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Prof. Albert P. Pisano
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Recently Ended Projects:
QES: Micro LHP Chip Cooling System
HEaTS: Bonding of SiC MEMS Sensors for Harsh Environments
HEaTS: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Harsh Environments
HEaTS: 4H-SiC FET Technology for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: SiC Harsh Environment Pressure Sensors
HEaTS: SiC Devices and ICs for Harsh Environment Sensing
HEaTS: SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
QES: Nano-Composite Capacitor for High Performance Energy Storage
QES: Micro LHP Chip Cooling System - Evaporator Design and Testing
HEaTS: SiC Thin-Film Flame Ionization Sensor
HEaTS: SiC Diodes and Rectifiers for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
QES: Micro LHP Cooler - Coherent Porous Silicon Wick for High Heat Flux and Capillary Pumping
HEaTS: Thermally Stable Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators for Harsh Environment Applications
Single Cell Micro-Chambers for Circulating Tumor Cell Detection
Selective Chemical Detection with Full Atom-Thick Material Platform
HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Inertial Sensors for Harsh Environments
QES: Micro LHP Cooler - An In-Situ Hermetic Seal for High Heat Flux Microfluidic Devices
HEaTS: Temperature-Compensated & High-Q Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators
HEaTS: Harsh Environment MEMS for Downhole Geothermal Monitoring
QES: Microfluidic Reactors for Controlled Synthesis of Monodisperse Nanoparticles
QES: Continuous Flow Cell Lysometer
HEaTS: High Temperature Bonding Technology for SiC Devices - Au-Sn SLID
QES: Fast, High-Throughput Micro, Nanoparticle Printing with Tunable Resolution & Size
HEaTS: AlN Narrowband RF Filters
HEaTS Sensors for Extreme Harsh Environments
QES: High-Resolution Direct Patterning of Nanoparticles and Polymers by a Template-Based Microfluidic Process
Glucose Energy Harvester for Self-Powering of Remote Distributed Bioanalytical Microsystems
International Research Collaboration: BSAC and IMST at Vestfold University College
QES: microLHP Chip Cooling System - Columnated Wick and Device Design
HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Technology for Inertial Sensors
QES: µC-LHP Chip Cooling System - Evaporative Heat Transfer Wick and Fractal Transport Network
HEaTS: A MEMS Piezoelectric Supercritical Carbon-Dioxide Valve
QES: Design and Optimization of Passive Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensors
QES: MEMS Polymer Infrared Sensor Array
MEMS Power: Flame Ionization
MEMS Poly/Nano: Multifunctional Nanowire Sensor for Physiological pH and Oxygen Sensing
SiC TAPS: Pressure Sensor Design and Optimization
MEMS Poly/Nano: Nano-Particulate Composite Materials for Energy and Sensing Applications
MEMS Poly/Nano: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
SiC TAPS: Ion Beam Deposited SiC for MEMS Encapsulation
MEMS Power: Silicon Carbide In-Cylinder Sensor Testing
MEMS Poly/Nano: Biomimetic, Polymeric Transistor-based Biosensor Technology
MEMS Power: Fuel Flexible Engine Design for Optimal Combustion
MEMS Poly/Nano: Compact, Organic RRAM for Transparent and Flexible Electronic Application
MEMS Power: Solid State Electrochemical Sensors for Gas Analysis
MEMS Poly/Nano: Micro Flow Lysometer for Single-cell Analysis
AlN Piezo:Aluminum Nitride Piezo Thermoelastic Damping (MiNaSIP)
MEMS Power: Fuel Flexible Engine Heat and Energy Characterization
MEMS Power: Design and Characterization of a MEMS Piezoelectric Bi-Chevron Actuator
MiNaSIP 2.B.1: Piezoelectric/Electrode/Ambient Interaction in Contour-Mode Resonators
AlN Piezo: Monolithic Acoustic RF MEMS Modules
MEMS Biopolymer: Surface Electrophoresis with Functionalized Bilayer Lipid Membranes for Sample Preparation
SiC TAPS: Strain Gauge System Design
SiC TAPS: Capacitive Sensors Design and Fabrication
Microfluidic reactor for production of semiconductor nanocrystals
MEMS Fuel Flow Control Valve with a Magneto-Static Linear Actuator
MEMS Biopolymer: RF-Interrogated Biosensor MIB:Hydrogel Formulation
MEMS Biopolymer: Silicon Nanowire-Based Biochemical Sensors
MEMS Power: Thermo-Fluidic Nanoparticle Reactor
MEMS Power: Fuel Flexible Engine for Portable Power Generation
