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Prof. Ali  Javey
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Titles of Current Projects:
BPN947: Black Phosphorus Based Infrared Light Emitting Diodes
BPN935: Low Temperature Deposited Thin Films for p-Type Field Effect Transistors and Circuits
BPN931: Multiplexed Electroluminescent Device for Emission from Infrared to Ultraviolet Wavelength
BPN925: Perfectly Bright Low Dimensional Semiconductors
BPN946: Sensor for Natural Sweat Analysis
BPN920: Sweat Rate Sensors with High-Throughput Fabrication
BPN704: Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Polycrystalline Indium Phosphide Thin Films on Metal

Recently Ended Projects:
BPN944: Wearable Sweat Sensors for Nutrients Monitoring
BPN929: Electrochemical Sensors with Reduced Drift and Enhanced Stability
BPN888: Large-Area Processing of Monolayer Semiconductors for Lighting Applications
BPN896: Drug Monitoring with Wearable Sweat Sensors
BPN921: Passivating Contacts for Silicon Solar Cells by Lewis Acids and Bases
BPN932: A Fully Integrated and Self-Powered Smartwatch for Continuous Sweat Glucose Monitoring
BPN945: Sweat Rate Sensors with High-Throughput Fabrication
BPN909: High Quality Synthetic Monolayer Semiconductor
BPN770: Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (CS-FET)
BPN928: Black Phosphorous Based Infrared Light Emitting Diodes
BPN458: Optical Antenna-Based nanoLED
BPN891: Dopant-Free Asymmetric Heterocontact Silicon Solar Cells with >20% Efficiency
BPN901: Roll-to-Roll Gravure Printed Electrode Arrays for Non-Invasive Sensing Applications
BPN898: A Wearable Microfluidic Sensing Patch for Dynamic Sweat Secretion Analysis
BPN822: Monolayer Semiconductor Optoelectronics
BPN895: Infrared Photodetectors Based on 2D Materials
BPN862: 2D Semiconductor Transistors with 1-Nanometer Gate Length
BPN887: Edge Recombination Velocity of 2D Materials
BPN881: Strain-Engineered Growth of Two-Dimensional Materials
BPN818: Fully-Integrated Wearable Sensor Arrays for Multiplexed In Situ Perspiration Analysis
BPN879: A Wearable Impedance-Based Microfluidic Sensor for Sweat Rate Monitoring
BPN883: Microchannel Contacting of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
BPN777: Nonepitaxial Growth of Single Crystalline III-V Semiconductors onto Insulating Substrates
BPN832: Gold-Mediated Exfoliation of Ultralarge Optoelectronically-Perfect Monolayers
BPN747: Electronic Skin: Fully Printed Electronic Sensor Networks
BPN694: Monolayer Semiconductor Devices
BPN850: Wearable Sweat Rate Sensor
BPN821: 3D Printed Smart Application with Embedded Electronics Sensors and Systems
BPN746: Liquid Heterojunction Sensors
BPN776: Wearable Electronic Tape
BPN712: Bridging Research-to-Commercialization Gaps In an Industry/University Ecosystem
BPN792: Thin Film InP Photoelectrochemical Cells for Efficient, Low-Cost Solar Fuel Production
BPN752: Highly Efficient and Stable Photocathode for Solar Hydrogen Production
BPN748: Highly Sensitive Electronic Whiskers Based on Patterned Carbon Nanotube and Silver Nanoparticle Composite Films
BPN698: Multifunctional Electronic Skin
BPN755: Carrier-Selective Oxide Contacts for Silicon Electronics
BPN750: Multi-Gas Detecting Chemical Sensor Platform
BPN625: Direct Growth of High Quality III-V Semiconductors on Metal Foils for Low-Cost, High-Efficiency PVs
BPN634: Low Voltage and Fast Response Actuators
BPN686: Spatially Controlled Growth of III-V Semiconductors Toward Low-Cost and High-Efficiency PVs
BPN659: High Performance Flexible Integrated Circuits Using Carbon Nanotube Networks
BPN629: Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Network Active Matrix Circuitry for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
BPN469: Ultra-Short Channel 1D-2D Compound Semiconductor on Insulator (XOI) FETs
BPN533: Nanomaterial-Based Artificial Skin Sensor
BPN667: Optical Absorption Study of 2-Dimensional III-Vs
BPN567: Compound Semiconductor on Insulator (XOI) FETs
BPN641: InAs XOI Gas Sensor
BPN640: p-InP nanopillars for highly efficient water splitting
BPN635: Structured Substrates for Enhancing the Water-Splitting Efficiency of Earth Abundant Materials
BPN647: Ultra-Thin Body, Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide XOI FETs
BPN465: Conformal Ultra-shallow Junction Formation for 3-D Structured InP Nanopillar Solar Cell
BPN579: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Anti-Reflective Templates for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Solar-to-Fuel Conversion
BPN461: Low Energy Electronics
BPN577: Ultra-Thin Body, Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide XOI FETs
BPN528: Graphene Synthesis
BPN581: Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Nanopillar Arrays by Template-Assisted Vapor-Liquid-Solid Process
BPN583: Development of Functional Nanowire Devices
BPN462: Programmable Matter
BPN531: Gigahertz Operation of Flexible Transistors Using InAs Nanomaterial Arrays
BPN588: Direct Bonding of Ultra-Thin InAs on SiO2 for High Performance Transistors
BPN601: Strain Engineering of Epitaxially Transferred, Ultrathin Layers of III-V Semiconductor on Insulator
BPN527: Materials Development for Nanopillar Array Photovoltaics
BPN532: Sub-5 nm-wide Junction Formation by Monolayer Doping
BPN526: Semiconducting Nanopillars for Photodiodes
BPN525: Hybrid Core-Multishell Nanowire Forests for Electrical Connector Applications
BPN556: NiO-Based LED Fabrication
BPN386: CMOS-Integrated Nanowire-Based Molecular and Gas Sensors
BPN530: Beyond Solubility Limit Monolayer Doping in InAs via Laser Annealing
BPN464: Wafer-scale Heterogeneous Assembly of Highly Ordered Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays by Contact Printing
BPN501: Patterned Contact Printing with Monolayer for Aligned Nanowire Arrays
BPN463: Controlled Nanoscale Doping of Semiconductors via Molecular Monolayers


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