Mechanical Design Engineer | Ph.D. 2010 |

here is my engineering toolbox

  • Mechanical Design
    • Design Review Template REV1(download PPT)
    • Fundamental Equations from Shigley (download PDF)
    • ME133 - Mechanical Vibrations - Spring 2009
      • Vibrations notes PART 1 (PDF)
      • Vibrations notes PART 2 (PDF)
      • Vibrations notes PART 3 (PDF)
      • Vibrations Key Equations.From Tongue, Principles of Vibrations (PDF)
  • Materials
    • Basic Material Properties (from (PDF)
    • Composite Material Properties (from ME227 Dharan Reader) (XLSX) or (XLS)
  • Electrical Engineering
    • EE105: Microelectronic Devices and Circuits Summary Sheet (Notes compiled from Prof. King) (download PDF)
  • Computer Science
  • General Management
    • Getting Things Done
      • Task Management Template - a way to clear your mind when you have 1000s of things to do and also get them done
  • Web development (Coming Soon)
  • What else would you like to see?

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