MEMS Electro-magnetic Valve-Process Development
Aluminum Nitride-Based Actuators for Tunable Terahertz Electronics
AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride Wideband RF Filters
MEMS Biopolymer: Micro Plastic Injection Molded Fluidic Chip with Thermally Actuated Hydrogel Valves
AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride CMOS-Integrated Accelerometer (MiNaSIP)
AlN Piezo: Aluminum Nitride RF Filters
MEMS Biopolymer: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
MEMS Biopolymer: RF-Interrogated Biosensor (MIB): Sensor Design
MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and FEM
MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and Fabrication
Micro Plastic Injection Molding: Microneedle Molding
MEMS Biopolymer: Bubble Time-of-Flight Flow Sensor
SiC TAPS: Characterization of Silicon Carbide Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Films
Thermally-induced residual stresses in MEMS sensors
SiC TAPS: Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Encapsulation
Rapid Bonding of MEMS Strain Gauge to Steel
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel - Miniaturization of Transduction Circuits
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Elastic Encapsulation
SiC TAPS:Pressure Sensor Design for Harsh Environments
Nano-Gap Piezoelectric Resonators for RF Mechanical Magnetic Field Generation
Piezoelectric MEMS for Resonator Applications
TFT Modeling for Single Transistor Sensors
ARCTIC: A Rotary Compressor Thermally Insulated microCooler
Monolithic Piezoelectrically-Actuated MEMS Tunable VCSEL
Thermal Analysis and Design of ARCTIC Cryo Cooler
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Engine Fluid Management System
Ignition at the Microscale for Miniaturized Internal Combustion Engines
Liquid Fueled MEMS Enabled 1.5cc Rotary Engine Power System (REPS)
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Selective Strain Isolation
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System (MEMS REPS)
Insulative Dielectrophoresis (iDEP) Preconcentration and Ultrasonic Lysis of Bacterial Endospores in a Zeonor Substrate
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Engine Fabrication
Post-processing heat treatment of thin film Aluminum Nitride
Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride Vibrating RF MEMS for Radio Front-End
MEMS REPS: Assembly of a MEMS Compressed Air Expander Unit
Microfluidic System for Cryogenically Storing and Reviving Biological Cells
Sickle-Cell Anemia Event Detection Sensor
Microfluid Integrated Nano-Scale Biological Cell Probes
GHz Nano-Mechanical Resonators
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Integrated Generator
Mechanical Analysis of SiC for Use as a High Temperature, Pressurized Micro Reactor
MEMS REPS: MEMS Fuel Vapor Delivery by Flow Rectification
Feasibility Study of a MEMS Viscous Rotary Engine Power System (VREPS)
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Soft Magnetic Pole Integration
Silicon Carbide–Coated Microcomponents for the Rotary Engine–Based Power System
Capillary Action Accumulation Device
Low-Power, Low-Leakage Microvalve
Thermal Management of Next Generation Rotary Engine Power System
Ultra High Shock Resistant Sensors
Experimentally Verified Simple Analytical Models of the Viscous Rotary Engine Power System (VREPS)
A High Pressure Micro-Combustion Chamber for a Viscous Rotary Engine Power System
Integrated Nano Mechanically-Regulated Atomic Clock: 3.4 GHz Resonator
A planar micropump utilizing thermopneumatic actuation and in-plane flap valves
Nanoscale RF Probing of Cells
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Resonant Sensor Design and Fabrication
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Test Fixture Design
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Testing Localized Silicon-Steel Bonds
Plastic Injection Molded Microneedles
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / Dynamic Fuel Evaporator System
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / 2.4 mm Engine Demonstration Unit
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / 1 mm Engine Design and Fabrication
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System / 2.4 mm Rotary Engine with Integrated Generator


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