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Physical Sensors & Devices

Physical Sensors & Devices

Here you will find Projects dealing with:
  • Silicon MEMS actuators: comb, electro-thermal, and plastic deformation
  • Precision electronic sensing and measurements of capacitive, frequency, and coulombic MEMS variables
  • Structures and architectures for gyroscopes, accelerometers, micro strain gauges for direct application to rigid structures e.g., steel, and levitated MEMS

Current Active Projects:
BPN799: 3D Printed Microsensors
BPN821: 3D Printed Smart Application with Embedded Electronics Sensors and Systems New Project
BPN722: 3D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor On a Chip Using Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT)
BPN433: A Micromechanical Power Converter
BPN808: Acoustic Detection of Neural Activity
BPN466: Air-Coupled Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers
BPN795: An Implantable Micro-Sensor for Cancer Surveillance
BPN826: Autonomous Flying Microrobots New Project
BPN770: Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (CS-FET)
BPN802: Electret-Enabled Energy Harvesters for Use Near Current-Carrying Conductors
BPN747: Electronic Skin: Fully Printed Electronic Sensor Networks
BPN801: Emergency Power-Line Energy Harvesters
BPN731: Flexible Electrodes and Insertion Machine for Stable, Minimally-Invasive Neural Recording
BPN608: FM Gyroscope
BPN765: Full-Field Strain Sensor for Hernia Mesh Repairs
BPN818: Fully-Integrated Wearable Sensor Arrays for Multiplexed In Situ Perspiration Analysis New Project
BPN772: Graphene for Room Temperature Gas Sensors
BPN743: Highly Responsive pMUTs
BPN714: Impedance Sensing Device to Monitor Pressure Ulcers
BPN780: Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Fracture Healing
BPN812: Improving Nonlinear Micro-Gyroscope Performance
BPN599: MEMS Electronic Compass: Three-Axis Magnetometer
BPN603: Micro Rate-Integrating Gyroscope
BPN810: Non-Intrusive Wireless Current Metering of Standard Power Cables Using Vector Magnetic Field Measurements
BPN628: Novel Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Based on High-Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUTs)
BPN785: Scandium-doped AlN for MEMS
BPN540: Temperature-Stable Micromechanical Resonators and Filters
BPN817: Ultra-Low Power AlN MEMS-CMOS Microphones and Accelerometers New Project
BPN716: Ultrasonic Wireless Implants for Neuro-modulation

