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Liu, G: Quantized Plasmon Quenching Dips Nanospectroscopy

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Date and Time of RegistrationWed 2007-Oct-17 15:43:37
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1. AuthorLiu, G
2. AuthorLong, Y
3. AuthorChoi, Y
4. AuthorKang, T
5. AuthorLuke P. Lee
PublisherNature Methods Vol: Number:
Type of PublicationJournal
KeywordsPlasmonic Resonance Energy Transfer, Gold Nanoparticle, RayleighScattering, Cytochrome C    
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Abstract          We demonstrate that gold nanoparticles (GNPs) with self-assembled monolayer (SAM)can function as all-optical nanoscale biomolecular detectors that monitor in situ resonantbiomolecules, such as Cytochrome c. By tethering resonant biomolecules to Aunanoprobes, the binding events of Cytochrome c onto 50-nm Au nanoprobes yieldcharacteristic spectral dips in scattering spectra of Au nanoprobes due to plasmonresonance energy transfer (PRET). The quenching dip depth of the single nanoprobespectrum is found to be a function of incubation time (t) and concentration of Cytochromec, which provides a real-time and nanoscale measurement and quantification ofCytochrome c.
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