Inc.: Using Mobile Communications, Ultra-high Volume Sensors, and Digital Medicines to Enhance the Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Therapy (1.29 MB)
[video - 210.27 MB]   PDF FormatPanel session: The TRILLION Sensor Universe: Manufacturing Challenges (308.02 KB)

Wednesday March 6 - BSAC Faculty Research Investigations

[video - 10.77 MB]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins: Intro to the Session and to BSAC (1.44 MB)
[video - 187.45 MB]   PDF FormatEdward A. Lee: The Teraswarm Research Center at UC Berkeley (2.94 MB)
[video - 123.71 MB]   PDF FormatRichard M. White: Environmental Monitoring: Gas Pipelines, Distribution Cables, and Airborne Particulate Matter (1.2 MB)
[video - 152.37 MB]   PDF FormatLiwei Lin: Microfluidics Components for Point-of-Care Diagnostic Applications (209.96 KB)
[video - 113.01 MB]   PDF FormatBernhard E. Boser: Ultrasonic MEMS Transducers for Gesture Recognition (1.36 MB)
[video - 135.2 MB]   PDF FormatLuke P. Lee: Bionanoscience for Innovative Global Healthcare Research and Technology (BIGHEART) (9 MB)
[video - 205.99 MB]   PDF FormatClark T.-C. Nguyen: MEMS-Based RF-Channelizing Low Power Radios (3.26 MB)

Thursday March 7 - Research Review

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[video - 58.54 MB]   PDF FormatBoser group overview (665.22 KB)
[video - 54.74 MB]   PDF FormatHorsley group overview (2.1 MB)
[video - 34.26 MB]   PDF FormatJavey group overview (1.2 MB)
[video - 65.03 MB]   PDF FormatLee group overview (4.43 MB)
[video - 105.28 MB]   PDF FormatLin group overview (1.24 MB)
[video - 21.88 MB]   PDF FormatMaharbiz group overview (2.24 MB)
[video - 40.69 MB]   PDF FormatNguyen group overview (1.24 MB)
[video - 44.36 MB]   PDF FormatPisano group overview QES (2.87 MB)
[video - 48.79 MB]   PDF FormatPisano group overview HEaTs (3.55 MB)
[video - 35.91 MB]   PDF FormatPister group overview (910.95 KB)
[video - 87 MB]   PDF FormatWhite group overview (1.19 MB)
[video - 50.35 MB]   PDF FormatWu group overview (2.09 MB)
[video - 37.16 MB]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins: Open Session & Announcements (805.95 KB)
[video - 71.49 MB]   PDF FormatE. Yegan Erdem: From Microfluidic Reactors to Smart Surfaces (1.86 MB)
[video - 75.03 MB]   PDF FormatMatthew Chan: MEMS Sensors in the Built Infrastructure - Bonding Chips to Metals via SLID (1.74 MB)
[video - 62.84 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Tristan Rocheleau: Enhancement of Mechanical Q For Low Phase Noise Optomechanical Oscillators (1.01 MB)
[video - 61.81 MB]   PDF FormatYang Lin: Micromechanical Charge Pump (1.29 MB)
[video - 50.2 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Rehan Kapadia: III-V Photovoltaics: A Vapor-Liquid-Solid Route Towards High Efficiency Non-Epitaxial Thin Film Cells (498.55 KB)
[video - 65.78 MB]   PDF FormatSarah Nitzan: Epitaxially-sealed polysilicon disk resonator gyroscope (1.99 MB)
[video - 86.29 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Xavier Vilajosana: OpenWSN: Open Standards enablers to the Internet of Things and Trillion Sensor Networks (620.19 KB)
[video - 63.9 MB]   PDF FormatJoseph Greenspun: Ring GINA: Highly Miniaturized Ring-format Wearable Mote (795.94 KB)
[video - 63.98 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Maysamreza Chamanzar: Next Generation Nanoscale Neural Optrodes (1.6 MB)
[video - 73.41 MB]   PDF FormatKevin Limkrailassiri: CuO Nanowires for Energy and Sensing Applications (1.86 MB)
[video - 58.12 MB]   PDF FormatKosuke Iwai: A Continuous-Flow Microdroplets Lysing System - Microbeads and Nanoparticles (4.44 MB)
[video - 80.37 MB]   PDF FormatPramod Murali: Magnetic Particle Flow Cytometer (612.51 KB)


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