Recently Ended Projects:
10 MHz Optical Phased Array Metrology and Control
3-Axis MEMS Gyroscope
A MEMS Optical Modulator and Filter
A Micromechanical Power Amplifier
A Sub-mW Mode Matching Sigma-Delta Vibratory Gyroscope Readout Circuit with a 0.004 deg/sec/rtHz Noise Floor over a 50Hz Band
Airborne Particulate Monitoring Using a Micromechanical Electrometer
Aluminum Gallium Nitride 2DEG Sensors and Devices
Aluminum Nitride Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Sensor
Background Calibration for Low-Power High-Performance A/D Conversion
Background calibration techniques for digitally assisted ADC
Bi-directional Electrothermal Electromagnetic Actuators and Relays
Biologically-Inspired, Self-Activated Building Envelope Regulation System (SABERS)
Biomimetic Infrared sensor based on the nanogap junction array
Carrier selective oxide contacts for silicon electronics
Carrier-Selective Oxide Contacts for Silicon Electronics
CMOS-Integrated Nanowire-Based Molecular and Gas Sensors
Deployment of Wireless Stick-On Circuit Breaker PEM AC Sensors for the Smart Grid
Design and Modeling of Liquid Bearing Electrostatic Micromotor
Design of a Smart Universal Game Board
Design, Fabrication and Testing of a High Density, Large Area µECoG Array
Direct-Write Graphene Channel Field Effect with Self-Aligned Top Gate
Dynamic Fetal Airway Occlusion for Treatment of Congenital Pulmonary Hypoplasia
Electronic Interface for Micromachined Gyroscope Sensors
Electrostatic Actuator Design for a Digital Output Gyroscope
Floating Electro Mechanical Systems (FLEMS)
Fully-Integrated Micromechanical Clock Oscillator
HEaTS Sensors for Extreme Harsh Environments
HEaTS: 4H-SiC FET Technology for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Inertial Sensors for Harsh Environments
HEaTS: Aluminum Nitride Technology for Inertial Sensors
HEaTS: SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: SiC Devices and ICs for Harsh Environment Sensing
HEaTS: SiC Diodes and Rectifiers for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
HEaTS: SiC Harsh Environment Pressure Sensors
HEaTS: SiC Thin-Film Flame Ionization Sensor
HEaTS: Structurally Multifunctional Actuation and Readout Techniques for MEMS (SMART MEMS)
HEaTS: Thermally Stable Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators for Harsh Environment Applications
High Z Materials for Nuclear Detection
InAs XOI Gas Sensor
Inkjet Interfaces for Controlling Biological Pattern Formation
Integrated Microgyroscopes with Improved Scale-Factor and Bias Stability
Integrity Assessment of Underground Power Distribution Cables
International Research Collaboration: BSAC and IMST at Vestfold University College
LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) with MEMS
Limits to Micromechanical Resonator Performance
Liquid Bearing Micromotors
Liquid Heterojunction Sensors
Low Voltage and Fast Response Actuators
Low-cost/High Sensitivity ALD Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Chemristor Methane Sensors
Low-Power Conductometric Soot Sensor with Fast Self-Regeneration
Low-Power High-Performance Analog-to-Digital Converters
Materials for High Quality-Factor Resonating Gyroscopes
MEMS Biopolymer: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
MEMS Integrable Temperature Sensor
MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and Fabrication
MEMS Metal Gimbal: Design and FEM
MEMS Poly/Nano: Biomimetic, Polymeric Transistor-based Biosensor Technology
MEMS Poly/Nano: Compact, Organic RRAM for Transparent and Flexible Electronic Application
MEMS Poly/Nano: Polymer Coated Cantilevers for Infrared Heat Sensing
MEMS REPS: Assembly of a MEMS Compressed Air Expander Unit
MEMS Sensor for Hard Disk Glide Test
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel - Miniaturization of Transduction Circuits
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Elastic Encapsulation
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Resonant Sensor Design and Fabrication
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Selective Strain Isolation
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Test Fixture Design
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Testing Localized Silicon-Steel Bonds
MEMS Strain Gauges on Steel: Electronic Interfaces for Resonant Sensors
MEMS-Based Magnetic Probe Microscopy
Micro Autonomous Air Vehicles
Micro, Tunable, Check Valves for Surgical Applications
Microfabricated Torsional Actuator by Self-Aligned Plastic Deformation
Micromachined Electrodes for Capacitive Sensors
Micromechanical Resonant Displacement Gain Stages
Micromechanical Resonator Gyroscopes
Micromechanically-Enhanced Magnetoresistive Sensors
Multidirectional Force and Torque Sensor for Insect Flight Research
Multifunctional Electronic Skin
Nanostructure-Based Nanoactuator
Natural Gas Pipeline Research
Non-dispersive IR gas detection with a MEMS scanning mirror and Linear Variable Filter
Off-the-Shelf Distributed Robots (COTS-BOTS)
On-Chip Micro-Inductor
Parametrically-Amplified MEMS Magnetometer
Phase Noise Considerations of a MEMS Oscillator
Pipelined ADC Utilizing Passive Inter-stage Gain
Plug-Through Energy Monitor for Wall Outlet Electrical Devices
Programmable Gyroscope Test Platform
QES: MEMS Polymer Infrared Sensor Array
Rate Integrating Gyroscope (RIG)
Ratio-Metric Readout Technique for MEMS Gyroscopes with Force Feedback
Readout Circuits for AlN Resonant Sensors
Robust Optical Flame Detection in Harsh Environments
Scanning Probe Methods for the Characterization of Nanomechanical Resonators
Selective Chemical Detection with Full Atom-Thick Material Platform
Sensor Instrumentation to Improve Safety of U.S. Underground Coal Mines
SiC Flame Ionization Sensor
SiC TAPS: Capacitive Sensors Design and Fabrication
SiC TAPS: Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Encapsulation
SiC TAPS: Pressure Sensor Design and Optimization
SiC TAPS: Strain Gauge System Design
SiC TAPS:Pressure Sensor Design for Harsh Environments
Silicon Carbide Nanomaterials for Harsh Environment Applications
Silicon carbide process development and characterization for harsh-environment sensors
Standard CMOS-Based, Fully Integrated, Stick-On Electricity Meters for Building Sub-Metering
Strain Sensors for Wind Turbines
Surface Acoustic Wave-Based Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications
TFT Modeling for Single Transistor Sensors
Thermally-induced residual stresses in MEMS sensors
Thin Film MEMS Pressure Sensor for Detection of Pressure Fluctuations in a Rat Brain due to Blast Injury
Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Hybrid Experiments in Neuroscience
Tribology Test Chip for Contacting NEMS design
Ultra High Shock Resistant Sensors
Ultra-smooth conducting parallel plates with nanoscale separation for single molecule sensing and investigation of Casimir force
Ultrasonic Gesture Recognition on a Chip
Untethered Stress-Engineered MEMS MicroFlyers



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