Classes at Berkeley

Fall 2000: EE221A Linear Systems | EE245 MEMS Design (project) | CS188 AI

Spring 2001: EE222 Nonlinear Systems | ME219 Parametric and Optimal Design of MEMS | EE140 Analog Integrated Circuits

Fall 2001: EE125 Introduction to Robotics

Spring 2002: CS287 Advanced Robotics

Fall 2002: EE143 Microfabrication | EE249 Embedded Systems (project)

Spring 2003: HIS181B History of Modern Physics

Fall 2003: CS294-1 Deeply Embedded Systems (project)

Fall 2004: IB222 Energetics of Locomotion

Spring 2005: HIS285S History of Science Graduate Seminar (paper)

Spring 2006: EE290P Seminar on Brain-Machine Interfaces

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