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Fall 2013 IAB & Research Review
September 18-19, UC Berkeley, CA

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Wednesday September 18 - Research Review Posters & Plenary

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[video - 24.19 MB]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Executive Director - BSAC Overview (566.97 KB)
[video - 12.12 MB]  PDF FormatHUGGINS - Eco Mediaries (134.78 KB)
[video - 42.52 MB]   PDF FormatWU Lab Overview (4.3 MB)
[video - 50.24 MB]   PDF FormatWHITE Lab Overview (1.39 MB)
[video - 33.63 MB]   PDF FormatPISTER Lab Overview (6.39 MB)
[video - 71.52 MB]   PDF FormatPISANO BMAD Lab Overview (6.31 MB)
[video - 36.05 MB]   PDF FormatNGUYEN Lab Overview (3.67 MB)
[video - 33.45 MB]   PDF FormatMAHARBIZ Lab Overview (389.65 KB)
[video - 22.49 MB]   PDF FormatLIEPMANN Lab Overview (2.8 MB)
[video - 44.65 MB]   PDF FormatLIN Lab Overview (6.82 MB)
[video - 44.57 MB]   PDF FormatLEE Lab Overview (15.89 MB)
[video - 55.72 MB]   PDF FormatJAVEY Lab Overview (2.66 MB)
[video - 56.87 MB]   PDF FormatHORSLEY Lab Overview (4.48 MB)
[video - 48.08 MB]   PDF FormatBOSER Lab Overview (1.75 MB)
[video - 73.9 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 1: Michael Lorek Standard CMOS-Based, Fully Integrated Stick-On Electricity Meters for Building Sub-Metering [BPN705] (583.37 KB)
[video - 57.11 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 2: Erh-Chia Yeh One-Step Point-of-Care Quantitative Nucleic Acid Detection based on Digital Plasma Separation [BPN679] (3.63 MB)
[video - 47.96 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 3: Alina Kozinda Carbon Nanotube Films for Energy Storage Applications [BPN606] (2.85 MB)
[video - 76.15 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 4: Robert Schneider Capacitive-Piezoelectric Micromechanical Filters [BPN682] (2.11 MB)
[video - 60.6 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 5: Ryan Going Photo-MOSFET with Single Crystalline Germanium on SOI by Rapid Melt Growth [BPN609] (1.44 MB)
[video - 65.17 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 6: Dr. Niels Quack 3D Imaging: Sub-mm Resolution Ranging using a Chip-scale MEMS FMCW LIDAR Source (734.78 KB)
[video - 61.91 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 7: Richard Przybyla Ultrasonic 3D Rangefinder on a Chip [BPN485] (3.24 MB)
[video - 52.62 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 8: Kevin Chen Macroscale Flexible Sensor System [BPN698] (3.23 MB)
[video - 66.56 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 9: Dr. Jim Cheng Nanoprinting of MEMS and Electron Devices [BPN394] [BPN658] [BPN693] (965.42 KB)
[video - 57.1 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 10: JoJo Chang Magnetic Microcoils: A Versatile Technology Platform for Microfluidics [BPN645] (1.63 MB)
[video - 70.48 MB]   PDF FormatPlenary 11: Dr. Ayden Maralani SiC Semiconductor Devices and ICs as Gate/Base Drivers in Power Electronics [BPN638] [BPN644] [BPN614] (5.95 MB)

Thursday September 19 - BSAC Workshop: Piezo MEMS

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[video - 142.44 MB]   PDF FormatClark T.-C. Nguyen Raising the Q's of Piezoelectric Resonators (4.56 MB)
[video - 121.75 MB]   PDF FormatSayeef Salahuddin On the Possibility of Mechanically-Driven Ferromagnetic Resonance (1.55 MB)
[video - 75.36 MB]   PDF FormatLiwei Lin Electrospun FiberPiezo for Energy Harvesting (9.18 MB)
[video - 118.02 MB]   PDF FormatMichel M. Maharbiz / Dongjin Seo Neural Dust: Ultrasound to Enable Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces (5.84 MB)
[video - 144.79 MB]   PDF FormatDavid A. Horsley Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (4.24 MB)
[video - 89 MB]   PDF FormatAlbert P. Pisano, Aluminum Nitride/SiC Harsh Environment Sensor Cluster for Infrastructure Monitoring (2.84 MB)

Thursday September 19 - MIG Workshop: Illuminating the Fog: MEMS and Sensors, Enablers for the Internet of Things

PDF FormatKaren Lightman Open Session (1.42 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Flavio Bonomi Vice President, Advanced Architecture Research, CISCO The Cloud, Fog Computing, Wireless Networks and the Internet of Things (3.64 MB)
PDF FormatAl Heshmati Sr. Director, Software Systems, InvenSense Sensor Fusion of the Future (709.98 KB)
PDF FormatDave Rothenberg Marketing Director, Movea Data Fusion, Context Awareness and Indoor Navigation: A Marketerís Perspective on Sensor-Based Mobile Apps and Services (6.36 MB)
PDF FormatMike Stanley Manager, Smart Sensor Fusion, Freescale Power Impacts on Sensor and Sensor Fusion Design (1.24 MB)


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