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Prof. David A. Horsley
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Titles of Current Projects:

Recently Ended Projects:
BPN851: Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers with Corrugated Diaphragms Using Surface Micromachining
BPN849: Large-Amplitude Air-Coupled PMUTs
BPN785: Scandium AlN (ScAlN) for MEMS
BPN628: Novel Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Based on High-Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUTs)
BPN880: Synchronization in Micromachined Resonators
BPN817: Ultra-Low Power AlN MEMS-CMOS Microphones and Accelerometers
BPN603: Micro Rate-Integrating Gyroscope
BPN599: MEMS Electronic Compass: Three-Axis Magnetometer
BPN812: Improving Micro-Oscillators Performance By Exploiting Nonlinearity
BPN466: Air-Coupled Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
BPN722: 3D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor On a Chip Using Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT)
BPN781: 3-Axis MEMS Gyroscope
BPN684: Integrated Microgyroscopes with Improved Scale-Factor and Bias Stability
BPN655: Materials for High Quality-Factor Resonating Gyroscopes
BPN779: Rate Integrating Gyroscope (RIG)
BPN595: Fast Optical Phased Array for 10MHz Beamforming
BPN645: Highly-Parallel Magnetically-Actuated Microvalves
BPN642: 10 MHz Optical Phased Array Metrology and Control
BPN656: Airborne Particulate Monitoring Using a Micromechanical Electrometer
BPN539: Micromechanically-Enhanced Magnetoresistive Sensors
BPN538: Lipid Membrane Biosensors
BPN688: Micromechanical Resonator Gyroscopes
BPN537: Liquid Bearing Micromotors
BPN605: Thin Film MEMS Pressure Sensor for Detection of Pressure Fluctuations in a Rat Brain due to Blast Injury
BPN602: Ion Channel Sensors Based on Mesoporous Silica Films
BPN397: Electrothermally-Actuated Free-Space Board-To-Board Optical Interconnect With Zero Power Hold
BPN357: Parametrically-Amplified MEMS Magnetometer
BPN551: Large, Ordered 3D Nanocup Arrays for Plasmonic Applications
BPN419: Board-to-Board Optical Interconnect: Lens Alignment System Incorporating Ultrasonic Stepper Motors
BPN522: Formation of Optical Nanostructures Using Diblock Copolymers
BPN351: MEMS-Based Magnetic Probe Microscopy
DAH5: Bioassay Based on Magnetic Recording Technology
DAH3: Single-Crystal PMN Bimorph Deformable Mirrors
BPN321: Realization of 3D Isotropic Negative-Index-Material (NIM) using Microfabrication Technology
BPN422: Nanophotonic Supported Lipid Bilayers
BPN467: Aluminum Nitride Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Sensor
BPN443: Ultra-smooth conducting parallel plates with nanoscale separation for single molecule sensing and investigation of Casimir force
BPN350: A Ferrofluid Immunoassay Based on Magnetic Field-Induced Birefringence
BPN301: Passive Microfluidic Mixers for Protein Folding Studies
DAH2: A MEMS Optical Modulator and Filter
NT25: VLSI MEMS Switch
DAH4: Strain Sensors for Wind Turbines
DAH1: Non-dispersive IR gas detection with a MEMS scanning mirror and Linear Variable Filter


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